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How Allah will forgive me for my sins, how I will get back my love.

Pre-marital/extra-marital relationships are haram in Islam

May Allah guide us all and bless us Jannah in the life hereafter.
I am a 19 year old girl,studying.My problem started three years back when I start talking to a random boy on fb we are from different cities,in my life i never wanted to have a boy friend or relationship i told him straightforward & we use to talk as a frnd one day he told me i am in love with you & i also start loving him but i use to avoid this we talk 24/7 because he used to give me a lot of respect whenever we talked. Naturally I started loving him because of that. After sometime i told him i love you too I told him that it was not possible because gf bf relationship is not recognised in Islam.we will marry if you were with me we will be forever we will marry But I used to see and talk to him everyday so it got really hard to stay away from him. Devil got the best of me and I used to talk to him all the time i was thinking if i stop talking to him i will die.
Long story short and I’d like to come to my point now… he told me two times to meet me but i used to afraid alot this is sin and all but when he was sad from me that you never meet me i afraid i will lost him i always think if i meet him he didnt like me he will leave me but at last i meet him after three years and i let him to kiss me on my lips & then we meet again was 2nd and last time he kissed me on my lips neck and breast.I let him to touch me.i never wanted to do all this but i cant tell him no for any thing i love him alot,I am sorry about the details but I need help. I always felt bad i thing i am the bad person in the whole world i love him alot but we dont talk now as he dont want i want him back i want to marry him i use to do alot of khatams he came back in my life we both get marry and i repent for what i did i really regret that i didnt follow islam rules. But loving him was neber in my hands the purpose of telling you whole story is how Allah will forgive me for my sin ? I use to offer my 5 times prayers what should i do please guide me. How i will get him back i love hom alot i used to cry all night i cant live with out him i want to marry him i used to read 101 times (qad shaghafaha hubann) daily darood sharef before & after. ( ha ya haqqu be haqee tankafeel)108 times ,surah quraish 3 times for making his heart soft.
Help me kindly
How Allah will forgive me.
How i will get him back.
Please help me...
Please pray for me that Allah forgive me😭

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  1. Sister ,

    This relation ship was haraam and you need to repent sincerely . It seems he just wanted to have some fun with you and then he left .This is a lesson for you that boyfriend .girl friend relationship will only creates problems in life .

    I suggest you to focus on prayers, quran and listen to good lectures from Mufti Menk , Zakir Naik etc etc .

    Also fast if you feel sexually excited .

    If its possible try to put some effort to get married .Take help from some matured aunties in your families if you can't talk to your parents .

  2. #star on is right sister plse do your best to stay away from him . And get married ASAP so that you are away from Zina . You can't go back to him if he doesn't want to marry . You shouldn't be asking him to marry . But if he had good intentions he would have married you or meet your parents at least. Move forward with your studies

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