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How do I stop listening to music?


I have been trying to stop listening to songs for a few months now and it is really hard. In the middle I would stop listening when I be told about what will happen in the aakhirah after that it comes out of my mind I do pray 5 times a day (well I try to) and the music be stuck in my head. I need an answer please on how to stop this. I have tried everything but it doesn't work. I try to listen to nasheeds and naats but I can't. I get tempted by a song and when someone put on a nasheed I start to feel guilty of listening to song. Plz help me. I'm 15 and I've tried everything, this is taking me away from my iman and I dont want this to happen. Please help.

Jazakallah ul akhair


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  1. Well let's review basics.I will to do my best to give you some advice.I myself went through this also.Although I was brought with no Islam at all.didn't what a Muslim was.Anyways 5 times is just to purify and build are connection with Allah.but it doesnt solve everything at the beginning of stages.Yes there are stages in everyone's life and that is your test and you are going to be tested right till your last breath! Reading and listening QURAN DAILY IS THE only medicine for all cures.This is were the ummat is weak!!!!!some virus of the quran......It is a noor for you in this life and the next....strengthensuccess the mind ...sharpens the eyes...builds a strong connection with Allah ...Barakah were ever you go....People are in awe of you..

    SHAITAN FEARS YOU...IT BURNS HIM....HE CANNOT COME NEAR YOU.......UNDERSTAND.WHEN YOU READ QURAN WHETHER YOU UNDERSTAND IT OR NOT THE QURAN IS POLISHING YOUR HEART SENSES AND YOU BECOME A WALYING TALKING QURAN.This why we face so many problems in the world we are not learning reading and understanding quran......And if we do we are cursing ourselves EG. ..When we read verses on interest which is haram and we are engaged in this act we hurt ourselves unknowingly.The other thing is read at least some daily hadith at least 15 min because we need knowledge that is beneficial for us...The most of all is that there is a daily routine that is the key.. Movies t.v malls and weak people are always effecting us.That is why we need to be with sisters who are involved with the mosque .So we can attend lectures social events and helping the community. We should always keep busy were we can protect are Iman...but don't be too hard on yourself start with a schedule. REMEMBER THE HEART IS LIKE A MIRROR IF IT IS CLEAN IT WILL REFLECT. ALSO IT IS SAID THAT A IDLE MAN'S BRAIN IS A DEVILS WORKSHOP. GODBLESS

  2. not all music is haram for example a club music is considered haram since it is making you fall into sins. Whereas, soothing music which relaxes a human being would be halaal!

  3. Assalam alykum Sanah,

    Dear sister, if you want to stop listening to music then replace it with something better. Something which is best. Which is the Quran.

    Start listening to more and more qiraat. Start memorising surahs. Start learning qiraat. The more you get attached to the quran it will be more easier for you.

    About what kind of naat and nasheed is permissible there are still some differences of opinion among scholars. It is best to stick to only those naat and nasheed which you are sure are halaal.

    Also do some research about the singers and the songs. There are videos on youtube which explain that these singers are devil worshippers and the songs lyrics point to that. The more you learn about the evil of songs, the more you will hate it.

    And the most important thing is to ask Allah to make Qiraat of Quran more pleasing to your heart and to make it easy for you to avoid listening to music.

    May Allah make it easy for you.

  4. I am 13 and am going through the same thing. I wear the hijab, pray, fast, read Quran and everything but I just cannot help but listening to music. whenever I am playing my phone, doing homework playing outside I will put music in the background to listen to as I do it. I'm going to admit that I am so addicted to it that in class at school I tuck my earphones through my shirt and into my scarf so that the teachers won't catch me and I can listen to it at school too. My mum had always brought me up to NOT listen to music but my cousin once played a song for me and then I really liked it so I kept playing when I was at home and that one song led to a lot of other song many of which have disgusting meanings but I just can't help it. I don't really care about the meaning I just like how they are catchy. I have tried everything and I will stop for a week or two then get back into the habit. I have spoken to my parents about this and they have tried to... they have even tried bribing me out of it by giving me a dollar or two everyday i didn't listen to it but then 3 weeks later I was went back to my addiction. I feel really Quilty because I know it's a sin but I'm just so addicted to it I can't stop

  5. Listening Music ........, very common problem effecting my young muslims.
    Tip 1. create hatred in your heart .usually when you hate someone you don't want to come close to him/her.
    you can do this by knowing how sad, downhearted and depressed one gets with the overdose of music, mostly musicians dies in their early ages committing suicide . you can see many videos and pages talking about singers committing suicide.
    checkout this page(
    you can further search on how it makes you very active and gives you pleasure momentarily and makes you very dull.
    Tip 2.Increase Imam by daily doing Azkar (atlest reciting surah bakrah's last 2 ayas ,ayatulqarsi, with penetrating on its meaning, and ask Allah to give you success in this day and after today) say "astugfirullah" atlest 10 times. it wipes away dirt from heart . start the day by increasing Iman. it might only take 8 to 15 minutes.
    Tip 3. look at you hobbies, if you have a strong urge to listening music , distract you brain by doing one of your hobbies or some thing very interesting. like doing DIY crafts . reading jokes.
    Tip 4. call your very close friend or family member or play with them. talking to them can cause your brain to divert . you would be more focused in talking to them than thinking about music.
    Tip 5. make goals in life. so when ever you an impulse to listen to music . you can tell your self I have more important things to do in life than waste my time with music.
    tip 6. Give charity . By charity yours Duas will be more accepted.Your mind will realize you are tryng to be a good Muslim , and constant harm like music might take way all you good deeds . you wouldn't wan't to lose your good deeds only because of music. don't let your brain justify music because it is mostly satan tring to justify bad stuffs.
    Tip 7. focusing on your Prayers. if you are still listening to music you can't be focusing on prayers . search on ways to focus on prayers.
    Tip 8. two rakhas solution. watch video( )
    tip 9 . download beautiful recitations of different reciters.make it necessary to listen 15 minuets Quran everyday. while you are cleaning or doing some silent work you can play the audio or video.

  6. Assalamualaikum everyone

    I just read a couple o posts bout music in here and I keep trying my best to move away from it. But recently I started listening to korean music,like k-pop and I cant not stop!!! The beat is so good and the rhythm is different from other english pop. Kpop songs dont have haram meanings unlike other songs. Moreover, Im not korean and I dont understant the meanings so the lyrics dont affect me. But its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good and I want to quit but i cants do it. All my friends like it too but its so hard. The boys in kpop are so pretty and attractive. Please help me out. Im struggling. I wrote a post but Im not sure how to post my question. Pray for me.

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