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How can we have a proper nikah?

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I want to do nikkah with my partner. But the problem is that we both don't have legal status here (in UK) yet. And no-one can read our nikkah without passport regarding the law here.

My case is still pending and I can't have my passport yet. And the same is with him.

We live in the same house.

In front of Quran paak and Allah paak we took each other as husband and wife. But still I feel guilty for not having proper nikkah.

Any help please?


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  1. Assalaamualaikam

    Islamically, a nikah is essential before two people can be considered husband and wife. Pre-marital relationships are haram, and living together in a romantic relationship without nikah isn't appropriate at all.

    If you and your partner are keen to be in a halal relationship, I'd advise having your nikah as soon as possible. Many countries have laws about civil marriages, and it's important to respect the laws of whichever country you're in, but in the UK a nikah can be done as an Islamic ceremony, with the civil registration of the marriage happening later. The important thing is for you to be in a halal relationship, in accordance with Islamic guidance.

    If you or your partner speak with several mosques, you may well find that some imams would be prepared to do the nikah for you. Some mosques have policies that they only do marriages that also include the legal registration components, but this isn't a universal policy.

    While this is being organised though, you and your partner need to be aware that without having had a nikah, you are non-mahrams. So, you should not be intimate with each other, spend time alone, etc. - if possible, your partner could stay with friends until the nikah, as it's not appropriate to be living together as non-mahrams. Repent for the transgressions that have happened, and look to make your relationship halal as soon as possible.

    Midnightmoon editor

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