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How many people can pray at khan e kaba at the same time?

construction of the kaaba

I want to know that today means currently as modernisation of  area of  kaba means construction, at any one: time how many people can do pray in kaba harmein sharif ?

- jamal

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  1. As-salamu alaykum brother Jamal. You must think we are some kind of super encyclopedic, fact-checking wizards over here.

    Well, you are right!

    Masjid Al-Haram can hold approximately 900,000 people inside, and another 1,200,000 in the outside construction area. The greater area of the masjid can hold 4,000,000 people during Hajj season. The construction area is under constant expansion, with the current project expected to finish in 2020.

    By the way, the image above is not a photo but an artist's rendering showing anticipated construction. I know some Muslims look at these massive buildings being erected around the Masjid and say, "Wow, ma-sha-Allah." Not me. I think it's disgusting. The Saudi authorities are surrounding the Masjid with crass commercial developments. These shopping centers and hotels dwarf the majesty of the Masjid, block the sunlight, prevent future expansion and wipe out historical sites. It's part of a mentality that has no respect for the past, and instead only values what is "modern".

    People do not travel thousands of miles and make the journey of a lifetime to see cookie-cutter hotels and shopping malls. They do it to see history, to see our past, to see the Haram Ash-Sharif but also to see the roads where the Sahabah walked and lived, the masjids where they prayed. But thousands of ancient historical sites have been lost and the process continues. It's deeply disappointing and disturbing and I am sorry and ashamed that I live in a time that has done such a thing.

    Imagine in the old days when you could pray by the Ka'bah at night and see the stars overhead. That would be something to say, "Wow, ma-sha-Allah!" Not anymore. Now you can look up and see a giant mall and a big clock. Wonderful.

    I would be interested to know the opinion of our fellow editor SisterZ who has been to Hajj. But only if her opinion agrees with mine, ha ha. Half kidding.

    Wael Editor

    • Masha ALLAH very nice I want to serve as khudam for Khana-e-Kaba,

    • I totally agree with your view point.

    • Masha ALLAH

    • salaam alaikum,

      i just got back from performing umrah and i was appaled to see the high rise hotels n malls around the Haram Shareef. It is disgusting to note that the super rich saudis had to sell every inch of land bordering the holy mosque for commercial gains. Im pretty certain that majority of these hotels, malls must be owned by the royal families.

    • Assalam Walaikum,

      Aunty in the above answer u have told dat Saudi govt. made a mistake by building commercial buildings hotels, etc etc.... around the ka'aba!! well i disagree with you,
      its just about common sence, i'll ask you one question if were in place of saudi govt. where would you accomedate these 4000000 people without hotels?? from where would these 4000000 people buy food without the commercial centers?? this was the reason why they had to build those buildings n hotels....
      this was the best solution the govt. could come up with!! if you have any better idea you can share your comments!! pls think before you say anything about anyone, n i would like to remind you that they are experts!!
      so pls think before telling anything!!
      Thank You,

      • Yes but the hotels should not have been built immediately next to the sacred masjid where they overshadow it and loom over it. They should have been built a respectful distance away. There should be a zone of at least a mile around the Masjid Al-Haram where no tall buildings are built.

        The Saudi authorities are far from infallible. They have demonstrated an appalling lack of respect for their own country's history and monuments. Ancient buildings and important historical sites are constantly being demolished.

        And I am not an aunty by the way.

        Wael Editor

        • Wael,
          Everything you said is absolutely correct. Saudis don't represent and define what Islam is. They sit in their kingdom, can't lift a finger to do work, can be racist...they view non-Arab Muslims above them and kiss Americans ass. Yes, it's birth place of Islam, some may wonder was Saudi Arabia so barbaric and corrupted that Allah chosen that country to bring guidance and peace. May Allah forgive me if I am asking this question in a wrong way. Prophet's (SAW) last sermon at mount Arafat..."An Arab has no superiority over non-Arab" vice versa. How do we judge pre-Islamic Arabs to the ones today?

          My religious friend refuses to do hajj (never done one in life time) for political reason. How Saudis are fighting Yemenis. She said that if it happened during prophet time, he would put hajj a short halt. Plus, she feels that the money being spent for hajj is going to the Saudi military bombing Yemenis. I never thought about it this way. Religion and politics are 2 separate entities? What is your opinion on that? Another thing, she won't buy things that are business owned by Jewish, claiming that the money will go to Israel massacring Palestinian, and Allah will judge us.

      • You must not be any of the Royal family, right? Then don't you see At Taiseer, Misfalah , Azizia, Al Monsur areas to build your majestic 5 Star hotels? Richer people have no problem with distance. They can easily move by cars? But how can you justify their eating snacks and watching Twaaf?

    • Slmz. I agree with you One Hundred Percent. Very well said. MASHA ALLAH to you.

    • Please reply to me as i am in urgent need of correct advice of what to do

  2. Asalaamualaykum,

    Lol Wael, half kidding huh? Well, surprise surprise, Alhumdulillah I am agree with you 100%. I deliberately added the above image to this post as there are so many emails flying around with futuristic images of the Haram Sharif in Makkah and so much talk of construction going on there. I feel extremely passionate about the two holy cities of Makkah and Madina, they are overflowing with so much history and spirituality and it needs to be preserved.

    Our beloved Prophet (saw) used to find solace, sitting inside a small cave called Hira. It was perched some 270m up a mountain known as Jabal Al Nur, just outside Makkah. Whilst he(saw) sat there over looking the Kaaba in the valley of Makkah, he would ponder over creation and moreso the Creator. He would use this time and isolation to meditate and talk to Allah and would sometimes stay there for days before returning to his wife Khadija (ra).

    Unfortunately now, all one can see surrounding the Kaaba are massive hotels and shopping malls, The Hilton, Mc Donalds, Zara, Mango, Starbucks etc. Since my last journey to Makkah a large clock and massive tower has also been erected there, called: "Mecca Royal Clock Hotel Tower" - it boasts a 1,970ft high and is the 'tallest and largest hotel in the world'. It spoils the beauty and simplicity of the city and although the Saudis have the challenging task of accommodating the growing number of pilgrims, I wish they would respect and strive to preserve the city's beautiful heritage, instead of trying to re-create an image from Star Wars.

    The best times I had in Makkah were while being in the sanctuary of the Haram Shareef, but I also enjoyed roaming the sandy dusty streets and hills that have stood for centuries witnessing the footsteps, the words and the lives of Khalil Allah - Ibrahim (as), his wife Hajar (ra) and their blessed progeny, including the final Messenger (saw), his wives, his family, the Sahaba (peace be upon them all) and most of all the revelation of the Quran. Close your eyes while hearing the Adhaan and the feeling is nostalgic.

    May everyone have a Hajj Mabroor and may we all be invited by Allah to respond to the call of Ibrahim (as) with "Labbaik Allah humma labbaik, Labbaik la sharika laka labbaik, Innal hamda, Wan-ni'mata, Laka walmulk, Laa sharika lak." Aameen.

    I could talk about Makkah forever as I have left part of myself there; but I'll stop here lol. Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim Brothers and Sisters,


    SisterZ Editor

  3. asslam alaikum
    Bhai sahab kuch malomat urdu me bhi de

  4. Dear Mr. Wael & SisterZ,

    I am totally disagree with your opinions and I first said to someone at the Haram that why they have built buildings taller than Ka'abah then that person said please don't comment and arguements will not serve you to goto Jannah. Ka'aabah is from TahtulArz to the Havens (or something like this).

    Therefore, we must do the good deeds and speaches only to prepare for going to Jannah and all other things which will not increase or decrease your Imaan should be left without commenting even without thinking.

    One thing more, HAZOOR SALLALLAHU ALAIYHI WASALLAM & Sahabah did all the Good Deeds to goto Jannah and which is told to do and that is the thing which Saudi Government is doing. HAZOOR SALLALLAHU ALAIYHI WASALLAM never asked to see his physical roads or something like these, but to follow HIS teachings which we are not doing.

    We must perform Faraez, then Sunnah and then Nawafil and seeing old sites is not Farz, Sunnah and/or Nafil. If it would be anything from this then there may be some Uswah or Tareeq-e-Sahabah etc.

    I am sorry if someone doesn't agree with my opinion.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Adnan, your comment doesn't make any sense. All human cultures value their history and learn from it. All cultures value their art, literature and craftsmanship. Doing 'ibadah and good deeds does not preclude us from appreciating such things. Furthermore the Saudi government is not an Islamic government, nor is it chosen or recognized by the people of Arabia. The Saudi kings are not Prophets (astaghfirullah) who should be followed without question. They are men who are subject to corruption and sin like any other.

      Wael Editor

      • LIke Like Like ... you are absolutely right brother

      • What's the point of keeping historical places if people are doing biddah or shirk? Be logical before putting your point

        • The answer is to educate the people not to commit such practices; not to destroy precious historical sites which - once they are gone - can never be recovered.


  5. It is very disappointing to all historical sites wiped out by what is so called contruction or expansion of the mosque...I agree 100% with what have been spoken with Wael up there..., ...

  6. pleas prayer my mother & son &me iam very suffering so pleasc please...... compolsury prayer for my family

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