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How should I guide my friend?

Two Muslim girls.

How can I help my friend avoid haram?

Me and my best friend have been together for the previous five years. Recently she is dating a guy and even though she knows its wrong she cant sort of control herself from not doing so. I tried guiding her many times but it wasnt much helpful. I actually fear being on bad terms or losing a friend. to be more precise i dont want her to be annoyed by me thus i dont speak on the topic much though i have expressed i lot times that i hate her dating and doing such stuff. what should i do? Should i still stop her from dating and such stuff because i want the best for her.


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  1. Assalamu alaikum
    Being not sure of the age , locality, amount of deen in your friend its little hard to give any idea

    Ways I could think are
    1. Tell her about hadees , Quranic warnings how saiytan plays with a boy and girl, what are mahram people

    2. Tell her there is no such thing as dating

    3. As days pass by they won't be able to control and end up being alone and having physical activities...even holding hands .. And then only issue starts

    4. She cannot do a marriage without wali, her wali is her dad , so if they want to be married or want to spend a life together ask them to talk to their parents immediately which helps in many way ...thinking that its not time to tell the parents, I'm young , they will scold , etc will lead to more critical issues

    5. She is already taking decisions on her own so not a child or not a young one anymore so speak up to the parents ...if the guy is brave enough to take her out ask him to talk to her parents

    6. But be respectful calm and controlled while talking with parents they deserve at most respect

    7. You can share more hadees, life stories, videos on halal haram relationship.

    8. Check the character behaviour of the guy and marrying a non Muslim guy is prohibited and stated as marriage invalid by Allah

  2. Don't say anything anymore. You said a lot. Don't end your friendship right away. Let her do her thing otherwise she will say you're jealous. If she comes to a realization what she is doing is wrong then she may thank you if she's a good friend.

  3. There isn't much you can do to stop her from dating. If that's what she wants to do despite knowing and being told it's a bad idea, then that's her choice. Not your responsibility. All you can do after that is to continue the friendship, but put up boundaries for yourself. Tell her she's still your best friend, but you are not interested in hearing anything about her boyfriend, because you do not agree with her choice of having one.

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