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How to distribute inheritance after both parents died?

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Aslam o alaikum. My father died leaving our mother, 5 sons and 2 sisters. At that time we were not in a position to distribute fathers property. After 2 months my mother also died(during iddat). Now I want to ask that we have to distribute fathers property including mothers share who was alive at the time of father's death and then again distribute mothers share as she died now. There is no any written will . but we heared from our parents about there likeness about the distribution of property. Is that have any importance now. And generally when distribution of miras due after ones death. Thanks and jazak Allah khair.


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  1. Refer to Islamic scholor for advice which is personal. Local Imam at mosque

  2. if your parents said anything that a particular thing would be given to you or one of your family member, only then you can have that thing otherwise everything will be distributed according to the law given in Quran

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