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How do you regrow hair?



I am a male Muslim 22. I am losing hair and have dandruff. What are solutions to regrow hair?
Also, I accidentally shaved my eyelashes and brows. How can I regrow them?

Thank you


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  1. Any oil will help you regrow hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. STOP SHAVING OR REMOVING HAIR WOULD BE THE BEST OPTION ESPECIALLY FOR EYEBROWS.

    If your losing hair its best to go and see your doctor to get blood test done. Also stress is the major factor of hair loss and try eating the right food and alot of water does help.

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    Asalam Aleykum

  3. you are losing your hair because of dandruff, sometimes its the hormonal problem, many men tend to lose hair earlier.
    massage the scalp of your hair with olive oil for 2mins constantly and leave it for hours and then wash your hair atleast do it 2 times a week. Insha Allah your hair will grow
    take vitamins and zinc
    eat proteins, drink alot of water

  4. lol accidentally shaved your eyebrows and eyelashes? really? lol

  5. Salam,
    This should be something to discuss with your doctor. This site is inappropriate for your question, so I would urge you to seek advice from your doctor and ignore anything others have said in response to your question. I only say this in your best interests. Thank you

  6. Assalamu Alaykum

    What's best for that dandruff is heads and shoulder shampoo. Trust me it works. I also apply on warm olive oil on my hair and it works! No dandruff and I am growing healthy hair. I hope it works for you bro. Salam

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  8. Brother,
    It may be the dandruff that is causing the hairloss so real with the underlying problem. It is best to see your doctor and try to figure out what the best solution is. For dandruff head and shoulders is good but if it's severe you can try prescriber antifungal shampoo but make sure you leave it on for a few minutes before washing. Also try olive oil or coconut.

    If you suffer from male patter baldness which runs in families then there are options such as regaine and some pills that can help with re growth but they don't be permanent solutions.

    Visit your doctor and take things from there.

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