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I am in a very critical situation

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AOA brothers and sisters,

I am a 19 years Muslim boy and have committed sins. I am in love with a Muslim girl for the past 3-4 years and our relationship had been the purest of its form. But for the past few months we have Skype and  we committed sins. I am not sure if it is zina or not but i have seen her private parts and so has she seen mine a few times. We decided never to do it again but being weak we committed the same sin again. Please answer if It is zina? If so, how can i repent for this sin of ours ?  please tell me a way to repent for this sin of ours.

I cannot leave her at this stage because:
1) i love her a lot and my love for her is the purest.
2) i want to nikkah her and make her my bride.
No doubt, we have committed a huge sin. we want to repent and get married. Please guide me. I seek help. I am in a very critical situation.

I am seeking your help in this situation. And I ask all the brothers and sisters to please pray that Allah swt forgives me and makes me the best husband in Islam.


brother hammad

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  1. Ask Allah for His forgiveness and seek refuge from shaitan then ask your families to marry to each other.

  2. Assalaamualaykum Brother Hammad,

    No problem. I have made a dua for your forgiveness and marriage, as you seem like a sincere seeker with an interest in being a good, honest husband.



  3. as salaamu alaykum Akhiy

    May Allaah swt take pity on you! Now I'm in no position to give a Fatwa on your sin, but my guess is just seeing is not actually Doing. However you're both putting yourself in Great Jeopardy, by following the advice of your Odious Enemy Shaitaan. He only wants to pollute your minds, hoping that you will eventually join him in jahannam, when the time to repent has passed. Opt Out of this perilous situation by asking your parents, and hers, to join the 2 of you in marriage. Then you can repent in Earnest inshah' Allaah and resolve Never to repeat the sin!

  4. Salam, firstly, talk to allah , you need to confess , repent and ask of forgiveness and mercy. Secondly, you need to shut down social media , i once had snapchat and the images are very haram to it fuelled me sexually , so you need to shut them down. Thirdly, talk to her and confess to her and tell her that you repented and wont go back and that you'd wont do anything haram with her and dont be with her unless she SINCERELY repents and wont go back , wait a while , dont suddenly marry and see how things are , if you're pure and sure then marry her . Your sin in zina and it carries a strong punishment, your lover would have gotten stoned to death or gave her 20-100 lashes if they found out, you shouldnt have even told us , fear for her and her life, stay chaste and pray for indeed prayer gets rid of lust. Your sin is a major sin , repent and ask forgiveness and dont tell anyone. And may allah forgive you.

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