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How to forget Haram relationship

Pre-marital/extra-marital relationships are haram in Islam

Assalam walaikum,. I'm 21 now.. and from 3 years I was in a Haram relationship.. he cheated on be being in another relationship with another girl.. I went into a shock after he did that to me.. I am happy and I realised dat good I came out of it. And alhumdulillah I'm not into such things now.. But I feel used.. I mean how can he do like dat.. I want him to realize his mistake. And I want to forget all this completely.. plz help me with this.

And we were have kissed and al.. I'm not able to forget it.. I feel soooooooo guilty..

I wanna forget it and I want forgiveness from Allah for Haram things I have done


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  1. as salaamu alaykum Nadiya

    No Lasting good ever comes from haram relationships, so you should sincerely thank Allaah swt for rescuing you from this cheater. If a guy can ignore the Hudud, of his Lord, why are you surprised that he Cheated on you as well? You were lucky not to get deeper into that relationship, so just erase him from your mind and move On.

  2. Time is the best healer

  3. Hmm how to forget him? Just get into another one...jk jk. Just pray Salah and ask for forgiveness.
    May Allah grant us ease and jannat ul firdous.

    • Lmao Al. That cracked me up. If you logically think about it then yeah it'll work to forget her current love but Isalmically, nah XD

      To the OP, ask forgiveness in abundance. Remember He is Al Gaffar and Al Gafoor so don't lose hope and try your best. Lots of love and I hope you get over him and the memories quickly.

      Good luck and take care

  4. Salaam Nadiya:

    I understand how you feel, I got into a deeply involved haraam relationship when I was 22, and it broke pretty bad a year and a half later. I'm 26 now and still am repenting to Allah SWT about my mistake. As others have pointed out, Allah will definitely forgive you, he will forgive us all! With consistent obedience, prayer and patience, time will close the wounds.

    Just know that you are not alone in this fight. Everyone makes mistakes, the time may be bad for you know, but you are still young! It's best you suffer a bit now and repent as you will have a life filled with happiness ahead of you. Also, what I may say to you, I make it a point that I may remind myself the same.

    BarakAllahu feek sister 🙂

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