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How to deal with a disobedient younger sister?

Two sistersAoa,

I don't know where to start. I have always found myself in weird and unusual situations. So much so that i can't bring myself to look forward to a better future because everytime i did, something unexpected would happen and i would find myself asking how ? Why ? But i would find comfort in worship. I would tell myself at least Allah is there for me. That this life is a war we have to fight until He calls us back.

I remember year 2011 was the most confusing. I couldn't even cry all i could think of was dying. Thinking about meeting Allah would comfort me. Thinking abt jannah wud bring me to tears and considering i only ever got emotional b/c of my mom, It was a huge deal. Allah talla made me a better person someone who started feeling for everyone not just for my mum. I honestly started to see good in everyone and everything.

Except for my sister. Shes 13 now, 8 years younger than me but extremely spoiled. Only talks about what she wants, likes, misbehaves with everyone but im the only one who doesn't tolerate it. I don't talk to her to avoid fights in the house b/c i was the only one who would reprimand her. She honestly respects no one. Shes the kind of person i wud avoid in society but shes a family!

Sometimes i feel its b/c of that Allah Talla has distanced me from Himself,  b/c i don't talk to a family member (my sister) but when i do its always noisy in the house and when we fight she has the upper hand b/c shes stronger. My older sis was worse than her she used to beat me up and go back on her words but she changed and became someone i looked up to. But i used to get beat up by both of them. They used to be my only concern along with my parents fighting 24/7, my mom always being sick, scary teachers, classmates, friends and my physical insecurities. My mum's happiness was the only thing i ever wanted.

- me947


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  1. If you are 8 years older than your 13 year old sister, you are 21. Start focusing energy on yourself, your iman, your education, your career and maybe getting married. Stop being concerned with your younger sister. Your mother and father are responsible for her. And many 13 year old girls can be a pain in the neck, immature and self-centered. Allah is not going to punish you for your sister's misbehavior, your parents' problems, or the next door neighbor's loud music. You can, however, make dua to Allah to bestow on your family some type of calm, but that's about it.

  2. You can dua for change her behaviour if ALLAH will.

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