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How can I make my wish come true?


assalamu alaikum.Hi... can a wish come true by fasting ?if so.... I don't know how to make intention (niat) Can I make my intention" i fast to make my wish come true"  ? Or" I will fast if my wish comes true"?  other than fasting reciting what can make my wish come true?..jazakallahu khairan.


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  1. aswrwb,
    the truth is when we pray or we fast or we eat these are all acts of ibaadah (worship) the fact is you can have anything in the world you want but you need to pray and then make effort. this issue of wishing is stupidism you need to make some sort of effort to get it in the halaal way, i hope this answer your question

  2. Salam,

    Apart from this, I would also suggest praying Tahajjud.

  3. Dear Sister

    One must only wish for fulfilling the role(daughter, wife, mother, sister and worker) assigned to him by Allah in the most elegant way possible.

    • One may wish anything... No limits to His blessings.. She can wish whatever her heart desire.. Allah is Qadir. But if we surrender in front of Allah's will, its best

  4. Have you tried wishing harder? Like wishing harder than you have before? No seriously, the way it works is that this life is a test. You will be tested with something of loss:

    Allah has all the knowledge, so you may love a thing while it is bad for you, or hate a thing while it is good for you:

    And based on those desires you may wish for something that is actually bad for you. In any case, put forth your effort for what you want, if it is good for your afterlife ask Allah to help you with it and it may happen. If it is bad for your afterlife ask Allah to remove your desire for it. Inshallah things will work out.

  5. Tahajjud prayer is a really good prayer for duas, ask Allah for another in tahajjud pray is like the arrow which doesn't miss it's target. So if anything you want pray for it in tahajjud prayer and. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    The Prophet (pbuh) said: “The closest that a servant is to his Lord is when he is in prostration, so supplicate much in it” (Muslim)

    The Prophet (pbuh) taught us that when we are in prostration, we are the closest we can be to God, and thus this is the best place for du’a. The Prophet (pbuh) also told us that we will be recognizable on the Day of Judgment because of the marks of sujood: so ask Allah for anything you want in sujood.

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