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Husband is cheating me…

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What to do about a cheating husband?

Assalamu alaikum. Im from india. I have been married for 5 years now. After marriage i have noticed that my husband is always chatting and talking with other women in phone and social media. I said several times to stop those. He said ok n after he continued those without knowing me. One day i saw a picture of him with another girl. I asked about that. But he didn't reply me properly. I couldn't bear it. And also i had to know he s searching another girl to marry without knowing me. so i decided to devorce him. So i called my mum n dad n told about this issue. They asked from my husband. He said he wont do like this hear after. Now 5 years completed in our marriage life. Now i found that he s again started to searching a girl to marry. He s again cheating me. I dont know what to do. Plz advice me in this. I couldn't handle this situation. Plz reply me faster. Jazakallah.


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  1. Sister Shazeena... it is very very unlikely this man will ever change. He will probably cheat on you for the rest of your life. Social media has made it easier for people to cheat and get away with it.

    This is his problem and it sounds like he keeps promising to change but doesn't take you or your feelings seriously. He is destroying you emotionally and ruining your peace of mind. You are always wondering where he is.. who he's with...

    Do you really want to live like this for another 5 yrs? Even 5 more months?

    He can't or won't change. So all you can do is make a decision about how to live your life from now on. Maybe a temporary separation from him might make him realise that you won't accept any more. Move away from him for a few months. This will give you time and space to reflect on what YOU want from life.

    I pray Allah swt guides you through this difficult time and makes it easy for you.

  2. If the dude is cheating then time to end it and move on. Either stay single for the rest of your life or find another man to marry.

  3. Same situation im facing too

  4. Get.Out.Now.

    This man is obviously a Serial cheater

    you have caught him a number of times over a period of five years

    and he keeps promising that he will stop but he does not

    Why is he doing that?

    It's because it feeds his ego

    it makes him feel Superior that multiple women are after him

    he obviously has an inferior complex and does not love or value himself

    it doesn't matter what you say to him
    or how much you try to stroke his ego
    or make him feel good

    it's been 5 years honey and he shows no signs of improvement

    How do you know that he doesn't have children from other women?

    and he has been with multiple women
    so how do you know he did not infect you with some sort of STD? ( sexually transmitted disease)

    Suppose if you have a daughter and she sees her father doing this

    she will think that it is a normal thing of men to do

    or what if you have a son
    he will think that it is a normal thing to have multiple girls
    other than his wife and that's wrong

    Or you will forever be miserable
    the facts are right in front of you

    Get out before it's too late.

    Good luck

  5. assalam alaikum
    sister what im about to say is hard to listen but you know shaitan felts very happy when the conflicts between husband and wife happens like divorce so shaitan is making him doing this please be patient just for the last time and make dua for him,pray special nawafils for him so that allah gave him not do things rushly as i see comments above are right but every one is forgetting one thing that is no one is perfect
    every one makes mistakes over mistakes every time so please take your time and gavehim last warning
    and make dua for him in every prayer,read Quran regularly,pray five times with punctuality.inshallah allah will change his heart and make him a good human,muslim and a good husband also.

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