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How can I tell my ex’s muslim parents that I am pregnant?

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Me and my son's father aren't together, and he said he would never tell his parents or anyone about the baby.

I'd like to know how I should come about telling them? I have their phone number, address etc.

I would have preferred if he would have been a man and decided to tell them himself, but I guess it is up to me. I think they need to know about their grandson?

Please help.


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  1. mRiv09,

    I hope things are looking better for you insha'Allah. If the father of your child is still unwilling to tell his parents, all you can do is tell them yourself. I know you are upset and feel that you want some justice. It takes two to make a child, so why has the father left you like this? Its wrong and its unfair and I pray Allah gives him wisdom.

    I think its best to phone his parents and ask if you can meet them and then tell them. Difficult as it is, try not to come across as though you are attacking them as remember they most probably have no knowledge of this and furthermore, it will come as a bigger shock because pre-marital sex is totally forbidden in Islam. Re-assure them that you have not contacted them to cause problems in their family and as difficult it may be for them to hear the truth, you need to tell them - because it has happened. Perhaps you would consider taking someone with you for security - someone who is calm and wise.

    We do not know how his parents will take to this information, but at least you can console yourself that you tried and if need be close them out of your life and move on.

    I pray things go well for you insha'Allah.

    SisterZ Editor

  2. mRiv09,

    Ah yes...he just wants to sweep it all under the convenient. Not only should this mans parents be aware of the fact that you are pregnant with their son's child but you need to seek child support for this child of his. You did not make this baby on your own and he should not walk away as if he has no responsibilities here. He may choose to keep this a secret (coward that he is), but you should not be silent. God willing his parents will hear you out and if this ex boyfriend of yours has any decency in him, he will at the very least support this child financially.

    Best of luck to you

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