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Husband can’t stand my gay brother

Homosexuality in IslamI'm going through depression at the moment because of the stress and problems I am experiencing now. I am a Muslim converted Filipina, married to a very religious and conservative Muslim man.

The thing is my brother is gay and recently got married to his partner.

We all used to be ok, then one day my husband started hating them. Doesn't want to see them nor talk to them. Every family occasion my husband doesn't want to join us.

It hurts me so much as this is my family at the same time he is my husband. There was a point he told me that he can't stand our culture as a Filipino. That we better get divorce? I love my husband and i love my family too. I don't know what to do so please give me some advice.



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  1. OP: There was a point he told me that he can't stand our culture as a Filipino. That we better get divorce?

    What country your husband is from? If he can't stand Filipino why did he marry a Filipino?
    If your husband behaves normal with your brother, he may find him same.

    To begining with I did not feel comfortable with gay men, lesbians were OK. In my place of work I was told certain people were gay. I was in normal friendship with them before the disclosure so disclosure did not change my behavior towards them.

    Without even knowing we deal with people who are child abusers, people who commit incest. etc.

    In some parts of Afghanistan "Bacha baji" (sex with young boys) is acceptable

    Many posts here are about religious people who do all kind of bad things.

    A truly religious person should be more accepting of people with problems.

  2. You should prefer your husband over your family . He has more rights on you .

    If your husband doesn't like your brother to come then stop your brother to come to your home .

    • Asalam Alekum

      I agree with you sister

      Although it is a tough decession Lets hope and make dua that this brother leaves this awful act.

      May Allah make it easy for the sister for not seeing her brother for a while.

      • Please forgive me as i had came across this post before going to sleep, I must have felt sleepy and misunderstood.
        I thought the sisters family are Muslim.
        May Allah make it easy for her.
        Forgive me once again.

        Wa asalam Alekum

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