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How to get back my beloved in my life?


I love a guy. We are in about 8 years relationship.
But his mother dislike me and disagree with our relationship. In 2013 he went to Australia.
He always contact with me overphone and skype.
Last 1 year he did not any contact with me. I can not reached him anyhow.
he stopped contact with me. Now his mother try to marry him to other girl.
Please help me to get back him in my life and to control his mother's mind to like me agree her to marry my loved one.
.. Please help me to give some dua to get back him in my life


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  1. Assalamualaikum Mjahan,
    I convey my heartfelt apologies for your condition. I know it must be terrible to be restricted from marrying the one you love.

    But controlling his mother's mind is not a solution and neither is there any special dua for controlling someone. Because if there was,there wouldn't be broken hearts scattered all over the world. Moreover, if the solution is to win her heart,it is not controlling her, you have to impress her by proving that your a worthy daughter in law by doing what she wants:like cook her favourite dishes,etc. But I'm not telling you to feel compelled by her. Because she has to have a reasonable cause for disliking you. Or else,you can ask that boy why doesnt she like you....and then try to rectify and act upon that lack of yours. But remember, don't agree to what doesn't seem reasonable.

    And if I may ask this question, are you sure the boy is worth it? Because judging from what you wrote, he seems the "mommy's pet" kind of boy. If he loves you and is ready to marry you...shouldn't he be a man and stand up with you? Why should you fight alone? And him cutting contact doesn't give a good sign. He should be responsible enough to not worry you.....instead of adding to your worries.

    Well sister, I hope things turn out good and I hope his mother accepts you soon. Just make a lottttt of due to Allah. And yeah,this is coming from a 15 year old so pardon me if I haven't been of much help. All the best sister.

  2. Can I just start off by saying I know you're pain and I'm really sorry for this. I myself went through something kinda like this, the guy I was suppose to marry left me just like that without a reason and I couldn't even get a hold of him. No one is worth chasing after if they don't even have the common decentcacy to tell you how it is straight up. The fact that he's mom feels this way about you and is trying to marry him off to someone else is crazy. She didn't respect you or your relationship. But I think it's time you try to move on with your life, you can't keep chasing after someone who has plans to marry someone else, you're only going to hurt yourself so much more, take it from me. Best advice I've gotten and taken is EVERYTHING is written, sometimes it's sooooo much better to just cry and let it all out to Allah and just let him deal with it all, putting your truth into allahs hand and accepting that everything happens for a reason and trusting the lords plan is the only way to go. I hope everything works out for you, you deserve to be happy, always remember xo

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