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My husband wants to get back to me, but they think I am a victim of magic

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Magic and Magicians

I have recently separated from my husband about a year ago after 14 years I put my post one here and after that things were ok. But now my husband wants to get back together. He thinks I am possesed by a jinn I am not sure what to think because a few eids back things did happen and I can feel I am not the same.

But I was living happy alone with my daughters. My mum n husband walked me in to seeing some molvi type of person who will do "rukia..bachavaan" on me....reading on me etc.

So since the past few week or so a guy comes to my house with my mum n husband and they make me listen to him reading which point for some reason I start saying things not leaving...or I wont listen..n I start breathing funny....and feel so tired after..... My finger starts bending up n feoels so cold after...

They make ms drink water and things...but since all this my husband is starting to be the "ideal" husband..says he loves me etc ....but the problem is I am still not attracted to him I do think I can live with him but not as a wife...i know sexually I will be happy as we had separate rooms.....

So the situation now is my husband n mum never want me to be alone physically...every evening or so I get that molvi person reading sumthing...n i've agreed to this till end of dec.......but I feel so claustrophobic by them not leaving me alone pysically...two by my husband being sexual towards me hugging n kissing n things I hate it..feels gross.....

n the fact that im thinking wwhat am I doing......i cant find anyone who wants to marry me why dnt I just hak it n live ith him ...but deep down I know I will be unhappy.....

I dont know wat to do....M I doing the right so fedup with this jinn stuff ....what do I do...i want to be with somone I love or at least be able to be a good wife to...... Bt now my husband who I left wants to be with me Nd keeps saying he loves me n the grls etc...

i really wish I cud change what I feel would make my life so much easier but I cant and I fedl sooook bad.....

Pls help guys im confused

~ hinaz_tearz

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  1. Assalam'alaykum,

    Sorry to hear of your condition. Soon you will find comfort insha'Allah.

    You said that you are ' seperated ' from your husband a year ago, by this do you mean ' divorced ' ?

    Regarding the jinn stuff, only Allah knows if you're really possessed or not or it maybe black magic , but to me it seems you are, by the information you've given. For this, you've got to go to an authentic imam ( the one who is known for his piety, taqwah etc ) for help, beware of the fraud. Normally, the imam in this situation would read Qur'anic verses on you or on water etc. He would read some dua from the hadith etc. But if they begin to use amulets or charms( like hands of fatima, eye of sauron lol ) or use of boiling water etc then they most certainly are clueless and fraud.

    First, you've got to try to make sure that you are not doing anything which violates the shariah law (major or minor sins ) thus blocking Allah's mercy. It is true that riba, bad habits, etc will invite jinn and curse. Therefore, make sure you are Islamically clean and then make sure that you're praying all the 5 prayers, basically do your Islamic duties sincerely. Recite the Qur'an daily, And We send down of the Qur'an that which is healing and mercy for the believers, but it does not increase the wrongdoers except in loss". ( 17:82 )Try reciting surah Al Falaaq and Al Naas daily after prayers, before sleep etc. Along with them recite Surah Ikhlas, Surah Yaseen and Ayat Al Kursi. Seek refuge with Allah daily ( Audhubillahi min ash shaytan irajim ), Ask Allah for help and make sincere tawbah. Recite these du'as- Bismil'laahil lazi laa yadhur'ru ma'a ismihi shay'un fil ardhi walaa fis samaa'i wahuwas samee'ul 'aleem
    (In the Name of Allah with Whose Name nothing can cause harm in the earth and the heaven. And He is All Hearing, All Knowing).
    - Allaahumma rabban naas, azhibil ba's, ishfi antas shaafi, laa shifaa’a illaa shifaa’uk, shifaa’an laa yughaadiru suqman
    (0 Allah 0 the Lord Of the people!Remove the pain. Grant cure, You are the Curer. There is no cure except Your Cure. Grant such a cure that leaves no sickness).

    Finally regarding reconciling with your ex-husband,
    In your previous post, you wanted to divorce your husband yea ? What was the reason ? Basically, if he was a bad husband or if he was abusive verbally, physically etc or if he was not supporting you financially or emotionally or etc, then obviously you shouldn't get back. But if he was an ' ideal ' husband, basically good in his religion and character, then you may want to think again about reconcilation. Or did he change due to you being possessed ? Did it took a toll on him ? Why don't you want to reconcile ? Why is he physically intimate with you now ? Whats his behavior towards your children ? Is he supporting them ? Et these are the questions you've got to answer and then decide. Therefore, If you believe that changes can happen for the better, then go ahead with reconciling. If no, then don't. Whatever decision you take, he is afterall the father of your daughters. Therefore act wisely.
    It may also be that you are under the spell of black magic, it may be done on you which results in you being repulsive towards your husband etc. Therefore, I think that, you should make this decision only after you get cured. Because who knows, maybe the jinn stuff is a barrier in your feelings or mind and so maybe after getting cured, you might be attracted to your husband and more only Allah knows.

    After you've got cured insha'Allah, you've got to be a pious muslimah and then your best course of action would be to perform salat al Istikhara. May Allah have mercy on you, may He cure you, may He guide you and give you happiness.ameen.

    • I see....well there is only reading things to me...they did it a few days ago bt nothing happebed tgis time alhamdulillah...they ask me to just recite surah al jinn seven tymz n blow on water n then drink...alhamdulillah I do kind of feel better in myself howevrr I still do nt feel that attraction to trying so hard though I know it is best for my daughters if we are a family....

      In regards to why I separated as no divorce yet was do to him veing abusive and all the other tgings u mentioned...i think I never reali felt attracted to him bt after he raped me early on in marridge before I had my daughters due to the fact I told him I am leaving him my feelings skowly disappeared a result of tgat incident I became pregnant with my first daughter so u stayed for her inside I was dead...

      Now after we split up.a year or so ago...he realises he was wrong n now is trying to be a good guy...its jus I knw if we get bk togther I will be doing it just for my daughters sake again n I knw sexually there is no chance....

      I think maybe your right tbh I dont know what to think about all this jinn stuff Allah knows best..i try not to think.about it and gt on with my life...altho the molvi guy has given me 21 days of saying I cant b left allone...which means my husbnd is constantly around me....we r not sexual iits jus he hugs me n tries to kiss me at which point I push him away as I hate it....he sleeps in the same bed as me bt on opp sides as he says I cnt b left alone...n plus tbh I do feel a little creeped at night ....they hav altho givn me a taweez to wear and another long string with knots in it welll as buring a taweez or sumthing .....umm tbh...deep in my heart I only have faith in Allah to keep me im just allowing it to keep my mum n hubby quite...

      U know I dont want to hurt anyone...especially somone who seems like he loves menow...thing is...i know what its like to lov sumone n them nt love u bk...i know wat it like to loose sumone u love.....i wudnt wanr anyone to go thru tht....and im praying from the bottem of myheart ..oh Allah if he is good for my here n my ahikrah then pls put that love in my heart for I still dnt feel ur right im slowly starring to pray again n gt back to 'normal'...

      just confused ....should I gt bk evn tho I know deep dwn ill b unhappy ....hmmm

      • So it seems as though he wasn't a good husband. From what you've said, I think there is nothing much you can do because , first of all you aren't divorced yet, which means you cannot marry anyone else. Seperation doesn't constitute a divorce no matter how long it maybe. Therefore, he is your lawful husband. If you want to leave him then go to a court and seek khula.

        should I gt bk evn tho I know deep dwn ill b unhappy

        Whether he really changed or not, only Allah knows. Since you can judge him on a limited scale, you know your situation well of if your husband has changed a bit or not. Is he religious btw? Therefore as I've said before, your best course of action would be to put faith in Allah, put full trust in Him and perform Istikhara prayer ( Prayer for guidance ) hoping that Allah will guide you and then follow with what your heart is satisfied. It may come in a dream or some signs or feelings or etc.

        Regarding taweez, basically it is forbidden to wear as in this present generation, many people think that the taweez initself has cure and many sub-continent molvis starts a business by this and some give more harm than help. `Isa ibn Hamzah said: “I entered upon ‘Abdullah ibn `Akim and his face was red due to high fever. I said, ‘Why don’t you wear an amulet?’ He said, ‘We seek refuge with Allah from that. (Reported by Abu-Dawud)
        Zaynab, the wife of `Abdullah ibn Mas`ud, reported that `Abdullah ibn Mas`ud (may Allahbe pleased with him) stated that he heard the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) saying: “Spells, amulets and love-charms are (forms of) shirk.” `Abdullah said, “Why do you say this? By Allah,when I was weeping eczema, I kept going to so and so, the Jew, who did a spell for me and made the thing calm down.” `Abdullah said: “That was just the work of Satan, who was picking it with his hand, and when (the Jew) uttered the spell, he stopped. All you needed to do was to say as the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to say: Adh-hib al-ba’s Rabb an-Nasishfi anta ash-Shafi la shifa’a illa shifa’uka shifa’an la yughadiru saqaman (Remove the harm, O Lord of mankind, and heal, You are the Healer. There is no healing but Yours, a healing which leaves no disease behind.’” (Reported by Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah)
        `Uqbah ibn `Amir Al-Juhani (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that a group came to the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) to pledge their allegiance (bay`ah) to him. He accepted the allegiance of nine of them but not of one of them. They said, “O Messenger of Allah, you accepted the allegiance of nine but not of this one.” He (the Prophet) said, “He is wearing an amulet.” The man put his hand (in his shirt) and took it off, then the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) accepted his allegiance. He (peace and blessings be upon him) then said, “Whoever wears an amulet has committed shirk.” (Reported by Ahmad) therfore it maybe forbidden to wear one, if it contains language other than arabic, if it contains some drawings or unknown writings or if it contains some weird du'a etc. Therefore make sure that the amulet you're wearing contains only Qur'anic verses and/or prophetic du'as in arabic language only and nothing more. And regarding that string with knots, who knows what was recited on it and what it contains, if it was me, I would take all precautionary measures and put it away. Basically, false taweez and stuff can cause more curse, temporary peace, disbelief, sickness etc with no real cure. Therefore, you have to do your part in asking Allah for help, make lots of du'as, have patience insha'Allah.

  2. Sister,

    Do what it is that you need to do for yourself. Do not allow yourself to be pushed into a situation that you do not want. Put your faith in Allah and Allah alone. If you do not want and are not comfortable with these sessions, put a stop to them. You need not agree to anything for anyone. Take care of you and those girls of yours.


  3. It is true that if after the ruqya, and your COMPLETE CURE, you still feel that you unable to continue in this marriage, you can take the steps to do that.

    But if for the sake of the kids, you and your husband can come to an underwtanding about how to live peacefully with eachother, then pray istikhara and go for it.

    Getting internet answers is one way but it is not a very reliable way. You NEED to go get in touch with some imams in a mosque. If one doesnt work out for you, keep trying. After Allah, You need someone in person to help you through this difficult time in your life..

  4. As-salamu alaykum Umabdullah,

    You have left many comments on this website today prescribing specific treatments for sihr, while at the same time criticizing others for advising on this subject without knowledge.

    I would ask you the same question you have asked others: Why are you qualified to advise people on this topic? I have noticed that you have not provided any scholarly evidence for any of the cures you are prescribing, or the symptoms you describe.

    I'd like you to please provide evidence from the Quran, the Sunnah, or the writings of well-known scholars to support these statements you are making, such as:

    Read 100x ayah kursi
    Read 100x (Allahuma salle wa sallam ala nabbiyyina muhammad)
    Read 100 x (la hawla wa la quwatta illa billa)
    Read 100 x (astaghfirulalah)
    Read baqarah at least three times, (i realize this may be very very difficult at first so start at one and your stamina will build)
    Read surah falaq and surah naas 100x
    Bathe with the ruqya water after ruqya
    Put on oil before bed
    -if your hands are tied, then do this, read surah fatiha/last two ayahs of surah baqarah/ayah kursi/surah falaq and surah nas and make his mother and him all drink from this water WITHOUT them knowing. And also spray this water at night in the whole house WITHOUT them knowing.
    The jinn leaving has certain signs. Some of them are: The person will bleed or emit a bloody chewed up clot. And feel completely normal afterwards.

    I await your response and proofs. May Allah reward you.

    Wael Editor

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