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How can we break the spell on my brother?

assalamu alaikum.

My brother was a quiet and understanding young man. He chose a girl of his choice to marry. My parents were not against their union but they did not want my brother to marry before completing his studies. For the last few months, he has been acting violently. If any objection to his demand to get married now is given, he will shout, tear his clothes, break things in the house. Because of his actions and attitudes the parents are now against the whole idea. The environment in the house is completely polluted. He calls everyone names, tried to beat me when I supported my parents. The family avoids the issue during any kind of conversation. He acts normal if none talks about it. Moreover, he has problems with the girl and acts violently when they get into arguments.  Our parents have already decided that he would not live with us if he married this girl.

I don't know what went wrong with him. Our  parents did not like her but for his happiness agreed to this relationship.  Their only condition was that he has to complete his studies and get a job. But my brother and his girlfriend comes up with unrealistic demands like they want to get married on a full moon. My father passed away two months ago. My mother is not in a state to get them married now. She is still grieving. My brother and the girlfriend wanted to get married last weekend as her family's religious guru came to visit them. My brother turned the house upside down. My mother was so upset that she had to be hospitalised. It made no difference to him.

A few months back my mother consulted a religious cleric who informed her that my brother was under a spell. He said that the girl is using tabiz so that he cannot escape from her. The ulama also mentioned that it was a strong spell and he is not capable to break it.

We don't want to break the union but we want the spell to be removed so that he behaves normally with my family members. If anyone knows how to do it, kindly suggest. I can't look at my mother. She is completely broken mentally and physically because of my brother.

many thanks


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  1. If you can when he is angry, get him to say allahuakbar...the anger should instantly disappear, or you cold say it and blow on him, but it won’t be permanent. If you manage to remove any spell, there is nothing stopping her from doing it again.

    It depends on how the spell was cast on him, if it involves using something that belongs to him like his clothing, or nail or hair etc this will be harder as it usually involves his personal item being tied with the spell, if he was made to drink something, then you can recite some verses on water and get him to drink then and wash himself with the water....

    Research ruqya online and you will find lots of resources, its going to be a step by step process of elimination, I suggest you read verses on water and get him to drink them, if he was fed something, he will vomit and be cured.

    I can send you some information I have researched if you like.but for instant results get him to say allahuakbar when angry, or play some quran when he gets angry, he should calm down fairly easily.

    If he ever gets out of this he will probs be depressed for a while from the experience and still be vulnerable.

    And for the record, dating is haram and forbidden, so he shouldn’t have a gf in the first place.

    • i think im under a spell and i dont know what to do.. im surrounded by a community that does spells on others.. so it will be help full if you can tell me what should i do..

      • Instead of wasting time being suspicious on people which is wrong, be the best Muslim you can. Do your obligatory ibaadah and increase in your voluntary ibaadah and good deeds with purified intentions. Do your dhikr, recite Quran and get on with your life. Allah is the Protector.

        SisterZ Editor

  2. go to your local mufti or imam and explain your situation!

  3. I am a clinical Psychologist and I can assure you that this is not a spell. Your brothers problem can be. Result of personality Disfinction but most likely a result of built up emotion. Sometimes young adults have been controlled their entire lives and forced to an almost absolute form of obedience that thy just snap. This typically happens at certain moments of their teenage or young adult lives when they find themselves in situations where they cannot bear to withstand parental influence anymore. Parental dictation in their child's marriage or relationships is often one of the most common forms of oppression that results in this type of behavior. Your brother may have felt like his parents were forcing him all his life and now when they dictate his future marriage he may have just exploded and manifested violence and aggression as a form of defiance and refusal....I see religious families all the time resort to their a faith as a means of solution, sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn't. This is a common problem that does not only exist amongst Muslims, there is no spell. Having your brother say allakubar will have about the same effect as the Christians who try to press a crucifix of the person or amount them with holy water. If your looking for a spiritual resolution to the problem I would recommend prayer or meditation, not some form of exorcism of spell breaking ceremony. This is a problem in the relationship between your brother and your parents nothing more.

  4. Assalamoalaikum

    Hope you are with good health by the grace of ALLAH.

    I am a Muslim and have marriage issues, I turned 30 and not getting married a lot of proposals come to my house some do not come back or some continue with proposal but when things need to settle down mess been created and everything ends up.

    I am a software engineer and a Quran hafiz unfortunately I have forgotten some part of Quran sometimes I feel that, this all bad luck is because of my mistake.

    I am trying again and again to memorize Quran again and I am on the way to it.

    Some people says that there must be some evil eye or spell on me which stops me to get married; the reason why I believe it is true that I got scared while sleeping and really have scary dreams as well as everyday I got different type of pain and there is no medical issue when I go to doctor; for example I got serious pain in my kidney when I was sleeping at mid night, when I was dreaming there is some dead body's arm is placed in our refrigerator because of pain in my kidney I wake-up.

    Also thing which really sacred me is now I am facing issue in day time as well, I can see some jin or some creature with my eyes moving here and there. also can feel them.
    I have tried a lot of wazifas and offer prayers, but still facing issues

    I really needs help and guidance of really spiritual person, who is really good practicing Muslim

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