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Husband treats me badly because of black magic

black magic sorcerer


this is shabana from india (jaipur). i have been married for four years and am a mother of 1 baby.

now a dayz i dont know whats wrong with my life. my husband always scolds me and he is not taking any interest in me and my mother in law alwayz instigagte to my husband and my husband knows that my mother in law is totaly wrong she alwayz giving me bad words she always insult me and she is very greedy lady but than also he takes favor of his mother.

i m very upset now a days my life became like a hell in my mind only things is coming that ALLAH is not with me he take favour of only bad person.

also i wonder if it is black magic.

my husband doesn't care for me also and i m expecting also but he never worried for me pls help me i will be very grateful to u plsss.

- nikky

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  1. Recite Surah Al Baqara 3 times....and see if things change!

  2. Nikky, As-salamu alaykum,

    It's unfortunate that your mother-in-law is not kind to you, and that your husband takes her side. It sounds like a very unhappy living environment. But I don't think it has anything to do with black magic. These kinds of situations are very common, especially in the subcontinent where wives move in with the husband's family and the culture dictates that the wife is like a servant in the house. It's not from Islam and it's not right, but it is common.

    It's hard for me to come up with specific suggestions because I don't know enough about your husband, or your relationship with him. Is he generally happy with you? And how do you feel about him? Is he a decent person? Do you love him? Do you spend any time alone with him? How is the intimacy in your marriage? To me, these are all important parts of the equation and it's difficult to make specific suggestions without knowing the answers.

    One thing I would suggest is that if it's possible for you and your husband to get your own home, then try to do so. I think that if you can live with him apart from the mother-in-law, that will go a long way toward alleviating the problem. It will allow you to have time alone with your husband, to be a family with him, and to pay attention to each other. And of course it will get you away from your mother-in-law's insults and bad behavior.

    If you want to comment here with more information, or respond to what I have said, feel free to do so and I will try to reply further Insha'Allah.

    Wael Editor

  3. My Husband is very vilent and gets angry a lot on small issues, tells me to gat out of the house all the time but i tell him its my house too and i cant leave because i have to girls.he gives me no money forced me to work and taunts me all the time. i am scared what if he leves me when iam old and i only have two daughters. He keeps saying he hates me even though i know he does not mean it but he is very rude. recently after a fight he told me that i have to buy my own food as he will not give me any food if i live in the house.he sleeps in a seperate room and does not want to see my face, tells the kids soory stories and creates mis understanding between me and the girls.
    Please give me Dua to recite to close his mouth and make hime love me severely and care for me. PLEASE

  4. Hi , i am married and have son my first marriage was arrange marriage but from the begning he didnot like me much which i relaised lately and he got divorce and my son is with me we lived happylt when i was working in IT igot friend .. He knows all my past life and wanted to marry me , his parents are still against now .now the problem is he is not supporting me and my son and i came to know that he wants to have secret relatioship with other ladyes .i could not digest it and came back to my patents place now he says he want me as wife . I was not happy with him, he treats me as servant .sometime i feel tokill my self..pls help me which god to pray..i am tiread to running temple and prayying god ..

    • nithya, please log in and write your question as a separate post, and we will try to advise you, Insha'Allah. I am sorry that you had this experience. May Allah comfort you and ease your heart.

      Wael Editor

  5. Assalam alaikum,
    yes these things do exist and Allah knows best if she is truly practicing them then she is committing major shirk, its a crime and punishment of such actions is unforgivable in court if Allah (s.w.t)
    surah baqr as the sister has mentioned is indeed a very powerful surah. Alims say that in such situations it should b read for 3 days either on 3 consecutive days or on alternate as ur ability. This surah is really long and takes over 2 hours if read with the right speed. Do not fight with this lady no matter how much she may annoy u..and dont b too sure that she is a magician. These things r hard to prove and is a probablity. C if she has any expectations of u and what they r. If its just jealousy then leave her alone to deal with it. Allah is always with the mazloom.
    Husbands do find themselves in a tough spot in such situations when they r given a direct choice to pick one between their mother and wife. Dont hate him coz he is just confused. Yes the hadith says that mother should b a man's top priority and that the heaven is under her feet but some ppl just forget that the same Allah (swt) has given rights to the wife over her man. A true muslim is just. U r ur husband's half deen and nowhere does islam say that ur mother-in-law is ur wife's responsibility. Men from indian sub continents r basically conditioned in the hindu culture where the wife is treated as a slave by the whole family of the man. But islamic laws r very clear about it. So feel no guilt and find a way to let him know that eg mail him the link of one of the short lectures by one of the shaikhs on youtube that criticize such an ideology which is in contradiction with the teachings of islam.
    in the mean time, rest ur case with Allah. Even if ur husband doesnt move u out take it as a test , believe me sister its a phase. Show ur strength and grace and u will sail through. Pray regularly and stay in wudu and the evil will never harm you in sha allah.

    Prays and good wishes.

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