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Husband is cheating on me

Pregnant woman depressed

I'm Married and 7.5 months pregnant. My husband and I are married for almost 10 months. My nikkah took place with him 3 years before rukhsati. After 4 months of our marriage i realise he's cheating on me. He always denies it. He's a lier. He meets her and they exchanges a lot of gifts. They both go on dates. My husband often comes late at night. He says he loves me. But I know he's cheating on me and he doesn't love me. He always flirts with girls. On the other hand I always had good character. Im pregnant and im in continuous depression I want to change him. I want to live with him but I don't know how can I make love him or change his habit. I also want Dili and mentally sukoon. How can I get sukoon. It may take me in depression. Can you help me?


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  1. Leave him, men rarely change and men's behaviour tends to get worse if they are known to cheat at the start of marriage. It is a test from Allah(swt). Allah (swt) cannot help if you don't help yourself. It seems you already know of your husbands character now, he is showing you no respect and unfortunately won't change as he wouldn't of put you through this initially.

  2. Don't depress please.
    Look, Muslim men are allowed to have 4 wives at a time. If he gets married 2nd time(Allah knows better) then it is his right.
    Don't destroy your home. Nobody will support your child if you both live separate(God forbids). Children need father at each step of life.
    Think only about you and your kid's future. If he is only flirt and have many good qualities then do compromise. It's better for you.
    The girls who are having immoral affairs with men, would be unmarried; looking for a husband. You should be thankful to God that you are in a legal relationship, which is better than many more girls in this world.

  3. sometimes these men need our attention thats why they start behaving weirdly, wat u have to do first is to sit down with him and ask what he really looks for into other ladies that u dont give to him then u find solution to it if possible
    i know he can change and i believe for him to marry you he loved you and u also did the same so my dia dont let shaytaan come between you
    and if he is cheating on you by only assumptions cry to Allah, beg him because he is the one we leave to handle everything
    And please dont depress yourself remember there is a human being you hurting inside yo womb

    May Allah help u go through it sister

  4. I think he loves you. And he will change and will become man of good character. just keep reciting durood sharif daily, many many times.

  5. I'd advice you to divorce your husband.

    1) You can't change anyone
    2) You certainly can't force them to love you
    3) All the magic tricks you try won't make your husband change and be faithful to you
    4) ...Neither will a baby
    5) You need to get yourself tested for STDs. Because you've fallen pregnant with your husband (which was a dumb thing to do on your part) I assume you have unprotected sex with a man that's cheating on you. That's not good...not good at all. For all you know your husband has contracted HIV from any of the women he cheats on you with - having unprotected sex with an HIV-positive person means you could have contracted it, too. Please go see your doctor ASAP, and start putting yourself and your unborn child before a man that clearly isn't right for you

  6. Those who tell a woman whose husband commits adultery, zina, and fornication to be patient and to think of her baby are only making matters worse. I am certain if the woman had a telephone call with a former admirer these people would tell her what a horrible person she is. Sister, I advise you to seriously consider divorcing your husband, starting the process now so that when the baby is born, you will be divorced and can move on to a better life. And yes, there are honorable men who will marry a divorced woman with a baby. This is the 21st century, not the 17th or 18th, where a divorced woman was undesirable. And for those who say men are foolish, that men cheat, that women with husbands who flirt, carry on with other women are coming close to making what is unlawful lawful. No woman should tolerate this behavior or be grateful that they are married, or be grateful for any reason. Such advice makes absolutely no sense. The man does this for this reason -- because he knows he is not accountable. However, he does not deserve to be married to anyone.

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