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My husband divorced me now wants to reconciliate.

hijabi sister


My husband divorced me about nine months ago after much pressure from his family, though I never had problems with him or his family. He now wants a reconciliation and his family say they are sorry. My family are skeptical about the reconciliation because they are not sure if my ex-inlaws can be taken for their word.

I still love my husband. Don't know what to do.


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  1. Assalaamu alaikum dear sister Aisha.
    I am sorry for the difficulties you are going through. I cannot tell you what to do regarding this, Im afraid. You need to ask yourself some serious questions. How was he while you were married? Was he sincere? Did he treat you well? Why did his family pressure him to divorce you? Don't be swayed by your emotions, think carefully about these things before you decide. Will his family try to pressure him again?
    I strongly recommend that you do istakhaarah salat and dua and also ask Allah swt to guide you towards the best decision. Details on Istakhaarah can be shown on the Istakhaarah questions link above.
    Only Allah swt truly knows the potential outcomes of either option, so seek His advice my dear sister!

    May Allah swt guide you towards the best decision and give you (and us all) happiness in both this life and the next!

    Sara Editor

  2. Salam,
    First of all , when you say he has divorced you then how can you be with him even though he wans to reconcile or you still love him? you have to ask someone with knowledge that exactly how many times he said "D" words to you or under what circumstances i.e extreme anger,alcoholic influence,etc.
    I dont know if you can still trust this man again, the man that you sure do love but who for sure did leave you for 9 months. i think the answer to something like this is unknown, unless you find, realize something that was wrong in your marriage, other then pressure from your in-laws.
    If he was that good of a husband and had no problems with you.... then he should have not divorced you, its not a child's play. its marriage and people who are not committed to it, for whatever reason.... somehow are never good with it. i think its wise to be a realist in such cases.
    Just ask your heart and be honest... if you can live with this man again, provided its halal to do so.
    Best of luck and May Allah help you , amin.

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