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How to treat unIslamic parents that practice black magic?

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My friend's mum has been into black magic for many years, she never supported the children in upbringing, education, Islamically, her father has done most of it, the mum has just put food on the table.

The family have asked her nicely and harshly to be a good Muslim but she doesn't listen to anyone and wants her own way, as my friend wants to be a good Muslim she wants to know how to treat her mother. At the moment no one is talking to the Mum due to her bad behaviour as a Muslim and a mum.

HELP, how can I help her?


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  1. Asalamualaykum.

    Sister, inform her that this is very dangerous and is Haraam. It falls under Shirkh and the punishment is very harsh.
    But, be aware that people who practise black magic are slaves to the Jinn that they use to help them in these affairs. So to break away from such sin can have serious concequences, such as the Jinn's that she is slave to may attack or even kill her family... You see this matter is very dangerous.
    Speak to a Sheikh and seek help through them and Allah, remember Ayatul Kursi to protect yourself.
    I recommened a book called 'Sword against evil magicians and black magic' by Wahid Abdussalam. Maybe read that to get a better understanding?
    and just trust in Allah, ask Allah for help because Allah (S.W.T) is the true protector.

    May Allah guide her and bring her away from such sin. May Allah put it in her heart to undo whatever spells/practices she may have done and to be a God fearing woman who will do double the good compared to the evil she has commit.
    and may He (S.W.T) guide us all! (Ameen).

  2. can't "ask" someone to become a good Muslim, even if it is a valuable mother. The best thing you and your father and siblings can do is keep away WITHOUT angering her too much--these magic people are freaky like Adhamm said, so just focus on the good stuff anf your siblings and you will be fine. Good always triumphs over evil 🙂

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