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How do I make amends?

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What is the way to seek forgiveness when you had fighting and abuse towards elders while you are going through depression?


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  1. "Good deeds do away with bad deeds"....try to do as much good deeds as possible and do istighfar in'sha'Allah all will be well .also if possible apologize to those elders with whom you misbehaved.

  2. Brother,
    We all do the same sin of disobedience and harsh words towards parents and elders. Best way is to go to them and ask for forgiveness. Depression makes us irritated, angry, frustrated and hopeless. And when the elders do not understand us in such a situation it happens that we sometimes get abusive in words.
    Do not worry ask them to forgive you for your words. And ask Almighty ALLAH to forgive your sins.
    Recite tasbih`` LA hawla wala kuwwata illa billahil aliyyil azeem" 100 times after every namaz. It has cure for 99 diseases and the least disease is depression.

    Make dua. Read Qur'an .........

  3. pray salahtul tasbih at tahajjud and go an ask forgiveness after some sadaqah to these elders and say sorry i hope i didnt hurt you in anyway i was upset at the time.

  4. The method for asking forgiveness is simple.

    Raise your hands in dua and say " O Allah please forgive me for the disrespect I have shown to my elders by abusing and fighting with them ". That's it. Inshallah your sins will be forgiven.

    But your intentions must be sincere. And you should not repeat those sins.

    If you feel really emotional when asking for forgiveness and feel like crying then it's even better to cry and ask for forgiveness from Allah.

    If the elders are alive then go and ask them to forgive you and tell them that you have realised all that you did was wrong.

    If they are not alive, then ask Allah to forgive you and forgive them and their sins and grant them Jannatul Firdous.

  5. First go talk to those elders and apologize, offer to help with something if they need it. Then ask Allah for forgiveness. Then remind yourself that you need to catch yourself as you are getting angry or depressed.

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