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How to make tawbah for cheating?

No cheatingAssalamu alaikum.. My name is basheer. I had a 4 years of love.. last 3 years before i just stopped that relationship due to some reasons, specifically: father dont like her family

2.i am studying father is working hard still for my study

4. Her family dont like me and they are finding another men for her.

For these reasons i cheated her.. But through these 3 years she is waiting for me..

But i cant marry her because:

1. She told me some bad words about my father.

2. In the meanwhile unexpectedly i am in a relationship with another woman.

3. Her family is looking a men for her.

But still i have regret.. I know i did wrong.. but if i marry her then i am also cheating my new relationship .. So i dont want to do that.. I need to do tauba for this.. How can i pray to Allah who knows everything? I want to know what should i want to do for this pain in my heart and mind..

i want to marry the new relationship women after my study.. She dont have any problem for waiting.. But in my previous case was not like that.

Now my father was admitted 3 times hospital.. I cant do nothing.. I was thinking of suicide but its not good... Because they family suffered a lot for my study.. For that i didn't do that.

I am 27 year old... And we have some debt due to study.. So for this i can't marry now. These are my problems.. Only i want to solve this problem through islamic way.

I tried to tell my situation to my old relationship woman .still i have regret that i cheated her... That's why.. What can i do further?

- Basheer

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  1. Asalamualaykum Brother Basheer,

    If you have truly made or are interested in making Tawbah, you need to do a couple of things:

    1.) You need to let go of this previous relationship you had of 4 years, because it did not work out. According to Islam, you should repent sincerely and you do not owe her an explanation or anything.

    2.) Pray to Allah. You say Allah knows everything so you can't pray to him, but this should be a reason for you to feel more comfortable praying, not less! Nothing you say or admit will shock Allah, and He will furthermore help you!

    3.) If you are interested in marrying your current "girlfriend," you need to stop seeing her and send a proposal to her father the proper way. Dating is not permissible in Islam.

    I hope this answers your questions!



    • The problem with you basheer brother is that you are engaged in maintaining garam relationships...
      Please think about the debts and other sacrifices that your family made for your studies and stop all these haram activities and focus on your studies and future

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