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Assailam alaykum

When ever I try to do something for the sake of Allah like fast or give out charity, or the likes of them, after performing the deed, many a times I get a feeling or thought that makes me think or feel that what I did is for show off even if no one notice or sees the act. And it's starting to get to a point where I feel I should just stop performing the deeds. And I hate that feeling so much. Please help me out. I need advice on how to overcome these evil thoughts. Because my dua every single blessed day is to see myself getting closer and closer to Allah (swt).


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  1. May Allah reward you sister. You are striving to do good deeds and gain the pleasure of Allah. Remember when you are sincere and do things purely for the sake of Allah, there is always going to be obstacles that come your way. However there is always reward in it In Shaa Allah. Continue with your deeds as you do in private and ignore the waswas of shaytaan. These feelings are from shaytaan who is trying to make you feel that your good deeds are wasted and wants you to eventually give up. If you do give it up, then you have let the devil win. Ignore the feelings and recite plenty of Qur'an and make a lot of dua for Allah to accept your deeds and to reward you in full. I hope you can overcome this issue

  2. OP: like fast or give out charity, or the likes of them, after performing the deed, many a times I get a feeling or thought that makes me think or feel that what I did is for show off even if no one notice or sees the act. And it's starting to get to a point where I feel I should just stop performing the deeds. And I hate that feeling so much. Please help me out. I need advice on how to overcome these evil thoughts.

    Why do you want to STOP doing good deeds just because your imagination makes you believe you are doing it just to show off? You know you did it from your heart why you bothered by thoughts that you are doing a show off. Keep doing goo work.

  3. Walaikum As Salam

    Sis, has anyone told you that you are doing show off by doing such good deeds ? If anyone has said you may be unknowingly in other manner well than thats physchological what you are thinking. Because probably you are reminding the words which someone said you sometime or everytime. In such case just ignore and keep doing the good things. What you are doing or have done is going to give you Sawab. Masha ALLAH !

    May ALLAH (SWT) Protect you always from every evil eye. Ameen. Sum Ameen !

  4. Assalam o aleikum
    Sister its shaitan who brings these kinds of thoughts in your mind.
    you can listen to this links they might help you
    if you dont get it check other links on youtube
    in shaa Allah Allah will help you out
    i dont think i can explain better thats why always give links so there shouldnt be left any suspect wheter to do this or not
    May Allah give us all Hidayah

  5. Learn the basics and obey the commandments of Allah and teachings of prophet Muhammad PBUH. This the only way to be successful in both of the world's. Anyone regardless how intelligent wealthy or in position he thinks he's in will never succeed .Allah is the over seer and Controller of hearts.Disobedience leads to problems worry restlessness and always fear of the world!!!this is fact .As a sunni Muslim we must pray 5 times a day which is a command and we should read Quran daily this will keep any evil presence that comes near you or whispering thoughts....but you must fulfill your duties and be the best humanbeing you can be...spiritually academically in everything you do.....So go to theosque meet others get involved with your community. ....Those who help Allah's Deen ...Allah helps them!!!!!! Remember an idle man's brain is a devils workshop.

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