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How do I stay away from him?

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Assalam o Alaikum,

I am in depression in great depression. I am in love with someone very simple but deep kind of love. He is already married. We were professional friends only thn became close friends. We used to discuss spiritualism and social causes etc. We have same kind of mind. And then I fell for him. So do he. Even though he knew that he is married he still fell with me. He confessed his love but same time he said that he cant do anything about it because he is bound to his family. After a long discussion on all this matter we left each other. He wanted to keep the professional terms atleast but I want to stay away from him so I left my workplace too.

Now I am isolated, lonely and depressed. I left him because I dont want to hurt anyone. But now the whole thing is hurting me. I never asked for him from Allah. I always ask Allah to do what is right and better for both us. But now I am feeling so depressed. I dont know if I want him back or what.

Can you please guide me what should I do ? What I am doing is right or wrong ? Any dua to cure my depression ? Any duaa to forget him to erase him from my mind and heart ? Please help me out please.

Jazak Allah.


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  1. Salam..when we go away from disobedience and commit these sins then the heart becomes sad and dark because of the haram you committing.Were do you see the pious people scholors have these kinds of relationships. Don't you know Allah Controls the hearts.Success and failure belong to him! Know this unless you obey the commandments of Allah and teachings of prophet Muhammad PBUH you will live in peace tranquility and be blessed both of the world's. Regardless of a person's wealth or intelligence he will never have peace n comfort.A matter of fact Allah says I WILL FILL THERE HEARTS WITH MANY WORRIES.....ETC....AND HE'LL WILL BE THE RESULT....SO BASICALLY YOU LOSE BOTH OF THE WORLD'S. ..READ THE BEGINNING OF THE COW IN QURAN.....ALSO SALAT IS FARDZ ON EVERY MALE OR FEMALE 5 TIMES A DAY.THIS IS THE FIRST THING THAT WILL BE ASKED ABOUT......ALTHOUGH I AM NOT A SCHOLOR .MY LIFE EXPERIENCES AS NON MUSLIM BEFORE AND MARRIED TO A sunni SCHOLOR NOW HAS OPEN MY EYES TO WHOLE NEW UNDERSTANDING OF THIS FAKE ILLUSION WORLD WHICH HAS NOOR VALUE IN FRONT OF ALLAH.WE ARE TO BE TESTED AND THE BEST AMONGST YOU ARE PEOPLE WHO FEAR ALLAH!!!THIS FACT.So correct your intentions and stick to the reading of quran for this will give you peace protection Barakah and popular..the virtues of quran are to many learn everything the right way.Finally be patient.Goo things always come to those who are patience. Look at the story of prophet Ayub a.s in the quran read the tafseer. .good luck sister

  2. Did you get job at other place ?I think job will keep you busy n help you in forgetting him .

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