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How to know Him?

The Islamic Shahadah, or testimony of faith, carved in wood on the wall of a masjid

The Islamic Shahadah, or testimony of faith, carved in wood on the wall of a masjid


Had a  very depressing day today. No fights, no deaths, no monetary troubles but a tiny problem. Got blank while delivering a presentation and a very technical one. This is the first time in all these years. Woke up 3 in the morning for rehearsing and but still got numb hands and 30 wide open faces looking at me. We Muslims face all troubles of world, practice our faith in different countries of the world, look up to the sky feel Him smiling at us but what makes me as a Muslim vulnerable is what others think about me. How ironic as the word others doesn't include Him.

Secondly, the most important thing how do we know Allah is angry with us? I had  a dream recently, about me constantly running around my campus looking for my stuff and during that time i had my favorite subject quiz, i look everywhere but can't find. Atlas, i find them inside masjid and i miss my quiz. I dont know what it means but i want to know, how to know Him. He feels so close but How do I tell Him that I am sorry for things my weird brain doesn't know. Maybe today's event is a lesson or may be a trail.How do I know?

Love, compassion, warmth and satisfaction are all hollow without HIM but how do I tell Him what I feel? I mostly quarrel with my mom over petty issues and instantly repent by holding her hands gently, telling her I am her adorable little angel, the best of her kids but how do I tell Him that I am sorry? I can't see Him, I can't tell  Him I am best of all Muslims and what I tell is I will love Him till my last breath and even beyond, ALLAH. Is this enough?

I feel sense of relief now, after typing all things that go racing in mind. I wait for that day patiently, when I can tell Him 'You know how much I love You, Allah. I mayn't be a good Muslim, but there wasn't a single second of my life when I didn't stop thinking bout U. I belong to U.

P.S Feel defeated today and pitied by others, but there's a hope, yet a hope with a probability of 1 that history will not repeat if I stay strong and down to earth as Allah loves those who are simple and determined and optimistic. A smile towards the sky and an empty hug  cheers me up!

I will be waiting for your answers impatiently till then Allah Hafiz!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. watch this...

    also others from Mirza Yawar Baig. He usually lectures on connection with Allah

  2. Asalaam Walaikum.

    Easy ... Open the Qur'an and read. Even if you don't understand it or not I promise you it will help.

    May Allah increase us all in Knowledge and make us closer to him .... Ameen!

  3. Sister,

    These aren't the topics that a common man discuss or that can be shared among common people. I really dont know how sincere you are in your love to Allah. But in a general sense, you should have some reason to be had felt so close to Allah coz it can't be a fake love u showing.

    For your concern, I can tell one thing that being in Sajada is the time that you can get closer to HIM that any other time. This isnt my personal opinion, these are the words of prophet(s.a). You want to speak to HIM? You want to tell him how much you love HIM? TALK TO HIM IN SAJADA. Place your forehead in the floor reminding yourself that you are prostrating infront of HIM, Stop all other thinkings and close your eyes and think only about HIM. Its only YOU and HE in this world. Now Open up your heart and speak to HIM. I assure you that HE will listen to you better than your ow soul. Continue this, you will feel the divine pleasure in your mind. Your mind will be convincing that you literally had a communication with HIM. Salah is the only way to speak to HIM closely and Sajada is the best act in Salah to become ever close to HIM. Increase Salah and Sajada, HE will take care of you. Have constant chat with HIM. Whenever you remember HIM, talk to HIM literally.

    Dont ask How you know Allah is angry with you, ask How I know Allah is happy with me?. Becoz Allah (s.w.t) said "My mercy is above my wrath". If people loves you (including enemies) its the best sign that Allah loves you.

    Please include this poor servant while you communicate to HIM and pray for me to increase in eeman and die with eeman.

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