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How do I seek forgiveness for my past relationship?

Repent before the Day when Allah will Question you

Repent before the Day when Allah will Question you

I am a muslim boy....when I was in my puc...I had an affair with a girl...Seriously I loved her....In that long relation I had done the biggest sin that a muslim should not do.....

In our relation we had been kissing and all those physical stuff were there(no sex)...during that time I couldnt focus on what is happening to me....but now thinking all that I am scared that without any forgiveness how will I go to heaven....?

Now can anyone please tell me: what is my forgiveness from this to seek forgiveness for this sin.....what shall I do...? I want to escape from His punishment... Please help me...


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  1. Looks like you seriously loved her dont want to marry her. You both have enjoyed kissing and physical stuff (no sex) with each other and now you are bored I guess.

    Why don't you marry her?

  2. Do not worry, 1st thanks God that HE kindly granted you with this felling of wong act -
    and beg HIS forgiveness during first ten days of RAMZAN. Sure God forgives, if we seek HIS kind mercy.
    He promised do ASTAGHFAR - TOBA intend not to do it again the same next time in your life, God becomes happy in forgiving - He is Kareem - Raheem - Ghafooor - Rahman - ONLY one who has the power to forgive, be afraid of him and do good acts as much as you can and sure Inshallah He kindly will forgive.
    I also pray for you.

  3. Remember brother the door of repetence always open for us specially in Ramadan subhanallah the hell door is locked and heaven door is open so don't get lost in the dark my brother. I would suggest you to make tawba pray two raka tawba prayer and ask for Allahs forgiveness cry to him open your heart to him we all know Allah is watching us can hear us so don't be afraid. In life everyone make mistakes we are human being but if someone truly want to repent Allah is always there to help you guide you forgive you. If you really love that girl propose her to marry you send proposal to her father give your relation in halal way...

  4. Brother please read this page:

    It will help you have high hopes of getting forgiven inshaAllah.. Do not despair, that's the first step towards taubah and istighfar..

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