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My husband is hiding nikah papers,is he already married?

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I need help please! I have recently married a muslim man in Bangladesh who i love very much & feel he loves me too.

We performed a civil ceremony AND nikah at registry office in Bangladesh both with paper work but I only hav civil ceremony paper work & feel my husband is keeping the nikah papers from me.

Upon returning to th UK a close family member of my husband contacted me to inform me that he already has a wife & is only after a UK visa for himself & his do I find out if this is true?

I am lost & speak very little bengali, my husband is denying this & I really need to know how to find out the truth? Any ideas?


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  1. Don't help him with the UK visa until you find out th truth!

  2. This is a tough one. There are many factors to consider:

    * Does your husband's friend have a reason to lie?
    * Do you feel your husband to be a trustworthy and honest person, or not?
    * Do you feel your husband's love for you is genuine, or a pretense?

    One idea would be to find someone who speaks Bengali, and enlist her help in calling the relevant marriage bureau or registry office in Bangladesh, to find out if your husband is indeed married twice.

    Also, while spying is prohibited in Islam, I think in this case you would be justified in doing a little snooping. Look at your husband's papers and photos, check his computer, and check his phone.

    Wael Editor

  3. What the others said. Until you find out the truth do not help him with citizenship. Also tell your husband that if he only married you for citizenship then he wear receive a great and painful punishment on judgement day. But, don't start acusing him until you know for sure, or else you would be committing a sin.

  4. this is another proplem. some people get jealous because he get UK visa so may be he tell lie. we cannot say.

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