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I am getting a big problem with dad

disappointed father

assalamualaikum brothers and sisters
i am in a big problem with my dad
i am asking him to do my marriage with a girl whom i love but he is not accepting that and i need to marry only her and i can't even think of any other girl


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  1. Mohammed,

    What is your fathers reasoning for not accepting the girl that you wish to marry?


  2. ؤ عليكم اسلام محمد

    I don't know what is your age what is your profession where are you from what society you live in etc but any how my I have a brother and when he is 18 he fall in love with a 28 year old girl who had no good social good book in the past but he was going crazy and he said the same he will die and can't live without her and if he is gonna marry ever she is the only one choice no one else. My father kick him out of the home for three days my uncles bring him back to home he apologies and kept in contact with that girl secretly. After 2 years girl came to know its difficult to marry him so she start avoiding him they fought and broke up. Now my brother is of 23 and very happy and still single. I will advice you to wait for a while & just see what is the depth of your love if you feel at the end that you guys have a good chemistry then try to engage someone else from your family your uncle aunty or any other trustworthy person to convince your father rather than you go and talk to your father.

  3. Assalam-o-aliakum
    Brother,you don't write the reason that why your father don't accept her??any how if there is any proper reason then you should seek at the relation once again.and if every thing is fine then talk to someone that convince your father for this relationship.
    hope that helped,
    Allah(S.W.T) knows best,and Allah best of All.

  4. Aslamualaikum,

    Its true that you have right to get marry with your own decision, but research tells us that this will be very bad choice, there are more than 80 % such cases that ends up with divorce or break up. just because every one thought they are from remaining 20%.

    i will suggest you to take more time, GIVE TIME TO TIME, this is the best. Never hurt your parents, do what they said and you will be happiest..

    I always said one thing in that case. we said we knows the meaning of love, then why are ready to leave our parents with whom we spent out whole life for a girl or boy to whom you loved for just few years months and weeks. LOVE IS WHAT BRINGS YOU TO NEAR YOUR LOVED ONE, it will never take you away from loved one.


  5. In islam we have the right to choose who we want to marry....That's important ....No one is leaving are lives...Write a letter even have the local sunni imam write the rights of marriage. ..If this is the case say I don't want to get married...I want to finish a career. ..Then you will be I dependant....and move out....but before all this how is your Iman ...Do you pray 5 times a day read quran go to musjid because if this is not in your life....YOU WILL NEVER SUCCEED IN LIFE....YOU WILL FAIL....IN TERMS OF HARDSHIP BY EVERYONE STRESS WORRIES PROBLEMS MONEY WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH ANGER LIES THIS THE WAY OF LIFE ..REGARDLESS OF WEALTH INTELLIGENCE STATUS POOR DUMB ETC ALLAH WILL HELP ONLY THOSE WHO ARE OBEDIENT SLAVES OF HIS....SUCCESS IN THIS WORLD AND IN THE HEREAFTER IS ONLY OBEYING THE COMMANDMENTS OF ALLAH AND TEACHINGS OF MUHAMMAD PBUH. ..THIS IS THE FORMULA. .THERE IS NO OTHER WAY....


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