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How to get more pious?

Hello there brothers and sisters. I am a muslim but unfortunately im not that pious i want to perform all the 5 times prayer along with tahajjud everyday. But at the end of the day i end up performing none of my prayers. I am also suffering from a couple of psychological deseases . I am also under medication and I cannot control myself without medication . So how do i get better. And how do i get more pious.


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  1. Hey Ahmed11, I felt that you are so disconnected from your maker for the fact that you are not able to fulfill your daily Salaat. This disconnection from Allah normally arrises because around us temptations are too relentless, doubts are too frequent, Satan is too active, tribulations are too heavy, and also hope hope and love are threatened.

    Actually, I am so happy you are seeking for help. It happens to lots of Muslims but you see to it that you should seek for someone's help.

    So Ideally, you would want to schedule your life around Salat and not the other around. As Shaykh Abdul Hakim Murad said ” A busy life makes prayer harder, but prayer makes a busy life easier”.

    Now we are all victims of Missing Salat, or praying late. But other people are consistent with performing their five daily prayers on time and that allows them to live a better lifestyle, good for them, Alhumduililah.

    Once we are going strong on the daily prayer grind, it’s easier for us to identify weaknesses in other people. Now that makes sense because the person who is more conscious will remind others.

    There are a couple of issues I want to talk about and insh’Allah we can all including myself learn from it.

    The first is all about getting others to pray with you, I’m not saying tie them up and bring them to Salat, you don’t have the right or power to do so.

    But when you can do is simply remind them, often times we see brothers or sisters far from the deen and we think “hey, they aren’t worth the time to call towards Allah”. Astugfurillah, drop that mentality and don’t underestimate anyone’s potential to change.

    Matter of fact, stop being arrogant. I know a brother who used to disappear in the middle of our studies. When he came back, we all asked him where he went and he said “I went to pray”.

    Bad planning brother, you could have reminded everyone else on the court and by not being selfish you could have gotten all those extra good deeds. So yea it’s good your remembering Allah internally, but when you remind others, your getting more reward. It’s a great blessing to have that constant dhikr, but if your not going to share it then whomp whomp.

    The reason I bring this up is because if we had more Muslims reminding others for Salat, maybe those who missed prayers would have one less excuse to use.

    Automatically, your life will be shaped by Allah as a righteous fellow if you perform Salaat as required. So I'll give you this six golden tips which I hope will help Insha-Allah.

    1. It all starts with recognizing that you are a Muslim and it’s an obligation for you to pray. If you miss your prayer make it up, that’s better than not praying at all.

    2. Revolve your schedule around prayer times and not the other way around! Salat is a shield against sin, and we are all witnesses to that.

    3. Plan accordingly. If you are on campus, find the MSA and ask others where they pray. If you don’t want to do that, figure out the Qibla, pick a corner for yourself and visit it at Salaat times.

    4. It takes 5-10 minutes to pray, depending on your speed. That’s nothing, don’t be fooled into thinking Salat is a big physical workout, if you can hit the gym for an hour then this is nothing to compare. It’s actually a spiritual workout and it is tough, but without sincere effort and consistency, you won’t see any progress.

    5. Reflect on repeated reminders from the Qur’an and Sunnah, “Indeed he will be successful the one who purifies himself. And remembers the Name of his Rabb (Allah), and prays.” (87:14-15)

    6. Never halt asking Allah for guidance, for if he guide you no one can say no, and if it's the other way round, may Allah forbid.

    You'll also want to peruse this article on how to come close to Allah (

    If it's doubts, then I think you should clear it up with this article Insha-Allah (

    Hope that this will help!

    Your brother,
    Abarika Abdulai, blogger @ Seekers Elite (

    Allah knows best.

    • Great Reply Abarika!

      I would stress the Dhikr also, as that too brings you Closer to Allaah swt and, in addition brings Humongous Rewards. As an example, for the following Dhikr The Most Gracious will award you 40,000.000 (forty Million!) rewards, for just Ten repetitions and it's Easy to learn!:


      Wa as salaam!

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