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How can I get out of this abusive relationship with no support?

I'm contemplating divorce.

Each time my husband fights with me because we have disagreement, he orders me that I should leave and return to my mothers home and he  threatens to take my son away from me and kick me out of my marital home.  He has formed a habit of continuing this daily.

He declares that his sisters and brothers are better than me in thousands of ways in keeping home and loving the children.  He does this to blackmail me, he bluffs in every talk to turn me out of my home.

The more he has started to insult me and humiliate me in front of my son the more that I am just suffering. Now that things are getting out of my hands and he will play  lies to my own family. I don't have enough finance to support a court divorce to fight him, what should I do where do I get help?

I am  at my wits end, he is driving me emotionally upset I'm unable to ask anyone for help

Please help, should I contact police or a solicitor to complain about domestic abuse and divorce due to abusive relationship with my pakistani husband?

~ Muniba




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  1. Dear Muniba, Asalaamualaykum,

    I am sorry for the difficulties you are going through. No-one should have to put up with emotional or physical abuse and there are ways to help you deal with this in an Islamic manner. If you live in the UK (which I think you do from the way you have written your post), I will advise you to contact the following organisation for practical help and support

    'Nour' provides free help and advice for Sisters suffering from domestic violence. They are very professional, qualified in Fiqh and also know the UK law. If however you do not live in the UK, please let us know so we can try to guide you accordingly.

    In the meantime, I will also urge you to confide in your own family, explain the situation to them and believe in yourself. You are not weak, you are your person and you can fight to reclaim your life and dignity. You have already taken the first step by contacting us here for help and that is very brave.

    Do let us know which country you reside in, so we can help you further insha'Allah.

    SisterZ Editor

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