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How to perform istikhara for divorce?

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Aslamu Alayikum

I am having a terrible time in my marriage that I have no option other than to perform the Ishikhara.

I love my husband very much but the problems are such that nothing seems strong enough to go on with the marriage, everything goes against our marriage.

I wanted to ask how do I perform the ishtikhara? Do I ask Allah (swt) to show me signs on divorcing him or do I ask Allah (swt) to show me signs to remain with him?

If I see good signs, does that mean it is good to divorce or does that mean it is good to stay with him. If I see bad signs, does that mean it is bad to divorce or does it mean it is bad to stay with him.

Please help, much needed.

Thank you


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  1. consult with imam at mosque or mufti. this is new to me ..if my wife is getting abused physically she just has to make kullah unless the guy does talaq 3 times verbly. but if you guys argue only . then sort it with hikmah.You see no relationship is perfect a matter of fact its a big test only when you are on the same page everything works out in regards to having the correct iman. eg.... are you both praying 5 times is he going t9 mosque are you eating halal are you involved interest debts.THESE WILL EFFECT YOU.?BUT TO JUST GIVE UP THATS EASY. Allah dislikes divorce because you cause disunity,people get affected especially children

  2. Salaam Sister,

    Please share with us your issue in your marriage if you don't mind. We can help solve those issues , InshaAllah.

    Divorce should be the last step in your path. Please look at other ways to solve your problems and if all else fails then you can think of divorce.

    Have you conveyed to your husband that you are losing interest in the marriage because of his behaviours.

    May Allah bless you with peace.

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