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How many wives in Jannah?


I have read that I will get two worldly wives in Jannah, but I married only one woman. So, what about my second worldly wife? Please explain this to me?


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  1. Salaams,

    Where did you get this information?

    There are hadith that say a man's wordly wife may be his wife in Jannah in shaa Allah, and that she will be the most beautiful woman to him there. I would assume this is still the case if he is practicing polygamy and has more than one wife.

    There are also numerous references to the hoor- the women of paradise that are given as a reward to men who die unmarried. I believe married men can also be granted hoor. But outside of this, there is nothing to indicate that a man will have two wordly wives in the hereafter if he did not have two wives in this life that I am personally aware of. Allah knows best.

    -Amy Editor

    • I agree with Sister Amy. I have never heard about getting two worldly women (who were not your worldly wives) in Jannah.

  2. Salaams

    There are many forums where it says that men will have two worldly wives in Jannah sister Amy. If you google "two wives in Jannah" you will find many websites claiming this based on hadiths and fatwas.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam Warahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuh Sister Sahaddita,

      The Hadith that mentioned "two wives" actually did not specify whether they are of Dunya or of Jannah. However, there are reputable and great scholars (like ibn al-Qayyim, and ibn Rajab and others) who clarified this misconception (with other evidences), by saying "there will be two wives of Jannah for each believer initially, and anything above the two, will depend on their work and patience when they were in Dunya".

      Narrated by Hazrat Abu Huraira, that Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) said,

      "The first group (of people) who will enter Paradise will be (glittering) like the moon when it is full. They will not spit or blow their noses or relieve nature. Their utensils will be of gold and their combs of gold and silver; in their centers the aloe wood will be used, and their sweat will smell like musk. Everyone of them will have two wives; the marrow of the bones of the wives' legs will be seen through the flesh out of excessive beauty. They ( i.e. the people of Paradise) will neither have differences nor hatred amongst themselves; their hearts will be as if one heart and they will be glorifying Allah in the morning and in the evening."


      • Salaams,

        I did a search as you suggested, and that's the ONLY hadith reference I could find as well. Like Issah said, it's unclear what the nature of the second wife is.

        But there is overwhelming evidence that all the inmates of paradise will be satisfied with their reward, whatever it is. I think that's the main thing to be focused on- none of us can actually conceive of what's there anyway.

        -Amy Editor

        • Thank you for clarifying.
          I believe you are right, there is no way of knowing what paradise will be like by comparing to what we know of this world. If we strive to live by our faith Inshallah one day we will know. I must agree with the OP though that all the promises of sexual activities in Jannah raise questions. I know we should be more worried about reaching Jannah at all, but if I were a man in love with my wife only I would feel uncomfortable about wives and hoori, and as a woman I worry about that too.

  3. You will know once you get there.

    You also know that whatever you are given in Paradise - whether it is one wife, two wives, a million wives, or a thousand hoors -- your soul will be very pleased.

  4. in that hadeeth it is not clear that both of them are people from dunya, I also have read it from only one aleem says they are both from dunya. but in many other sources says they are the additional hoors. also in a hadeeth it says single women will be married to other single men in jannah. so if there is no single women how would a married man would marry another single women from dunya lol. also what about adam then? since all other women are daughters of him and he is only going to be with Hawwa then it also does not make any sense. To be honest I believe in the hadeeth and they can be hoor. but I dont think its necessarily means that all men will have two worldly wives. we can brain storm on each possibilities but there is one big truth that Allah promised everyone from Jannah that they will have whatever they desire. If a man wants to have hoors they would but also if a woman wants to be one an only for her husband.nobody can say that they cant. because Allah promised that whatever they will want is going to happen. and there is not going to be any unjust situations.
    trust Allah.

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