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How do I find a wali?

The Tala-ye Fath Ali Shah Iwan and Golden Dome of the Shrine of Imam Riza in Mashhad, Iran

As Salaam Alaikum,

I’m an new convert. I am the only person in my whole family that is a Muslim. I would like to have a Wali. How do I search or find one?

-Khadijah Muhammad

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  1. Walaikum Salaam
    Your Imam can act as your wali or appoint you a wali.

  2. Asslaamualaykum Khadija,

    I may be terribly wrong here and I hope someone corrects me if I am, but I believe that it is still best for your own father to be your wali, if he is alive. Your bond with him is one that Allah has created, and gives him certain rights. There are cases, of course, where he would have to relinquish those rights, and I would need to know more about your situation to comment further on that. Try to talk to your father about Islam and let him know that his blessing in your marriage is very important to you. Pray a couple of rakahs with dedication and intention for your needs to be met in the best way.

    And Allah knows best. 🙂



  3. As-salamu alaykum sister. You need to be careful with this. First, many scholars say that if a woman is not a virgin or has been previously married, she does need a wali. Second, even if you do need a wali, many Imams do not truly represent the sister's interest. They just want to marry her off as quickly as possible and will often select brothers who are flawed or otherwise unmarriageable.

    As far as your father being your wali, that won't work. A non-Muslim cannot be a wali over a Muslim, because he will not have her faith interests at heart.

    Wael Editor

  4. Where's Wali?

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