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I am having mental illness, will Allah accept my prayers?


Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters,I am 22 year old guy,i am suffering from one mental disorder called obsessive compulsive disorder(OCD),my main problem is When i started doing prayer i am getting frequent bad thoughts and bad words going around my head.I really never mean those thoughts,but it is coming only while I started praying,My psychiatrist diagnosed it is one kind of ocd,i am taking medication for this problem,I am praying all the time but this bad thoughts disturbing my prayers, will allah accept my prayers because I never ever mean those things,Please kindly help me regarding this

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  1. May Almighty Allah make it easy for you.
    Allah knows your intention and he will accept your Dua

  2. Assalamulakim,
    I use to have the same problem when i was younger but it went away. Allah will bless you with a clear mind. I started taking charge of my health. I strive to get rid of intestinal parasites that can plague humans. I take herbal cleanses to purge old waste. Maybe you have not heard about it yet or maybe so. There are different outcomes for different people. You might feel horrible one day but when you release the waste you will feel free. Drink lots of clean water and always get medical advice. Also i ate alot of garlic abt 3 cloves before bed and in morning parasites released. Garlic also cleanes blood. Parasites live in blood also. Lots of frrsh vegestables and fruit. Make sure you clean veg and fruits before eating. You need the vitamin c. Maje sure your meats are clean. I like to rinse mears in vinegar. Lots of prayer first and dua to guide you! I like a brand called Dr Christopher's colon cleanse. also Holy Basil is great for mind. I make into tea.

  3. I also have ocd and it has gotten better as years pass by Alhamdulillah, I will highly recommend you to pray salah on time in masjid behind imam, secondly read Quran after every salah if possible try to finish Quran oncre a month, third read dhikr after salah things to read will be istagfar, Alhamdulillah, Allah Akbar, subhanAllah, subhanAllahi wabihmadi subhanAllahilazeem, ayatul kursi, the last three surah and read lots of dua

    Fourth, fast every Monday and Thursday as it very helpful in keeping your nafs under control, fifth give charity in secret, sixth read lots of nafl prayers especially tahajjud prayers

    InshaAllah things will become lot better for you if you do these things


  4. Aselam u alaikum

    Qala Rasoolullah sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa selam: Inna 'amalu bin-niyyah. Our Holy prophet peace and blessings be upon him said:
    Actions are but my intentions. (Meaning that each action is judged by the intention one has behind it.)

    You didn't have the intentions for the act, so you will not be punished for it.

    May Allah grant you ease with your current condition.

    Your Sis in Islam

    • I had the exact same issue from age 15 to 26.i prayed and took medicine fr ocd. It went away gradually Alhamdulillah. I was also worried abt the consequences of these thoughts as it felt i was doing it 'almost intentionally'. However it is your nafs. You will not b punished for it. Keep repeating this to yourself. Also recite 3rd kalimah as much as possible. Google it.

  5. Do ruqyah on yourself. I heard Ustadh Tim humble say That these kinds of whispers and he mentiond your situation comes from shaytan so. Look it up on you tube he studied at medina university and got into the field of ruqyah.
    May Allah heal you. Amin

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