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«I am 16, Muslim, and serious about marriage but I need advice on how to act

teenage romance

teenage romance

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  1. Salam, Beta listen to my advice carefully, in islam there is only one way to be with her and that is Nikkah on which ALLAH is happy from you and other ways like watching/seeing her with the lustful glance is truly wrong and these will lead you to only to wrong ideas of Shaitaan and Zina, more imp. you'll be involve in viewing other wrog stuff on the internet and other horrible activities which are major issue now a days of the children, to protect yourself "You must protect your eyes from watching every girl you look at because in Quran at first there comes the commands of ALLAH about protection of eyes then the commands comes about the protection of Sharam-gah(the private parts" but not only you've to protect yourself from the lustful glance but also you've to protect your Qalb/Roh and the Khayal you have to make them PAK and purify them with zikar of ALLAH "La'ilaha'illal'lah" everytime and only then you'll be able to protect your private parts and protect your own age other =wise the consequences are horrible and have no ways same for the girls as well. May ALLAH give you hidayah!

  2. I think you should wait to grow older and then ask her parents to marry her because in this such young age if you ask them they wont like it you're still a young boy and that's the right thing to do just keep allah in gour mind and hopefully you'll be together ❤

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