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I am confused.

From childhood I wanted to become a doctor. Luckily I got admission in the private  mbbs college. My parents were not happy with that and they always demotivated me  that I am choosing a wrong career and can't be successful in my path and they are wasting their money on me. They  always shout at me and insult  and show their anger at me and tell me I can't do anything. I am of no use. They also treated me like I am a burden on them.Out of pressure, and every day torture,  I also decided to not to go to mbbs college. I started hating my parents and want to run from home. But where will I go. I am feeling so helpless that I having thoughts of suicide. I don't know what to do.I also don't want to live in that house where everyone thinks that I can't do anything and my parents  think that they are doing a favor to keep me in their house.I have no friends and no close relatives to help me.I am feeling helpless. Please tell me  what to do?


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  1. Follow your dream mate don't let them stop you or you will end up being g what they say you are .... Show them you can become something in life ... There are not enough doctors now days and the world is crying out for them ... The world would be your oyster .Go for it

  2. Assalaamualaikum

    Respecting your parents and trying to do right by them is good, but this is your life. You only have one life on this Earth - make the most of it (in Islamically appropriate ways, of course!). If your dream is to be a doctor, and you've been accepted to study medicine, go for it! Medicine is a hugely rewarding career, and a degree in it can take you virtually anywhere in the world - many countries are desperate for doctors, so you would be doing a great service for other people.

    It can be hard saying to your parents that while you love and respect them, you disagree with them. But disagreeing about your life choices doesn't make you a bad person; you just need to do it sensitively. Do you have a relative or teacher or family friend who you could get on board with your choices? If so, they might be a valuable source of moral support, and potentially practical support. Speak with your teachers at school and anyone else involved in your dream of attending medical school - collect information about why these professionals all think you would be a good doctor. If need be, ask for feedback about your interview or application from the medical school - then you can show your parents why the medical school wants you there. Show this information to your parents, along with current information about job opportunities and the rewarding nature of life as a doctor. Think about what your parents value in life (job security, a dream of travelling abroad, being able to support a family, etc.) and show them how being a doctor would help you achieve these things.

    And try to ask your parents why they are so opposed? You might find that they have a valid reason and if that's the case then inshaAllah you and they could work together to resolve it (eg. if it's a money issue, maybe you could work for a year or so to earn money for university, or take a part-time job).

    Midnightmoon editor

  3. Brother respect your parents. Dont be depressed and suicidal we become this because we left following islam. Islam not only means namaz, hajj, it also means to have a good character in life. Try to contact imam or good scholar. Read how our prophet live life and learn from them. Our prophet life is very beautiful and if you follow your life also become beautiful. First start to read namaz daily i know it is difficult to get all five namaz on time but keep on trying. And if you want to do chat on daily basis and share your life i can give you my email id.

  4. That's really bizarre...most parents would be proud and delighted if their child wanted to become a doctor...and even more so if their child was admitted to Med school. Your parents sound like Negative Nancies, lol. Trust me, you will meet a LOT of them throughout your life. Pessimistic people that always try to bring others down to their own level. You can't let anyone stop you from doing the things you want to do with your life. If you want to become a doctor, go become one! Work really hard and make yourself proud, if your parents can't be proud for you.

    If you can, try to support yourself and your studies instead of relying on your negative parents' money. If you take their money, they'll have some kind of power over you, whereas if you haven't asked them for anything they will sort of have to mind their own business. Because they haven't invested anything in you.

    Please don't feel discouraged from becoming a doctor. Good luck with everything.

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