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How to stop someone from taking alcohol?

"He spends his time drinking and at the bar with his friends"

I am 22 i have a business in garments

i here write about my father

he is 52 he is too much into alcohol froma very long time now maybe 30 years or so

i run the business with my father from the past 4 years now and it had been going very well till now but my father is too much into wasting money on haram rather than making it

ans wen I objected it he asked me to leave the house i now live by myself and the business which was flourishing is no more the same way he is too old to work and make money as the business requires physical efforts

but he is too stubborn to let me handle it

he just wants too waste money on alcohol and other sinful activities

all this has made me too much into stress sometimes i feel like banging my head in the wall..😓😓help anyone if you can


haider ali

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  1. Salam Alaikum,

    You gave your Islamic advice alhumdallah. You told your father that his drinking is Haram and him using the money Allah gave to him on bad things..Allah might take the business away since he is using it not in a good way. You did your part in every way.. Maybe he should attend some AA/NA classes..those are very good and beneficial..Make plenty duaa..He might wake up one day..His health and Islam and are both being affected by Khamr..

  2. Assalaamualaikam

    It can be very hard to watch someone you love go down the wrong path. You might find it helpful to go to some support meetings for relatives of people with alcohol addictions, such as Al-Anon, and to speak with your own GP/family doctor for advice about local support services and to make sure you have someone looking after your own emotional wellbeing. Remember to keep making dua for your father as well.

    Midnightmoon editor

  3. Pray for him and invite an Imam to preach for him may be gradually one day he will change.may Allah guide him to the straight path, ameen.

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