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I am 14 years old I want to get rid of my sins

please i want to be a good muslim i am aged 14 and i have done lots of bad sins which i did not enjoy. i want to get rid of these sins and to become clear of all sins and become a good muslim and help my parents and familes and muslim brothers and sisters i also want to go to heaven please help me i am really worried.

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  1. wel i need da same advice as u.....i was looking 4 a way 2 ask 4givness im glad ur under 16 im 18 n i wnt 2 mke ryt nw wish i stared b4 like u plz some1 help

  2. My advise for you both would be:

    1. Offer prayers regularly
    2. Read Holy Quaran with meaning
    3. Ask for Allah's forgiveness in all your prayers

    Inshallah, you will find a change in your thoughts and attittude.


    • Hi Fayaz .I did this before but no avail.Nothing happened maybe reason to this is that I'm still doing that stuff but after doing that I pray lord to forgive.I'm now in inferiority complex think to suicide but can't.

      • Azaleamorose,

        Nothing is worth taking your life over. This life will always be full of tests and trials. Do your utmost best to keep away from whatever is leading you to that sin and ask Allah to help you be strong. Do tawbah aswell. If you take your life, thats its, finish, no chance to come back to Allah - suicide is a major sin. Take advantage of this beautiful and blessed month we are and seek patience and help from Allah.

        SisterZ Editor

      • Hello fellow brothers i ensure you that if you beleive in Allal SWT you will happy and you will not do bad stuff because you know the consequences also just follow the right of being a pure muslim which you are inside.

        Assalmu alkum

    • Hello, im not a muslim im a christian girl i dont know a lot about the muslim religion, im doing a school project about the muslim religion. I have a question; What do muslims do to be clean form their sins? Please answer if you can.

      • Hello Silvia,

        In order to be clean from our sins, Muslims do a process called, "Tawbah" which means something like repentance. Tawbah means that we ask forgiveness from God for our sins, we stop doing the sin, we regret having done it, and we intend not to repeat it.

        Aside from this there are many actions in Islam which promise forgiveness from God. For example, the five daily prayers, fasting in the month of Ramadan, attending the Hajj (the pilgrimage to Makkah), giving charity, feeding the poor, helping people who are oppressed - all these actions, when done sincerely for the sake of God, bring forgiveness.

        We believe that God - who is called Allah in Arabic - is a Merciful and Forgiving God, and He is always ready to forgive anyone who sincerely repents.

        Wael Editor

      • Hi Silivia,
        Here are a few suggestions:
        1 – Repentance (tawbah)
        2 – Praying for forgiveness.
        3 – Doing good deeds which wipe out sins
        4 – The du’aa’ of the believers for the believer
        4 – Often reading the Quraan

    • hi everyone i am 12 years old and i lied to my family members how can i get rid of this sin please help i BEG U

      • Dear Saffiya,

        The best thing to do is tawbah, that means speak to Allah and ask Him to forgive you, Allah promises to forgive my dear. And also undo the lie by speaking to the family member you trust most and confide in them. If it is something difficult you lied about, ask them to help you put it right. If you need more help with this, let us know and we will do our best to help you :O).

        SisterZ Editor

        • Thank you so much sister z ..yeah i asked ALLAH i asked for forgive ness MAY ALLAH BLESS i wanted to ask you that is it wrong in islam if you love a muslim at a young age ?? please i will like to know THANK YOU VERY MUCH SISTER Z

          • Asalamo alaykum
            sister saffiya your quetion went unanswered, in islam relationships outside marriage are forbidden, but if you love someone then ask your parents to discuss marriage with that persons parents and dont go for it yourself. however your in puberty and this is a important part of growing into a adult in every aspect, during this time we have may physical and mental changes and we develop a sexual desire and start to lust for the opposite sex, its normal, but the shaytan disguises it as love so be very careful not to indulge in a relationship outside of marriage, and keep praying and have faith in Allah, he will guide you through this stage free of any problems insha'Allah.
            hope that made sense and answered your problem.

  3. There are several ways to "get rid of your sins" as you put it. Allah (Subhaana wat-Ta'alaah) is Ar-Rahmaan and Ar-Raheem from a simply lingustic point of view anytime an Alif occurs after the second letter of the root word as it does in Ar-Rahmaan it indicates something that is ongoing and continuous; therefore, the name Ar-Rahmaan tells us that Allah bestows a continous amount of mercy upon his creation in this life and especially upon the beleiver in the hereafter. However whenever a Yaa is in that place as in Ar-Raheem this indicates that the root word mercy(rahma) is complete so Allah's mercy is a complete mercy to its fullest extent. This is indicitive of how much Mercy Allah has for his creation. No one else's mercy even comes close to being as pure and complete as Allah's. In addition to this All is Al-Ghafoor "The Oft-Forgiving". So forgiving the shortcomings of his creation is in his nature. This tells us of Allash's character.

    As a result of these attributes, Allah has informed us of the ways in which this forgiveness and mercy are to be obtained (read Qur'an 3:135). They include (but not limited to) the following:

    Minor sins are cleansed by the preformance of wudu' which washes away sins from the person (ref. the hadeeth about how much dirt woud remain on a person if they washed in a river 5 times a day), shaking hand with a fellow muslim (the sins fall off like water dropplets).

    Preformence of good deeds covers up the bad deeds. To give an example of the power of this, in one narroration of the Prophet, if a person thinks of preforming a good deed and does it then allah will multiply his reward for that action many times (I forget how much but it was a lot), If a person thinks of a good deed and does not do it, then only one good deed will be recorded for him, If he thinks of commiting a bad deed but does not do it, then he will be given one good deed because he didn't do it even though he thought about it, and lastly if he thinks of a bad deed and does it, then only one bad deed is recorded. (therefore one good deed thought of and preformed for the right reasons can easily cover the bad deeds). however the preformence of deeds must be done to earn allah's pleasure and not for any other reason. The association of any other reason with the reasont o earn allah's pleasure can be a form of shirk. There are some reasons that are permitted such as preforming it out of one's love for allah without any thought of reward, etc these are also acceptable reasons but to preform it because you want to hear people say you are a pious person would invalidate the reward because then you are preforming the deed for your own or for other peoples pleasure instead of Allah's.

    Preforming Hajj with sinceriety and for Allah (without any other reason for making the trip) and staying within the rules of how the Prophet preformed Hajj can make a person like a new born baby with out any sin at all if Allah accepts it.

    These are very important: If it is a major sin, perform Salaat-ul-Tawbah and do not commit the sin again afterwards. Learn from your mistakes and don't give in to temptation again. Stay away from the locations you commited the sins at, the things that lead you to commit it, and the people you were around, don't listen to that music (it is good advice not to listen to music anyway as the instruments and singing styles and melodies harden your heart against listening to and enjoyment of the Qur'an and songs are after all "idle talk"). To perform Salaat-ut-Tawbah: you must cease commiting the sin, have regret and remorse of the heart, have firm resolve not to commit it again, and if it is connected to other individuals, then you should right the wrong the bet you can, if you can't do that, then give the equivelant in charity, and seek forgiveness for that person often, and in either case, ask the person's forgiveness and if you can't do that, then ask forgiveness for them and make du'aa for them. then finnish by racing towards obedience and increasing your rightous deeds. Otehr things to be avoided is thinkig about the sin you commited a this can lead you back into it since it will be on your mind. stay way fromt eh place it was done at as I said before, and don't keep company with those people who incline you to disobey Allah and his messenger (S). furthermore, to make the salaat you must make wudu' perfectly as instructed by the Prophet, then pray two rakat in accordence with the Sunnah of Muhammad (S), keeping Allah in mind the whole time and not being distracted by Shaytaan (it gets eaiser to stay focused the more often and the longer you pray (pay attention to what you are saying and doing, don't say your salaat without the meaning of the words cross your mind rather contemplate and think about the words you recite in your salaat), and in addition thinking about repentence for what you did is permissible but beware as Shaytaan will use that to distract you from your salaat and take you away from what you are doing if you let your mind wander.

    As for all sins in a more general sense, Praying Salaat-ut-Tasbeeh (also known as Salaat ul Ghufraan and Salaat ut-Tawbah (not hte one I just mentoined) which goes like this: Make wudu', pray 4 rakat reading Al-Fatihah and another surah (in EACH of the four rakat). Also, after reading the Surat from the Quran and while still standing, recite Subhaanallaah wal hamdulelaah wa laa ilaaha illaallaah wal laahu akbr 15 times, then bow into ruku and say that 10 times, then stand back up from bowing and say it 10 times, then prostrate and say it 10 times, sit up from prostration and say it 10 times, then prostrate again and say it 10 times, and then sit back up and say it 10 times (75 times in each rakat) then stand back up and repeat in each of of the 4 rakat. This salaat is for anyone who wants a connection with their Rabb, who wants to clean themself from sins, who is distressed and wants relief from their grief, and is a bathing for anyone who wants purification and is also a lesson in sabr (patience and perseverence), furthermore, it was advised by the prophet to say it everyday if you are able, and if not that, then every Jumma'ah, and if not that, then every month, then if not that then every year, and if not that then once in your life.

    Salaat ut-tasbeeh can be preformed anytime, with any reading from the Qur'aan, in sets of two or as a continues four joined.

    As always ask forgiveness for your sins in your salaat and du'aa and always cover up your sins with good deeds and remember that this life is a test to see who will remember allah and correct themselves and who will forget allah and continue in their sins. Allah loves those who contantly turn to him in repentence and ask him for forgiveness. Ours is a merciful and forgiving God who never grows tired of listening to his slaves praising him adn asking him for his forgiveness and his mercy but is also wrathful towards those who forget him and don't ask for those things. If you take a step towards allah he runs towards you. Never lose hope of allah's forgiveness and mercy, On the other hand, don't let your hope over power your fear so that you become negligent in your duties towards allah as the regular performence of your duties (associating no one or thing with Allah, salaat at least 5 times a day, paying zakaat, fasting during Ramadaan, etc) which are a part of the contract/covenent that Allah took with the Muslims in order for us to be eligible/worthy of his mercy and forgiveness and allah blessed us with these things so that we would keep him constanatly in mind and would be disciplined and have plenty of practice and opportunty to perfect our worship of Allah. This life is a test to see who among mankind and jinnkind is worthy of recieving everlasting life in Jennah and who isn't, but the choice is entirely up to you and the decisions you make in your life here on earth reflect your priorities. If you truely desire Jennah then you will do what you need to do to obtain it no matter how difficult or how easy (allah tests us with hardship and ease) it may be at any given time.

    In addition, keep in mind that your last action in this life is the most important action of your life. Therefore even if you have turned the major and minor sins in to a "things I need to do list" in the past, that life is 100% over as of this moment right now! Your future is not determined by your past. Your future is determined by the present. even what happened 1 second ago is already the past and has no bearing on where you are headed in the future. If you are addicted, then quit now and stay off of what you were addicted to in the rest of the present and as time passes your past will have changed instantly. If you were a BIG TIME sinner in the past, that can change this very moment and your entire future that you create right now in the present if you are consistant in what who changed in the present, will become an entirly differnt past and will create an entirly different direction of where you are headed in the future. Make a habit of doing the right thing in the here and now and your whole life will change to match. Shaytaan attempts to mislead mankind by deceiving us into beleiving that our PAST makes us who we are but it isn't, its our PRESENT that makes our future. So the choice is yours. As-Salaam 'alykum!

    • I am 16 years old girl.I always commit one sin again and again,then I cry that ,I had commit a sin please LORD forgive me and I feel relief As LORD has forgiven me but again I commit that sin now what can I do. Really tried hard. I listen songs which are encouraging like Celion Dion's song A new day has come. hurricane by 30 second to mars. These type of song feels me like in me there is light but need to discover. I dont wear gown cuz my community is Engro colony people are fashionable. Please tell me way to survive from devil.

      • Dear AsoorA, Asalaamualaykum,

        Allah promises to forgive us, if we keep sinning, then keep repenting and Allah will keep forgiving.

        But, if we find that all we are doing is sinning and repenting, sinning and repenting, and time passing and we are not becoming any nearer to leaving the sin; then we need to stop and cut out the root of the sin, don't you think so?

        If listening to Celine Dion's love songs is influencing you to do bad things, then make that sacrifice. Stop listening to her music, in fact, stop listening to all lovely dovey music. Music does influence our emotions to increase ten fold, whether they be anger, hate, love, lethargy. So cut out the Music and Allah will reward you for your sacrifice.

        Furthermore, if you do not want to wear a gown, don't. There are many other fashionable items of clothing one can wear which are also covering and modest.

        SisterZ Editor

        • But what when I get relief and pleasure by listening songs just English.I'm not alone I know because people just left me solitude but Lord never leaves, He is my friend.The pondering point is that I don't get relief and peace but when I listen music I forget my all pangs of pain.Hard breath.Rocky rides in my life,dreadful moments I can't stop listening it.It really explains my life ,my story things strung with it I know that listening song is devils workshop but I don't understand .One thing more I really try to worship my Lord to make him glee but heart is blacken and hard devil core due to sins I commit. I can't worship but I really want to.I even can't concentrate on my studies,thinking of sins I commit ed.I think life is finished,now I'm just waiting for doom to come.I don't like any thing I hate people living in this world cuz they are mean.I really love to cry.Please tell me what should I do I also want to live blissful life and want my ecstasy this world is not only just for people .I'm also part of it.

          • As salamu alaykum asoora,

            Please log in and write your post separately, this way all brothers and sisters will be able to help you, insha´Allah.

            Thank you.


      • Just a thought, instead of singing, have you tried to recite the Quran, begin with Al-Fatihah, I find it extremely encouraging, Alhamdulillah.

        Surf a little on this page and you will have valuable tips(salah, Quran, Names of Allah, duas,....), you can do it, insha´Allah

        María Editor

        • Maria you can answer me on ******this is my brothers email adress send me mail on this

          • Salams asoorA,

            I deleted your email for privacy.


          • As salamu alaykum sister asoorA,

            Please forgive me for my delay answering your request, but I don´t feel comfortable writing to your brother´s address and I am a bit worried because you are very young person, I was looking for a solution and there is an option when you log in which one your post can be seen just for the editors, you can let us know you want your post to be privately published, this way I will be able to talk to you with privacy and, of course, anyone of your family will have access to your post and to what we write to you, if you want them to keep an eye on you and what is written for you, what I think is the best considering your age. If you have different ideas just let me know.

            Insha´Allah, I hope you will understand me, I would be very happy to be able to help you, once you submit your post, insha´Allah, you don´t need to go into deep details to keep your privacy.

            All my Unconditional Love, Respect and Support,


        • It's okey Maria because my brother doesn't read mine mails."sisterZ" also sent mail on his address and my brother told me that your mail is their so I read it, my brother really loves me he wont read just please mail your answer on his address. you can come on face book his id is there as I told you we can chat or you probably can sent me a mail on his address direct on g mail. Please pray for me on 7th may my board exams are starting and I'm much worried.

          • Sister asoorA, please stop posting your email address. Every time you do, one of us Editors has to delete it, so you're just creating work for us. This is our policy and we're not going to change it. By posting your email address publicly, you invite anyone to contact you. That is not safe.


  4. jazak allah may allah bless you thank you

  5. i am a 14 year old also. i am wondering what is wrong with me. im slowing down on my salah. but i am still good in the quran. i am starting to wear tank tops. i am losing it. this girl came up to me and asked " are u not afraid of allah?" i go to a public american school ( just so u know). i was mad and stunned. mad that she thought she had the right to critize me and stunned cause wat she said made sense. i am VERY upset with myself. i am going to be better insha'allah. i know i have the pontential to overcome this. ANYONE has the power to change themselves. i am not going to expose myself to become an 'item' for men. i am not going to lose Allah's trust. i am not going to degrade myself. i will change.
    good luck to you all. bye

    • Asalaamualaikum Hannah,

      Yes, you are right. You and I, we - all have the God given potential to improve ourselves.

      'Take benefit of five before five: your youth before your old age, your health before your sickness, your wealth before your poverty, your free time before you are preoccupied and your life before your death.'
      (Saheeh - Narrated by Ibn Abbaas & collected in al-Haakim & others. Authenticated by Shaykh 'Alee ibn 'Abdul Hameed in Forty Hadeeth of the Call and the Caller).

      Hannah, you sound like an intelligent young girl. If you know you are falling towards doing wrong, remind yourself of the hadith which says: those who spend their youth in the worship of Allah will be shaded by Him(swt) from the blazing heat on the Day of Judgement.

      PS: A young girl I know used to look in the magazines and wish she could wear all the lovely short dresses and skirts etc. Then she would stop and say 'If I wear my hijaab now, I'll get to wear what I want forever in Heaven', lol.

  6. I am a 12 yr old and I really need help to get on the right track, I have always pretended to be but I was not, HELP ME inshallah u will go to jannat if I make it because of your advice.

  7. im also 12 but turning 13 and not on the right track, i have my hijab on and im proud of it, i do everything right but pray; i dont pray but i want to; everyone thinks im good and everything they think i pray but i dont, how do i remove my bad deeds from not praying?

    • Dear Hawra,

      If your bad deed is that you do not pray, then reverse this and do the opposite by doing your prayers.

      There is nothing that can subsititute for salaah. Start, even if just with your Fard Salaah and Allah will make it easier for you.

      SisterZ Editor

  8. Salam everyone, I am 11 and have done incredibly bad sins I would like to get rid of FOR GOOD! I recently read a description on hell and I'm not going there! Somebody please, a surah, anything, HELP!!

    • Wa alaykum as-salam little sister. If you have done something with a boy like kissing or touching, or maybe smoked cigarettes or anything like that, then yes these are bad things and you should say, "Astaghfirullaha wa atoobu ilayh," which means, "I ask Allah's forgiveness and I repent to Him." If you don't know your salat, find someone to teach you and start doing your prayers.

      If an older person did something bad with you or touched in you in an intimate way, then that person is taking advantage of you and you need to report it to someone right away. Even if the person warned you not to tell, you still must tell someone. If you would like to email one of our editors privately let me know and I can arrange that.

      Wael Editor

  9. Salam Im 14 and i've had many boyfriends n etc.....i go out partying and smoke ciggarettes. I show off my body sometimes. I had facebook and uploaded many pictures of me on there but now im regretting it. i went out with a boy i met down while playing bowling and he gave me his number and so we linked afterwards. And that was the first time we ever linked alone and well he touched me up and we got to the stage of zinaa... I didnt know at fisrt about zina and the punishment but i was scared on the thought of going hell and allah's name because my parents have tought me not to have a boyfriend and have sex without marriage! So i researched about this and found out that doing this i will go hell straight away! And now im just sooo scared i dont know what to doo!! i have committed so many sins in the past and and present but im trying to change myslef and purify myself. i just need some help from my sisters and brothers in Islam to guide me to the right path. I regret doing everything i have done and want allah to forgive myself!! But i do not know how allah is going to forgve such sin!! So please may you help me and guide me to the right path! Can you tell me ways in which Allah can forgive me and so i can repent truly form the heart....and ways that i can become a better young muslim teenager!!

    • Salaam. I normally don't comment on comments here so if you need more extensive advice please submit a question, but I wanted to remind you:
      Allah is the Most Merciful - and no sin is greater than His mercy. It is wrong to doubt that Allah will forgive you.

      Conditions of repentance.
      1. Leaving the sin;
      2. Remorse over having committed the sin;
      3. Resolve never to return to the sin;
      4. (If it relates to the rights of another person, then to) Return the rights or property one wrongly took. [al-Bariqa fi Sharh al-Tariqa; Riyad al-Salihin]

      Do not despair, repent sincerely and Allah will forgive you. Start doing good deeds to replace your bad. Most importantly pray fardh salat if you do not already pray! If you do already start doing more nafl.
      There is a link on top of page on tawbah in Islam - please take a look at this.

      Sara Editorx

  10. Hello sisters. I am 14 and about two mouths ago i was being 'bad' but not bad as in having a boyfriend and having sex bad as in watching sex. But now i have found the right path and i am praying reading the quran and not watching porn. Ayesha allah will forgive you but u must pray everyday and start doing good deeds. Stop gettting boyfriends and stop showing off your body. I suggest getting rid of facebook. (thats ur choice) If you are turly sorry for wat u have done allah will forgive you. inshallah you become a ture muslim

  11. I see what u all mean...I. Used to watch 'bad stuff and I kept breaking my promise to allah astaghfaar...but then I did kafaarah and fasted 3consecutive fasts annd I was fine until I slipped up a tiny bitt again...I was sooo upset butt now I believe allah will help first I thought because I did that bad stuff allahh won't let me pass me exxamz bbut I tell u all me brotthers and sisters never underestimate the merrcy of allah! Xx

  12. Thank you sister Sara and sister helped me alot! But sisters I just wanted to ask any of you that as I'm 14 and inshallah I'll delete facebook by the end of this month I have a boyfriend but me and him both know we are going to get married to each other. I am going to get married to him in 4 or 5 years time. I just wanted to know that will it be haram for me to keep seeing him and hugging and kissing him as me and him are still not married or engaged plus my parents do not know about me and him being together. Another thing will our relationship as a boyfriend and girlfriend affect ma repentence and forgiveness from Allah. Because as I said above I committed zina so I'm still asking repentence and forgiveness from will me having a boyfriend affect this if you get what I mean.

    • Salaam - I do not normally comment on individual comments, but I will this time - but sister please submit a post next time so we can all help you properly InshaAllah (sorry Bro Wael - I just had to comment on this one)

      Here are some hadiths I pasted:
      " Allah has written for Adam's son his share of Zina ( fornication & adultery) which he commits inevitably. The Zina of the eyes is the sight (to gaze at a forbidden thing), the Zina of the tongue is the talk, and the inner self wishes and desires and the private parts testify all this or deny it "

      Rasulullah S.A.W. said "It is better for a man that a steel nail be driven through the centre of his head....rather than if he touches the palm of a strange women"

      Narrated by Umar ibn al-Khattab, Messenger of Allaah {Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam} said: "Whenever a man is alone with a woman shaytan makes a third." [Al-Tirmidhi 3118]

      In answer to your question: no you cannot keep seeing him, let alone hugging and kissing him. Even hand-holding is prohibited Islamically, so imagine how bad hugging/kissing would be.

      I know what I am saying is probably the last thing you want to hear, but these limits are for a reason. Read some of the posts on the site and you will see many examples of parents preventing marriage after a couple have decided to come clean to their parents. Which usually ensues with a break - up and a lot of pain. Or the girl/boyfriend leaves, leading to heartbreak. Or many other problems. Prevention is the best cure.

      If you are insistent on marrying him, be patient: keep contact within islamic boundaries and ask him to speak to his parents and for them to speak to yours regarding marriage. You are precious.

      Repentance - one of the conditions of repentance is that you leave the sin, so indulging in the same sin while repenting for it. I would assume is would affect it - and Allah knows best.

      Trust me when I say its true that: No matter how much you feel you 'love' this guy, if your committing these sins with him it will never make you truly happy. You will always feel 'on edge, and insecure.' Cause there is no happiness in the disobedience of Allah.

      Sara Editor

  13. A.A
    i was wondering if you can help me stay on the right path. What i mean by that is - I am past the stage of repentance, i pray 5 times a day, i fast, i read Quran ... etc ... however sometimes i face temptations, such as lies ( even though i thoroughly think it through before i saying, i usually cave in and lie). Sometimes i face other temptations and i try to avoid doing them by just saying astagfiruallah over and over and over again. this has been an ongoing battle for quite some time. sometimes i conduct extensive research on sins and their punishment, in the hope that maybe if i am aware of the consequences, i will stop ... but that only worked at the beginning soon i was back to my old methods. Also i would like to know the various methods of washing away your sins ....
    so what i am asking for is maybe some tips so as i can remain in the right path, and inshallah make my way peacefully through this life.

    please help ASAP ....

    sister in need of guidance ...

    • What you described is life. Worshiping Allah, facing temptations and struggling against them, sometimes succeeding and sometimes failing, asking Allah's forgiveness, trying to make our way peacefully through life... All of that is the definition of what it is to be alive and Muslim.

      Do your best. As far as telling lies, the most constructive advice I can give you is, do not put yourself in a position where you have to lie. Don't do anything that you would be ashamed of, and you'll have no reason to life.

      Wael Editor

  14. thank you ... you have given me the motivation i need to try my best and win my on going battles with temptations
    so thank you

  15. Surah Iklhas recited 200 times daily gets forgiveness of 50 years of sin

    Anas ( RA) reported the Prophet (Peace be upon him) as saying, “If anyone recites two hundred times daily, Qul huwallahu ahad the sins of fifty years will be wiped out, unless he is in debt.” (At-Tirmidhi and Darami)

    • Do we have to recite daily??If we recite daily then only sins of 50 years will be forgiven??If we recite occasionally,then?

      • it is merely a guidline, the effectivness of reciting fewer then 200 daily or not reciting daily is known by Allah, the important thing is to recite with the intention of absolving yourself of your sins, forgivness is in hands of Allah, he may forgive you after 1 recitation, but it is important to keep the faith and pray for forgivness, do not count but read with free-will and inshaAllah our sins will be forgiven.
        Hope this helps

        • Asalaam alaikum,

          Keep in mind this metaphor:

          Our sins are like a mountain. Yet, when a rainstorm passes over that mountainside, slowly but surely, each droplet will cleanse it, but one drop cannot do it alone. It needs many of millions of additional drops that become a flood over time to wash it away and change the landscape, i.e. our souls towards the greater good.

          Another part is that our certainty of belief (yaqeen) is usually quite low. So by repetition, we are conditioning our tongue, mind and heart to always remember Allah (swt). By filling our mouths with the words and duas to Allah (swt), we are also removing our egocentric self, too. Instead of blabbing endlessly about trivial things, we move towards the Divine Remembrance with recitation.

          Think of it in this manner: if someone gave you all the knowledge of your life at 1 day old, it would mean little to you because you could not comprehend it. Yet, as each day and experience unfolds as you mature, then you begin to understand more and prevent your fall into darkness and sin, Insha'allah. So remembering Allah (swt) constantly also has a similar effect on us, where our love of Him grows, is nurtured and flourishes only with Him, as we shed away this temporary abode.

          I hope this had helped to give some perspective, Insha'allah.

  16. Earning a 1000 good deeds and wiping away a 1000 bad deeds in Minutes

    If a person says “Subhanallah” (glory be to Allah) 100 times, a thousand good deeds are recorded for him and a thousand bad deeds are wiped away. (Muslim)

    Jannat becomes obligatory for the one who Recites the following

  17. Salam brothers and sisters.I am 13 have been adicted to bad it any way which I can try to forget the bad stuffs.thank u

  18. HI,

    I was just wondering what is a really nice way to refresh yourself from all the bad sins you've done in the past, or of those ones that you may do in the future. And, also, could you ask Allah for anything like my friend was wishing to be taller by asking Allah. I believe that that's right, but, I'm not sure...

  19. assalaamoalaikum i visited this site today and i want to ask some questions
    (Remainder deleted by Editor)

  20. and plz tell me how to post separately or in privacy . i do not use so many websites just the one related to my studies and thats all . m new here plz help me i wana ask some questions

  21. A.A
    hi guys i am from india. my problem is that i watch porn alot and also tell alie please help me to stop this .

  22. May Allah bless all of you.... you do not know how many people you have helped with these comments.

  23. I have done a lot of bad stuff and I think even other people think I am unholy for doing these things, that I should kill myself and stuff. How can I deal with these really bad sins, I have done a lot of haraam stuff. I just want to clear myself from everything and start all over.

  24. Hello everyone,
    I am fifteen and I watched porn two three time but not all of it. Like two minutes of each. What happened is that my desires dragged me away and I did the wrong thing and my friends told me about it so I was a bit currious. I never knew this is a sin in the first place. If I knew it was I would never do it in the first place. Please help me to let God forgive me. It bothers me every day and I feel uncomfortable. And don't forget I never knew this was a sin ever.

  25. Bro im in the same situation as u and allah di kasam i need help as well anyone help us please?

    • @Sina and @Muhammad Hadeed Ghoro

      Don't delay in repenting to ALLAH, As soon as u commit sin, Ask ALLAH for forgiveness, and Do ZIKAR in abundance and give something as charity and do good deeds.

      Allaah says:

      إِنَّ الْحَسَنَاتِ يُذْهِبْنَ السَّـيِّئَاتِ

      “Verily, the good deeds cancel out the evil deeds”

      (Surah Hud:114)

      My Advise to both of you is to ALWAYS STAY with those who are bestowed by ALLAH, search and be with those people always.

      The Prophet Sal Allaahu Alaiyhi wa Sallam said:
      “A man will be on the path of his close friends, so pay attention to who you make friends with.”

      And Prophet sal Allaahu Alaiyhi wa Alayhi wasallam also said:

      “The likeness of a righteous companion is that of the seller of musk: either he will give you a gift, or you will buy something from him, or you will smell a pleasant fragrance from him. And the likeness of an evil companion is that of the man who works the bellows: either he will burn your garment, or you will smell an unpleasant odor from him.”


      Allaah says:

      الْأَخِلَّاء يَوْمَئِذٍ بَعْضُهُمْ لِبَعْضٍ عَدُوٌّ إِلَّا الْمُتَّقِينَ

      “Friends on that Day will be enemies to one another except Al-Muttaqoon (the pious)”


  26. I am a fourteen year old Muslim girl. I'm very ashamed to say that I was blackmailed and was forced to send a few pictures to my blackmailer (no face), and I have asked for my Lord's forgiveness and protection ever since. But I am worried my blackmailer will not leave me. Even though I didn't wear a niqab, I am a mostly religious girl. This is the only sin I have committed in my life (white lies aside). What do I do? I'm going crazy with worry and I don't know what to do. I am pleading to my brothers and sisters to help a Repenter life a peaceful life. Please, help me!

    • Momina, it's very important that you not give in to any blackmail again, otherwise you will put yourself in an even worse situation than you started with. If that person contacts you again, ignore them. Even better, whatever they are holding against you, go ahead and tell your parents yourself. That way you take away the blackmailer's power over you.

      Wael Editor

  27. He made fake chats with my name. I was never friends with him. I didn't even know him! He just appeared out of the blue. Now I have no contact with him. I just want to ask Allah for forgiveness. How can I ? Is there a special Dua? Or any technique? I'm just forgetting this experience. Can you please tell me how to ask for forgiveness?

  28. I have commited very bad sins even gor my age i am 12 i stopped the habit of sinning but i got distracted and its happening again. Will allah forgive me? How do i stop? Plz help me someone. I cry but do the sin again. its hard.

    • Maria, I doubt that you have committed any serious sins at your age. But if you have, then yes, make tawbah and Allah will forgive you.

      Whatever it is you are worried about, if you want it to change then you must change the circumstances that lead up to it. Shut down the road that leads to the sin, and you will stop the sin.

      Wael Editor

  29. Assalammua'laikum
    My name is Farhan
    and i have very big problem
    i'm become sinner i'm aged 12 because i watch those pornography and masturbated on it
    and how to overcome pornography addiction with pathway from islam
    please help me

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