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How can I convince my parents to accept his proposal?



I am 21 years old and I am from a religious family alhmdulillah... I want to marry a person, he is also religious and we are in a relationship since 4 years. But my parents are not agreeing because his family is not rich. I don't have any worldly desires but I only want to earn my aakhirah. Another reason for rejection is that his elder brother is an aseer subhanallahh (prisoned as he was fighting in the cause of allah) and I am proud of him. But the person I want to marry doesn't have such records. He is a practicing muslim. His family is in our support but not mine. I tried to convince them by taking support of my grandparents and other elders but my parents are not listening. I don't know what to do. I did istekhara but got no dreams. I don't want to lose him. He asked me to marry him without my parents permission but I don't want to do this, I can't hurt them. On the other hand I love this guy so much and don't want to marry someone else. Please someone suggest me any dua to melt their hearts. My parents are searching grooms for me but many proposals were cancelled due to some or the other reason. I take this as positive cause I can't marry some one else. Please tell me what should I do....jazakallahh


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  1. He doesn't have to be rich , he just has to have a job so that he can provide for you , and your future kids.

    Istikhara is not based on dreams its a guidance from Allah , where events may take place to help you come to a suitable decision. (You will get a feeling that your making the right decision). If you need more information about istikhara , search the archives.

    You said your in a relationship, which means he is still a non mehram to you , it would be best to keep Islamic limits in mind. Weather you want to continue a haram relationship is up to you.

    • We avoid speaking on phone and alhmdulillah we stay in limits...and yeah he have a job.we just want to gt marry to make this relationship to convince my parents?

    • Please give me advices what should I do my brother is ready to b my wali can I go on and marry in this way?

      • Salaam. How did your situation end? Have you gotten married to the one you love? And how did you convince.. I'm in the same place sister 🙁 it's been a year of trying to convince

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