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icy thorn

icy thorn

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  1. To say this and not know the consequences is troublesome. THIS BODY IS A TRUST FROM ALLAH.WHEN THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT WILL TAKE PLACE.THERE WILL BE NO EXCUSES.THE ONLY ANSWER IS YOU LACK THE TRUE UNDERSTANDING OF DEEN.THE FOUNDATION MUST BE CORRECT IN ORDER TO SURVIVE THIS LIFE OF TESTS..YES OF COURSE WE HAVE TO GET MARRIED IT IS A SUNNAH AND IT IS HALF OF IMAN.DON'T THINK YOUR A SAINT NOW BECAUSE I'M ALL SEXED OUT?BELIEVE ME SHAITAN RUNS THROUGH THE BLOOD OF ADAM AND TIMING IS EVERYTHING!!! WE MUST BRING UP PIOUS CHILDREN IN THIS WORLD FOR AT THE END OF TIMES THERE WILL ONLY BE 2 KINDS OF PEOPLE.....WICKED AND BELIEVERS.....U CHOOSE? LEARN SALAT PROPERLY GO TO HOUSE OF ALLAH READ QURAN DAILY FOR SHAITAN FEARS THE MAN OF QURAN. .AND MARRY PIOUS WOMEN FOR THEY ARE A BLESSING...BUT IF WE CHOOSE TO FOLLOW OUR DESIRES AND HAVE FUN N GAMES AND NOT PREPARE FOR wHaT WILL come.know that success is Obeying the commandments of Allah and teachings of prophet Muhammad PBUH other then this .Allah who controls the heart n everything will fill your life of problems worry grief and never get through a days rest.Regardless of how intelligent and wealthy this person is.It is Allah that has commanded the world to serve a true upright muslim and this is fact.....So why waste your time.You lose both ways?

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