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How to regain trust?

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I became friend with a boy last year. Our friendship grew stronger and we became very good friends.  I love a guy.  In the beginning he didn't want to talk to me at all then he thought to use and play with me. My guy best friend told me not to talk with that guy because he was toxic for me.  But I have deep love for him that's why whenever he texted me I broke my guy best friend's trust and talked to that guy.  Everytime he forgave me as I told him that I won't do such thing again.  But now recently I did some other mistake of the same kind.  He is talking with me in a rude manner.  I asked for an apology but he says that he will talk to me in the same rude manner. His friendship means everything to me.  I just want his friendship and trust back. I just miss those conversations, late night chats and that everthing.. How can I get his trust back?

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  1. This is weird. You don't owe anyone anything...your "best guy friend" is behaving more like an overly possessive / controlling husband than a friend. And that's wrong, because he's not anything to you. He has no right demanding anything from you, or to tell who you can and can't talk to. So, if he doesn't want to trust you or talk to you anymore, tough. His loss. Move on and focus on your normal friends that don't mistake their role as your friend for being that of a spouse.

  2. I thought this place is for Islamic guidance.. So dear Ushna our religion doesn't support any relationship like that. Having any kind of relationship with a Na Mehram is forbidden in Islam. You should avoid talking to opposite gender as a friend or even in polite manner. These late night conversations are not going to take you any where in life or after life. You should focus on your future and if you can't control your feelings then you should talk to your parents and get married. Marriage is a legal contract and you can talk to your husband as long as you want.

    May Allah guide you through. All the best.

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