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My husband converted to Islam and married a woman in Dubai in order to avoid being jailed, can I report them?

break habit sinI am a Christian legally married and have 4 kids. I'm married to a Christian man for 12 yrs. In our country we don't have divorce. My husband works at Dubai and there he met a woman who is legally married also but separated from her husband for many yrs.

My husband & this woman had a relationship in Dubai secretly they were living together without their employers' knowledge, until their secret has been revealed to their employers and because they don't want to be put to jail and be deported to our country, they decided to convert to Islam & they got married in Dubai. My husband & I separated because of this woman.

My question is --

a) Once they get back here in our country is their marriage in Islam be legally accepted in our country or  by the Muslim community here?

b) Does that marriage they had in Dubai accepted legally while they are in Dubai only?

c) can i report both of them to our govt so they can  be banned to work abroad once they go on vacation here in our country? Your answer can be of great help. thank you!

so sorry for my English.

~ taurusgirl

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  1. Hi, if they have converted to Islam and perform nikhah (marriage) then this is a binding contract that justifies their marriage. Islam is not limited to which country you perform it in, an Islamic marriage whether performed in Dubai or else where it is accepted and recognised by all societies and legal systems. Even if they were to return to your country their marriage would still be valid, as would a Christian marriage be valid no matter which country you get married in (I was previously catholic).

    As for you reporting them, considering the circumstances and reasons for hiding their affairs it may not be in the best interest of your husband. This could damage your relationship with him. In Islam it is permissible for a man to have up to four wives providing he is able to treat them all fairly and justly. You can still remain his wife regardless if he has another wife.

    The marriage is valid in Islam and will be accepted by the Muslim community. In Islam relations outside marriage is forbidden so this maybe the reason they had to convert and marry, to purify them if their sin. It is your husbands decision if he wishes to pursue islam further and the woman decision as well. Once they get out of Islam their marriage is dissolved.

    Hope I have cleared a few things for you.

    • As Salamualaikum, I think your advise is perfect for this situation. Jazakillahu Khair.

      Abu Abdul Bari Editor

    • Excuse me, but the lady says that her husband and his mistress only converted to Islam in order to not go to jail in Dubai for adultery. How can their "conversion" to Islam be legit and valid islammically?

      If people's conversions are valid, isamically, even though the people converting are not sincere about their conversion, then why do people on this site always advice Muslim women to leave non-Muslim men alone who are willing to convert as a formality, too? Exactly like this adulterous couple from this entry have done?

      Also, why would a woman who's been cheated on by husband want to think about his best interest? What an insult! Not only has this lady been cheated on, she's actually being adviced to protect her husband and take part in his sins?

      • We have not torn and opened the hearts of these people to see if there is sincerity or not, so it is not possible to judge that way. If Allah accepts their conversion, then what else do they require?

        There is a difference between "converting for love only" and having converted and married, and that too, both partners. The former case, none would discourage the person from accepting Islam, but wholeheartedly. But when one has accepted Islam, then it is stupid on our part to say "no that was not sincere so you are not Muslim", beacuse in that case; we should declare millions of Muslims to be out of the fold of Islam, as the state of the Ummah today is. And this is exaggeration - the extreme.

        The man, we are not aware if he has sinned. Even if he did, Islam has washed his sins away. He is a new man with no sin if Allah Has Accepted his Islam. The woman is being asked to support him, in that even she won't be at loss. While Islam allows her to remain his first wife and the other woman his second wife, the former is at a better position if she follows this advise, than report him or leave him. Wallahu A'lam.

        Abu Abdul Bari Editor

        • Brother Abu Abdul Bari:

          With all due respect, have you even read the OP's letter? She clearly writes that her husband was living with a married (but separated) woman in Dubai and that he had a relationship with her which was a secret, but they got caught and in order to avoid being jailed they thought that becoming Muslims and getting married would help them avoid jail. Why do people on here always totally disregard the information given and give advice from a perspective that is totally not relevant to the situation that the poster writes about?

          How can this "islamic marriage" even be valid if the 2nd wife is still married to her first husband? The poster didn't say she was divorced, but only separated. That still makes her a married woman. And married woman can not take on a 2nd husband. Right?

          If their conversion is sincere, why would they both convert at the exactly same time and at the exact same time that they were facing possible punishment? Why didn't their "sincere faith" make them convert before all of this jail stuff? Would they even convert to Islam if it was legal in Dubai to commit adultery?

          • Also, brother, I think your arguements are flawed. What this couple has been doing (converting for formality's sake) is exactly the same as what you, specifically, have adviced several Muslim women to not let their non-Muslim boyfriends do. Formality conversion is formality conversion, whatever your reason for it might be.

          • Assalaamualaikam

            The rest of the world will not necessarily know the circumstances of the nikah. So long as the couple say "we are Muslim and married", the rest of the world will recognise that as legitimate if they have proof of nikah. Whether what they have done or not done is morally right, or is sinful, is not something that would change this recognition as a legal Islamic marriage.

            If the woman he married was separated from her husband and had not been married to a Muslim, then her conversion could be considered to nullify her original marriage, as a Muslim woman cannot marry a non-Muslim man. again, whether this is morally right is another issue entirely.

            Only Allah knows what is in people's hearts. All we can try to do is try to live by the guidance given to us.


          • Hmm. I did not disregard the OP's post, but made a positive assumption. When the woman was separated, she was not Muslim, when she became Muslim and the previous relation was void. We do not know if she waited 3 months before getting married to this Muslim man. If she married during the Iddah, it was wrong; but we are no sholars to say that due to not observing the Iddah, the Nikah was invalid.

            About the sincerity, I have seen over 10 people accept Islam together. We can not doubt the sincerity based on this. Even if it was true that they converted to protect themselves against the law, then we do not know their sincerity in practicing Islam. There were people who accepted Islam during the conquest of Makkah because they had no other choice, but became really good Muslims. We also know of an incident when Usamah bin Zaid Radiyallahu Anhu stood over a person with his sword during a battle and he said the Shahaadah. He still killed him because he thought this man is using Islam to save his life but does not actually believe.

            On being informed, Radoolullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam asked him: " Did you open his heart to see if he was sincere?" Usamah Radiyallahu Anhu felt guilty for this, for his entire life.

            Hence, we should never doubt the sincerity of a person's faith after he or she has become a Muslim. The question "why" can not be answered by me, nor by you. I made a positive assumption, as we are taught in Islam; when it comes to assumptions concerning fellow Muslims.

            And I would never discourage a person from accepting Islam as you claim. I would ask him/her to study Islam and be sure about converting. But when one has converted, it is a different case.
            And we can not generalize on people's phychology. We are not ones possessing the knowledge of unseen.

            I have read the following:

            Hamdun al-Qassar said, “If a friend among your friends errs, make seventy excuses for them. If your hearts are unable to do this, then know that the shortcoming is in your own selves.” [Imam Bayhaqi, Shu`ab al-Iman, 7.522]

            Allah Knows Best

            Abu Abdul Bari

          • Well, the other women need to have waited 3 months after her conversion to Islam before her marriage to her non-Muslim husband is void and she could be able to marry another man. But by the sounds of it, this woman converted to Islam and imediately married this man in order to avoid punishment in Dubai. That makes her not eligible to marry another man.

            You say to me I don't know this and that about this woman's situation, but to be honest, you guys don't know more than I do. By what the OP has given us of information, it seems very clear to me, given that the info are correct, that this marriage cannot possibly be islamically valid. These people have been fearing punishment, do you really think that they have converted to Islam, waited 3 months and then gotten married? Especially considering that they have been scared of going to jail? This, to me, sounds like haste work/marriage and conversion in order to clear up a mess they've created. I think it's naive to seriously believe that all of this is sincere and heartfelt.

        • How can one justify one sin with another sin. I am a converted Islam. I have not read a lot about Islamic Statutes but I have read the very reason on why Allah permits polygamy. For Islam man, I hope that you will not forget those noble reasons of marrying. It was not permitted to be an excuse or an escape to once sinful act. Being an Islam is a complete submission of oneself to the will of Allah. Allahs perfect ways are our guidance not an excuse.

          In this case, I felt that reasons of becoming an Islam are futile. Becoming an Islam is not an option nor a solution. Being an Islam is very difficult.

          Looking at the legal side, you are married under the laws of the republic of the Philippines, and in here, divorce is not permitted. If your husband hold a Filipino passport and still a Filipino citizen you can even put him to jail.

      • I agree with Adina Mohammadi....She sure made some very relevant point.

    • Salam brother, why the philippine consulate in dubai dont recognize the sharia court marriage? Why they dont allow the marriage will report to thier office if the man still marriage to his christian wife? They said he need to annul his first civil marriage or christian marriage before they will accept the report marriage even he is converted islam already he is not allow to have 2nd marriage because he still have civil marriage and need annul first.

  2. Salam,

    What country are you in taurusgirl? It would help with my response to you.


    • I am not sure but I am guessing she might be from Japan? Because in Japan you can't divorce I heard it but not too sure though.

      • Japan has 'divorce' law. Most probably she is from the Philippines because as a semi-Filipino myself, I know that there is no 'divorce' law in the Philippines for Christians, its banned and the other state to ban 'divorce' is the Vatican city.

    • Ya i think its philippines coz only philippines and the vatican has not agree with divorce law.

  3. How is the marriage valid if the other woman was still married to her husband?

    • In Islam, a man can have more than one wife, up to four according to Quran and hadiths. There were many reasons why this system was beneficial in the past and remains beneficial today; for example, in a population where many men had died in war, it enabled more women to become wives and mothers, which gave them greater security in society.

      However, many countries do not recognise second, third or fourth wives in their legal system, so it is very important for the people involved to be clear in their roles, responsibilities and expectations.

      With regards the original poster's situation, if her husband has married the woman in an Islamically approved process, their marriage will be recognised as valid throughout the Islamic community.

      Midnightmoon editor

    • Thats because she also converted to Islam thus invalidating her first marriage automatically as also they've been seperated for many years.

    • Greetings 'Taurusgirl',

      To simply answer your questions,

      a) Yes, their marriage would be legally accepted in your country and all muslim communities.

      b) Not only in Dubai but everywhere around the world.

      c) Since they are legally married under Islam, reporting would be of no use.

      And you are still his wife.

      • I don't agree bigamy is illegal in non Muslim countries . And in general Christians and women have less rights in Muslim countries . Even though they come to our countries looking for equality , they treat us Christian poorly.

    • Salam,
      If she converted to Islam her first married is void already after 3 months of waiting period. That waiting period means if her first husband convert to Islam within that period.

  4. Salam taurusgirl,
    In regards to ur question yes there marriage is valid n recognize anywhere.
    And i think so ur from philippines, its written in philippine constitution under islamic law that if a guy convert to Islam he can marry more than 1 but it should be that he can support them equally. And its written also there that if woman convert to Islam here first married will become void after 3 months waiting period.
    I knw its hard but u should learn to accept that this girl is ur husband wife also n equally in right with u. Be patience taurusgirl coz this life is just test and enjoyment for awhile.
    I knw ur a pilipina i can feel it by the way u talk, n i knw how deepressing is ur situation but Insha Allah u will find more patience n love in ur heart...

    JazakAllah khair

    • my husband did the same.. i am a christian and i did not apporve of it.. is my marrige to him as the 1st wife be considered null.. i wish to be seperted with him since he did not respect me in the 1st place

      • Hello everyone. My best friend in Kuwait has converted to Muslim from september 2000 to january 2001. He got married to a filipina muslim lady april of 2001 in kuwait. After one year of being married, he then decided to marry again another filipina girl in the philippines but this time in a catholic church. Now he is confuse if who among his two wives will be his beneficiaries since he is still practicing islam. He wants to correct whatever mistakes he did in the past because he is not getting any younger. He had 2 kids from the first muslim wife, and 1 kid from a christian wife. Is it a bigamous act?

  5. i would divorce this man. Dont use islam to justify having a extramarital affair. Even as islam accepts polygamy when all conditions the man can provide...the woman DOES NOT have to stay in the marriage if she is miserable and unable to accept it.

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  7. Salam!
    I converted Islam in the month of may this year, Alhamdullilah im a muslim now, now my concern is im married before in Philippines and found out that my husband having an affair with another woman its also one of the reason that pushes me to embrace Islam, but the main thing is my so many questions and feeling incomplete and longing to be more close with god when im still a Christian but now ALhamdullilah i can say im complete and close with the only God to be worship Allah. Now as ive read to your comment i found out many things i didnt know so waiting for the 3 months to be finish or the three menstrual cycles im legally separated with my non muslim husband? Thats all? Or is there also paper works to be done? And im glad to share also that despite All this things happen and having a son there is one muslim guy whose willing to marry me.. Im now currently living in dubai for 2 years. Hoping for my questions be answered thank you so much.

    • Aliyah, please log in and write your question as a separate post, and we will answer you in turn Insha'Allah.

      Wael Editor

    • Hi,

      I am in Love with a Muslim Girl. But I am Hindu and married. There are problems in my married life of quarrels, dis-harmony but still there are memories of love and support. As a commitment I want to continue support her and my children. In the mean time, the muslim girl has brought in immense love in my life. She is also in love with me.

      I want to marry her. I am financially capable to do justice with both my wife.

      My muslim girlfriend is having residency status in Dubai. I am travelling Dubai on Visitor Visa. I have plans to convert to Islam and marry her(love her and love Allah for his blessings).

      Am I doing correct ? I just want to live a happy and peaceful life. Money earnings would be fine as I am highly skilled & qualified.
      How easy it is to convert to Islam in Dubai ?
      How much time it takes and who can help me in this?

      Thanks in Advance

  8. I am married in islam.. after 6 months the man wanted to get married to his own nationality as his parent will. and I don't agree. I worked in another state and only home every weekend. and I just knew that he went to the court and divorce me. telling the court that I am outside the country and not coming back.
    I went to the court and tell them that its all lies. the court ask me that he wants a divorce ( don't know in what ground) I will not force myself on him if he do not want me anymore. so I told the court need money to move on with my life and he paid me. till that time I didn't see him anymore.

    Its been 17 years and I want to move on and marry another man. but I don't have any divorce papers or any document to prove that I am free to marry. our marriage contract was in Arabic and not even registered at my embassy. please give me advice.

    • Lilia, I'd say don't worry about it. You know that you are divorced, and no can prove otherwise. So if you wish to marry, go ahead.

      Wael Editor

  9. im married in philipppines still together but now im muslim and my boy freind want to marrried me and
    i want also to married but my problem is im married my husband and if m married to my boyfreind ithe papers
    r legal to philippines or only here n dubai..i hope u answer my question....


    • Salams @Sarah,

      Please speak to a lawyer in your country of origin as well as the one in Dubai to help you with legal issues, we are not qualified to offer legal advice. However, there is no such thing as boyfriend/girlfriend or no allowance of premarital relationships between members of opposite gender without Nikkah. Also, your conversion should be based on your belief in Islam as true faith not influenced by your love and emotional attachment with your boyfriend else it is not right.

      Muhammad1982,, Editor.

      • Is there a lawyer who can help in the process of marrying a muslim girl in Dubai. I am converting to Islam in Dubai. ?

        Please share details of any agency or lawyer who can make whole process smooth and hassle free.

  10. So Islam does not respect outside marriage and accept philandering men to twist this religion and use it to get away with their foolishness. I didn't think Islam to be that way but this story here makes me sad. No matter how you justify their action as being legally right in Islamic law, cheating will never be alright. They did it undercover and used Islam to continue with their wrongdoing. Even Islam cannot right a wrong for cheating is cheating and under any religion it is not acceptable. People like them do not value any foundations of the Islamic religion or whatever religion for that matter. Religions should teach us how to live with respect and these people use religion to serve only their purpose. Tolerating them only inspires other people to do the same. Cheat and get away with it. Wake up people.

  11. assalamualaikum

    i dont have any comment in this issue. But i have a question. Brother im a converted muslim since 2007 and practising islam since that time. in 2011 me and my wife got separated because of soem personal issue but we dont have devorce in philippines. and now that im in kuwait i met a christian girl and i make her decided to convert to islam too. And we got married. my question is my marriage in islam is valid in my country? i know that
    in country we have the rights to choose a religion and practise it freely.

    Note: i was married to my 1st wife when i was a christian before....

    • Salaams,

      Do you mean legally valid? Or valid only in the eyes of Allah? If you mean the legal status, you would have to find out the law in the Phillipines about that. Ask an attorney there.

      -Amy Editor

  12. Assalamwalaikum

    Request you to suggestions in my marriage .I am muslim n'y birth and my wife is a chiristian and a converted muslim in Dubaï.wé got mariaged 1.4month agi and mashallha have a daughter . Now her family involved in our matter and Saïd to m'y wife to follow her own religion chiristanity and they want m'y daughter to follow chiristanity i dont want .as wé marriaged in Dubaï with muslim principale and laws.Now i want to give m'y wife à divorce as i cant follow chiristanity neither i want m'y daughter to follow.But She Saïd She dont want divorce as She s scared that i will tale her daugter.Now to tackle this situation

    • Also m'y marriaged happen in Dubaï and all légal conversion of m'y wife into islam also done in Dubaï.all légal paper issued by govt of dubai

    • Salaams,

      Is your wife agreeing to raise your daughter in Islam? If she's not, I can understand why you would consider divorce. But if she is, it doesn't matter what her parents say because she is following your authority and the correct structure in the end.

      Other than that, her religious choices are between her and Allah. If she converted to Islam because she felt that was necessary to marry you, then it makes sense that she is questioning that now and considering going back to a faith that she may be more believing of. If she was sincere about becoming muslim, it may just be that her parents' pressure upon her is giving her doubts. Let me tell you something: most converts go through phases of doubt after converting to Islam, especially if they were strongly convicted about the religion they were practicing before. If you love her and want to remain with her, be patient and help her find answers to her questions and concerns. Pressuring her or giving her ultimatums will not help.

      -Amy Editor

  13. I am a married man under christian ceremony. I am wanting to convert to islam for years now. everywhere if i am already an islam of faith now can i marry again a Christian wife? does it legal everywhere?

  14. Hi im a christian lady married but not in good terms with my husband. I have a 5yrs relationship with a gentleman there any chance i can get married if i converted to muslim?is there any requirements i need to prepare but im still not anulled.thank you

    • mony, I assume you are from the Philippines. If you convert to Islam your current marriage will automatically be considered void after a short waiting period, and you will be free to marry the Muslim man. I am talking from the perspective of Islamic law. Philippines law is another matter and you will have to secure an annulment or face legal consequences. With all that said, I feel I should urge you to try to repair your current marriage. It's not appropriate to be seeing another man while you are still married.

      Wael Editor

      • 2015 i converted a muslim and married right away a converted woman also..but i was married to a christian woman that time we all here in saudi,but now my first wife in christian exit and now wants to file a case bigamy in the philippines of this case is it possible that she can win of case?? Thank you

  15. Assalamu Allaikum,
    Alhamdullilah i am a converted Muslim since 2011. I am already married before i convert Islam and 2012 i got married through Islamic way.. My question is does my first marriage when im in christian still valid though i am already Muslim and already married.

    • mohammad, yes, your first marriage is still valid. If you choose to divorce her that is up to you. Try first to invite her to Islam so that you can continue your life with her.

      Wael Editor

  16. hi can anyone of you tell me what to do?

  17. Assalam Alaikom everyone!

    Dear Taurus Girl;

    As I was reading your concern and all the opinions on this thread, I might say that most of them are right, and I want to answer your question with much brevity and base on what your concerns are; my answers are as follows:

    a) Once they get back here in our country is their marriage in Islam be legally accepted in our country or by the Muslim community here?

    Yes, the marriage in Islam is legal, valid and will be accepted.

    As mentioned above, A muslim man in the exercise of his rights can have 4 wives, or more if he has the capacity and capabilities to do so. So if another solemnization was made under the law of sharia; this marriage will be under PD 1083 which is recognized and respected by the court.

    Your question is does your previous marriage is still valid? YES. it is valid and legal unless a judicial declaration can be made by the competent court in the Philippines, that your marriage is null and void under the prevision of article ART. 55 (voidable marriage) of the New Civil Code.

    To make it more clearly, The rights of a Muslim man differs from a muslim woman, A man cannot be held liable for bigamy if the first marriage was conducted in a civil christian court (which is valid) and the second marriage was under the Islamic code or (PD 1083).

    However, a previously married woman cannot be solemnized without a divorce paper coming from her country of origion, to be allowed to be solemnized in Islamic way for it is considered haram.

    In the case at bar, your concern is your husband, so its both contracted marriage are valid, legal, and halal.

    Please read Article 33 of the Family Code as your reference; MARRIAGE AMONG MUSLIMS OR AMONG MUSLIM MEMBERS.

    What you can do: Islam is a just religion; a Man is obligation to support his first and second family or more, fairly financially and physically. To be clear, Islam also protects women and their children, they cannot tolerate abandonment for it is unacceptable and violatative of Islamic principle.

    As a Filipina; as the competent court and file a case for Support pendiente lite (alimony) under the provision of rules of court. This only concerns the support that you need for bringing up your children. This is more on the financial concern and nothing about Islam or any religion.

    b) Does that marriage they had in Dubai accepted legally while they are in Dubai only?

    The marriage under PD 1083 is valid in the Philippines and in any part of the Middle East, the same as your marriage contracted under the civil court.

    Art 15 of Civil Code of the Philippines provides; Laws relating to family rights and duties, or to the status condition and legal capacity of persons are binding upon citizens of the Philippines, even though living abroad.

    Is there any law violated or will the crime of bigamous marriage prosper?

    The court is the only one who can tell. However, in my opinion, in the eyes of the law, there is no law violated for the contraction of the second marriage is beyond the jurisdiction of the Family code of the Philippines but under PD 1083 or the Muslim Code of the Philippines.

    In reality, the only person who violated the same law according to your story; is the woman who have a previous marriage if she really was not divorce before the her second marriage.

    However, Islamic Court will not solemnized somebody who does not have a valid, true and legal documents of divorce paper, especially for a woman. Why? for Islamic Law also protects the rights of the husband, not to cause or bear fault in the eyes of Allah (swt).

    c) can i report both of them to our govt so they can be banned to work abroad once they go on vacation here in our country? Your answer can be of great help. thank you!

    YES, anyone can report anything, however, to whom?

    The main purpose of your husband going abroad is to gain financial support for his family, and that is your family. Banning him to work abroad will only make his life, your life and the life of his new family to be miserable.

    1. You can ask for support through the Philippine court for alimony RULE 61. (Rules on Civil procedure- Rules of Court)

    2. Talk to his employer, and also communicate with the Islamic Center where your husbands work for him to reason out. For we really do not know the reason behind all of his struggles.

    Revenge is not the answer my friend.


    Again; I apologized if there is something that I mention in this message that irritates you, or put you in a hurtful situation and condition. All I want is to give light and connect all the message and understanding from the above thread of communication.

    • my question is related to the question of taurusgirl.

      1)is it NOT necessary to ask for an approval from the first wife that this muslim is marrying another woman?

      2. how about if the man cannot support even the children of the first wife, what can the firs wife do to the muslim husband?

      3. What if the muslim husband's income is not sufficient to support the need of the children of his first wife. he doesn't even have home for the first family, he even misses to send money to his family in the philippines while working in abroad. will still he be allowed to re-marry another woman? does islam allow such practices? and what shall the first wife do if the finances of this muslim husband cannot support them?

  18. Salam.
    I just want to ask if i can register in NSO my second marriage with a muslim woman . I am muslim now. i am married with a christian woman when i was a christian and it is registered in National Statistics Office (NSO) in the philippines. I did not divorse or annulled my first marriage.

  19. I am a Filipina and a canadian citizen for 20 yrs. I am in a relationship with a Filipino for 8 years now who is working in KSA. Technically he is still married to his wife but been separated for 12 years ( when i met him he's been separated for 4 years). He was converted to Islam 2008, now we are planning to get married under islamic law in the philippines. My question is can i sponsor him as my husband using our muslim marriage certificate is it valid here in canada? Some muslim in KSA advice him to divorce his first wife under muslim law then get married.

    Thank you,

  20. . My ex is a Christian with a former wife a christian as well. when we separated he converted to islam and marry a muslim woman in the Philippine sharia court. When they get back here in Kuwait , they attended born again christian church.

    Anybody can justifies their action for they just converted into muslim just to follow their sinful act. or are thier marriage in muslim rite still valid?

  21. Have a nice day everyone.!
    Like taurusgirl,we almost have a the same situation.
    How can it be fair for me that my husband can quickly converted to muslim?i worked in Taiwan for three years.May 2013-2016.
    I am a christian woman and married to my husband since March 2003, as a christian in civil marriage.2years ago we are ok.but then he wants me to go home but i insisted coz my contract is 3 years.i have to finish it or else i'm going to pay if i will break the contract and cannot pay all the money i owed before i go abroad.And because i am concern with my kids needs,i prefer to finish my contract.Because he can't even find a way to earn money for our kids.
    That thing makes him mad and find another woman.
    When i heard everything about them,ofcourse it breaks my heart.And he even talk to much against me.when i got home this this 3rd of April 2016 Not knowing i heard they converted to Muslim for them to get marry this January 2016,i was shocked.i donno what to do.?That woman knows that my husband is a married man with 2 kids.And even tried to argue with me.That woman also with two kids from her former husbands.
    I tried to ask my friends who works on Law Firm what to do?Because i heard that they applied their Muslim marriage and the papers were from Saudi Arabia.I know that my husband knows i am going to sue him to court that's why he decided to convert to muslim to avoid for them to go to jail.How can it be fair?2013 i am the one who sends money for him with our kids.after all the sacrifices i made is for them and yet he did it to me.How can Muslims accept the person like him eventhough he doesn't even know his responsibilities with his family?is it fair??

  22. My wife and i is separated for 13 years, she has husband now and kid, i am now a converted muslim , what will happen to our civil marriage in the philippines. Can i divorce her in shariah court, and if approve is it recognize by philippine law thanks

    • Assalaamualaikam

      Unfortunately we cannot help you in this regard. We are not legal experts and none of the editing team have experience in Philippines marriage law. You will need to contact a lawyer.

      Midnightmoon editor

    • can they file a bigamy against a converted muslim.
      the case goes like this..
      husband and wife got married august 1996
      husband converted to muslim april 2012
      husband got marriend for the second time jan 2013
      can they be filed with bigamy??

  23. my husband and i married in Christian rights in the Philippines, hes now converted to Muslim and have another wife and 2 kids its been 10 years now.. i do not approve of it.. its been a hurtful situation can my married to him be void since he is now a muslin and i remain a Christian and again i did not approved any of this

  24. i am married in christian 11 years ago but we got separated after 5years and he has also another wife and kid there in philippines,now im in middle east and i met a christian guy,we plan to marry but my previous marriage is still not annul and now were planning to convert into muslim so we can marry and leave together here in middle east.Is that fine and we cannot go to jail?thank you

    • ella, we have published many questions similar and even identical to yours. Please search our archives.

      Wael Editor

      • what i mean Wael.If there is a posibility to convert and marry in islam so we can leave legal with allaha's guideness.My question is they will allow us to marry without my singleness documents because there still no divorce in philippines?
        thank you

      • Hi

        Wael Editor,

        Seems that you are the True person from Allah, who can guide and help me.

        I am Hindu, married to a Hindu Girl in India. There was dis-harmony & quarrels in my married life, I happen to came in contact with a muslim girl( perhaps this is my destiny) and experience the heart to heart love. Love from both the sides. We both are in deep love even although we haven't had any physics relation in last 1 year, but talking to each other everyday. My Muslim girlfriend is in Dubai and has residency status. She is asking me to come to Dubai and marry her. I am ready to marry her under Sharia law in Dubai. For that it seems that I will need to convert to Islam( I am perfectly Ok to convert to Islam, to thank Allah and love him for giving me love of my life). Having said that, I am financially capable to support both wife. I am mentally & financially committed to help and support both of them.

        > Being on Tourist Visa, can I convert to Islam in Dubai. ? What is the process? and who can help me in doing all of this ( Conversion and then marriage).? How much time conversion process takes ?

        > Will my earlier marriage be any obstacle in this marriage ?

        Thanks a lot


  25. Dear Team,

    Salam Alaykum.
    I wish to received an update regarding ellas concern. Thank you.

  26. I have some question please please advice me, i am currently married but i am separate 8 years ago as my husband i fall in love with the man Muslim i really want to convert in to muslim to married with him is it valid in my country with out divorce to my husband

    • berry, you need to either get an annullment of your current marriage, or a Shariah divorce from the Islamic courts. We've published many posts about this, please search our archives.

      Wael Editor

  27. my husband and I got married under civil rights here in the Philippines, now my husband has converted to islam and remarried another woman in KSA, now they have a child, is their child legitimate or illegitimate under Philippine civil law?

  28. My husband is a christian before and has legal married with a christian women and have 1 child before he was converted in Islam.
    Question: Is my husband are liable for adultery case under the Philippine Government civil Law?

    Thank you.

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