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17 years old and disgusted with myself, how to return to the light?



Salam fellow Muslims,

I am 17 years old, male and there is no scale on this earth that can measure the amount of sins i have committed. It has come to a point where I feel disgusted at myself.

I am not the perfect Muslim, growing up reading and learning Arabic and the Quran. In all honesty i hated it but i am in a point in my life where i am being engulfed in these sins. Whether it being out of jealousy or someone sexual.

I am lost, i need to find a path back into the light. Anyone that can guide me?

Do I remove everyone that has bad influence on my life?

I want to feel reborn and reconnect with God as I once did when i visited Mecca.


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  1. Dont talk all that non sense talk..You think your the only one in this world? Alan is testing everyone And the pious ones get a harder test.....just look at the sahabas. . So much sacrifices had to be made for you and I to become muslims!!!they would bury there daughters alive before they even came to do you think a person lives with that...Allah is always forgiving so make tauba and read quran daily and pray SALAT at mosque and you will be fine......AN idle mans brain is a devils workshop !!!!!understand

  2. Repent my brother. Ask Allah for forgiveness. He forgives everyone. You're not a bad person, wallahi we just all tend to makes mistakes. I hope you find all the happiness you're looking for inshallah. Make lots of dua and stay on the straight path.

    Good luck

  3. Ur still young keep away from Zina (sex) and it's almost Ramadan u can do it I can do it for I m 14 have done exactly that and repented May Allah guide u Amin

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