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How to find a Rishta for an ahmedi boy converted to Muslim???

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Asslama O Alaikum

I Know a boy who got converted from Ahmediat to Muslim. He is more like a Son to me, but for some reasons I can't help him like a real  mom can do. He is 32 and living as a permanent resident in New Zealand. Doing an IT Job. It is really difficult for him to get settled . He has to leave his family because they will pressurize him otherwise. His sister is forcing him to get married but he has to avoid it because of his conversion. Need your help, if we can get proposals from the muslims who understand that he doesnt have a family because of this reason.

Or we can look for girls who lost their families because of conversion. He is from Pakistan.

Prompt reply will be appreciated.

Jazak Allah Khari


[Editor's note: This website is not a matrimonial site, and does not offer an introductions service. If you wish to find a potential wife for this man, it would be more appropriate for him to ask at his masjid or through respected members of the Islamic community. Also, if this man is not your mahram, you should not be involved in private or intimate discussions with him - please ensure you are adhering to Islamic guidance in any interactions with him.

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