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Asalam u alaikum
I am married 2 years ago.. my my husband have no time for us me and my son he used to go on work then return have food and go to his friends i always have argument on this every time he console me but i am fed up of his routine we had argument i asked him why did u get married when your life was so busy .. he used to have this routine after 4 5 days when he saw i am angry he just gave 3 4 hours so that i will happy with him... no doubt he supports me in every way he loves but no time... i take care of my son i take care of his mother his house don't ask for any thing but just a couple of time for family am indoing something wrong he is now angry with me not even talking to me neither taking food or breakfast am i wrong islamically in anyway?


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  1. Assalamualaykum sister,

    In answer to your question of whether or not you are wrong Islamically in any way, you are not wrong for feeling neglected, or for asking for your emotional needs to be met. Before you do anything, I would pray to Allah...either 2-rakat Nafal or 2-rakat Hajah...and ask Allah to fulfill your needs. Or you could simply say a dua at the end of a regular prayer. Cry it all out if you feel like. See what happens.

    I am not sure why he is angry with you or not accepting your meals. The next time you do get a chance to talk to him, I would ask him what's bothering him, and also share, yet again ( I know! ), what's bothering you. Again, see what happens.

    Please only take of this what makes sense to you in your situation, Samreen, and I wish you all the best.

    Allah knows best, and is with you.


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  3. Brother,

    Maybe someone will answer you here, but to increase your chances of receiving a response, there are several headings in white at the top of this page, in the light blue row. One reads "Submit your Question," in which you will find instructions and a submission form.

    I hope this helps.


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