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I am confused unable to take the right decision…O’Allah

Assalamu walaikum

I am 26yrs old I married my boyfriend 2 & half yrs back in a court without my guardians' consent..Then after much struggle our nikaah was arranged only for my sake,being the only daughter.None was invited xcept family members.Parents were very very upset.None approved my nikaah,& after nikaah we fled to a different country,initially we were happy just 2 weeks after,my husband started arguing with me regarding an "agreement".

The "agreement" was made by my father for my safety incase, if we seek divorce.The pact was made in his consent & even my father assured him the pact is of no use if we both will remain happily. My father made that pact after finding that my husband has lied all of us regarding his qualification(truth is he is not even 10th pass,& me a masters),his family status  even I was lied,but I 4gave him as I did marry him thru the court 2 yrs. back before nikaah. Even befr nikaah I caught a number of his accounts in the internet thru which he chats over with other girls,sees nude pics...& lots, but I tried 2 leave all those behind & start our conjugal life as I gave myself 2 him befr nikaah. He never tuk me 2 his home,his parents speaks me over the phone,never seen me.

Now,2 months after our nikaah I had 2 return to my home for some reason,I came alone,my dear younger bro. expired neither he nor any of his family members visited me(journey is 8-9hrs by bus from my place to my in-laws) I AM HURT, he knows how  much I luv my dear bro. now even 'm scared 2 go back 2 him thinking of my future, my parents 2 does not want me 2 go back. I have asked him 2 come back 2 our own country (his also),even my parents will assist us financially but, he forbades. He has asked me 2 go back alone or else divorce him.For my reputation sake I asked him 2 come 2 take me but he threatened me he will never visit my home,as he hates my parents & I cant bear it.

What should I do???

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  1. Reputation ??? No IMAN no guidance these are the problems of the headache after another...So who cares about what others think will die .they will die and now you will be in the court of Allah .Those who disobey the commandments of Allah and teachings of prophet Muhammad S.a.w will get there hard life in this world...stress and worries an endless journey.....Except those who pray 5 times a day which is an order read quran and give zakat and fast....all of this has a purpose and meaning of our existence. I RECOMMEND YOU ATTACH YOURSELF TO THE SUNNI MOSQUE. .LEARN FROM THE SCHOLOR OF DEEN AND MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE SISTERS..OR ELSE NO QUESTION CAN BE SOLVE UNLESS YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR PURPOSE AND ALLAH!!!!

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