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I am not a Muslim but I used to offer the 5 prayers, until my parents discovered

Offering prayer on their time

Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest (Quran, Surah ar Ra'd)

Asalamu Alaikum .

I'm a non muslim ,but i used to do namaz and pray to ALLAH (subhana wa ta aala) since i love ALLAH (subhana wa ta aala) a lot and lot.

My parents dont know that i used to do namaz and all. But now they found out and getting angry with me. They found out when i was doing wudhu for 5 times n a day. I'm not able to do the prayer 5 times a day now. But im intrested to do 5 prayers.

Is there any possibility to combine the prayers  and do in islam?please do reply friends......

~ dsister

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  1. Dear Sister, Asalaamualaykum,

    I am a little confused here. You say that you perform ablution, pray Salaah to Allah(swt) and also love Allah(swt).

    So how are you not a Muslim? How did you learn about Salaah and Allah and how did you begin to pray? What faith if any, are you parents? What do you believe in?

    Do you believe that Allah is the only One Creator and the only One worthy of worship and that Muhammed(sws) was His(swt) final Messenger? (Along with believing that the Quran is the word of Allah, Judgement Day, the Angels, the previous Books and all the Prophets/Messengers)? If yes, you are already Muslim.

    Sister, please write and explain your situation further. JazaakhAllahkhayr.

    SisterZ Editor

    • Hi I believe in allah as he is the only creator and mohamed is the messenger of allah...because of my family condition yet i didnt tel kalima in formal manner....can i do namaz 5 times..

      Insha dua for me to convert soon with all permissions..

  2. Salaam sister

    If you reading salaah, then you have to say the shahada during prayer. So that makes you a Muslim as much as the rest of us. You declare "there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and I bear witness that Muhammed SAW is His messenger".

  3. Salamualaikum,

    My sister, if you believe that there is none worthy of Worship but Allah Alone, and that Muhammad Peace be upon him is His Messenger, then this makes you a Muslim, even if you are not yet known as one in the society.

    Indeed, there is the coolness of the eyes in prayers. Whoever understands this will never even think of missing one prayer. And Alhamdulillah, you have found what is there in prayers, haven't you?

    You deserve to be accepted in the society as a Muslimah. And I pray that Allah brings that time soon. But do not worry, if you already believe in Allah and His Messenger Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, then, with Allah, you are a Muslim, and this is enough even if the whole World is unaware. The Most Merciful Lord us All Aware of everything that happens. Not a leaf falls, but He Knows it.
    There is no corner in the World, hidden from Him. He can see even a dark little ant walking on a dark rock in a moonless dark night, and can even hear it. He is The One Who Created it.

    My sister, before going to prayers, I would like to tell you something very important. When your parents worship the false gods and invite you to do so, please do not obey them and make excuses if required. This is something which Allah dislikes the most, that His servants worship someone other than Him, The Only True God.
    You should have the conviction to do this. Lets go further.

    Prayers are the next most important pillar of Islam. You are aware that 5 prayers are obligatory on every Muslim. Allah wants nothing from us, there prayers are for our own good. It is as if there was a water stream in front of your door and you take bath in it or clean yourself in it 5 times a day. This is the analogy for prayers, as given by the Prophet Peace be upon him.
    There are times when there prayers have to be offered. One at dawn but before sunrise (Fajr). One after the noon (when the sun starts to decline) (Dhuhr). One when the shadow of something is equal to its height (Asr), one when the sun sets (Maghrib), and one in the night, when the whiteness of the sky disappears (Isha).
    The time for each prayer does when the time for the next begins. (except for Isha, which does bu mid night)
    If you are able to offer the prayers within there times, then you do not need to combine them. But if you have difficulty or if you are travelling, Allah has given a provision to combine two prayers. But you should try hard to pray within there times (but it is you can easily combine two prayers while you are travelling). If you are not able to offer a prayer in its time, then you can do this:

    1. Pray Dhuhr and Asr together, either at the time of Dhuhr or at the time of Asr.
    2. Pray Maghrib and Isha together, at the time of Maghrib or bu the time of Isha.
    3. fajr has to be prayed in its time.

    And remember, do not make this a practice. Try to pray in time, but if you are not able to, then I believe you can do this. And Allah Knows Best.

    The other pillars of Islam are payment of the obligatory charity, fasting the month of Ramadan, and Hajj.

    I think what is in your powers at this point other than the first two is fasting. Try to complete the fasts in Ramadan, if you are able to, and insha Allah, it will purify your heart and give you peace and tranquility.

    Apart from this, keep yourself in the company of Muslim girls who practice Islam and can teach you the Deen. You could even attend gatherings bu mosques if possible, or visit Islamic Centers to learn more about Islam.

    Otherwise, insha Allah, we always here if you need to ask us anything concerning the Religion or any matter related to your life.

    One last point. I do not know how old you are. But if you have reached the age of marriage, then you can seek a practicing Muslim husband. You can take help from your friends, the Imam of a mosque or an Islamic Center, to find a suitable boy. But if you haven't reached the age of marriage yet, then you may have to wait.

    I pray that Allah makes it easy for you to practice His Religion, and that He accepts you as one of His chosen servants

    Muhammad Waseem Editor

  4. I forgot to mention that the time of Fajr ends when the sun rises.

    Muhammad Waseem Editor

  5. Bismillah.

    Salaam Alaikum sister dsister,

    I'm also confused. How do you know how to perform the
    prayers and such if your not Muslim? did you take your
    Shahada? if you did you are a Muslim.
    If your not yet a Muslim and you believe in Islam
    you should recite the Shahada one time but
    You must obviously believe
    that There is NO OTHER GOD OR
    You must believe that ALLAH (swt) is
    And that HE (swt) is unique in HIS
    ALLAH (swt) is the arabic word for
    "One God". HE created
    the world and everything in it.
    HE sent Prophets and Messengers
    to guide humanity.
    And you must accept the Prophet Muhammad (Saaw)
    as the FINAL Messenger and Prophet of
    ALLAH (swt). If you accept all these
    things with FULL sincerity then take your
    Shahada and become Muslim if you have
    not already. But to answer your question,
    yes you may combine your Zuhr and Asr prayers
    together. And you can also combine your
    Maghrib and Isha prayers together.
    The Prophet (saaw) combined his prayers.

    The proof is in Sahihul Bukhari. Al-Tabarani from Abdullah lbn Masoud said that the Prophet (S.A.W.) prayed Zohr and Asr together and Maghrib and Isha together, and when he was asked why he prayed together, he said: - I did this, not to put my Ummah in difficulty. This Hadeeth is mentioned in Sharh Al Mowatta'a by Al-zargani Vol. 1 page 263.

    Abdulla Ibn Umar had been asked: Why the Prophet was praying Zohr and Asr together and Maghrib and Isha together without travelling and without cause for fear?

    Inshallah this will be of help to you.

    Abdulla Ibn Umar replied: - He did that not to put his Ummah in difficulty. This Hadeeth is mentioned in the famous book Kanz Al-Ommaal Vol. 4 page 242.

  6. If u want to become muslim first u have to accept islam

    u have to accept that allaha is only god in whole universe to worship and their is not good except allaha

    and mohammed is his prophet

    to offer namaz u have to learn the basis how to take bath and how to make waduu

    as other muslim do

  7. This is a message from 'dsister', the author of this post:

    "friends thank you for making me to understand "what is islam".sorry to all ,its my mistake ,i would have not been mentioned as a non muslim,after i have taken shahada. for u too"IM A MUSLIM AND IM PROUD THAT ALLAH HAS MADE Me TO UNDERSTAND "..actually i said that i have been from a non muslim family and im praying allah."but im a muslim"allways in front of allah.i will die as a muslim only,only thing is that my parents are getting angry with me....i wont bother if they get angry with me for this....and i would like to thank , muslim young boy, Nawid Muhammad Waseem Cheryl SisterZ for responding my question."

    SisterZ Editor

  8. Salam malikum
    I am to be at work at 5.00 am. Which means I have to leave home by 4 am. While at work there is no chance or way or time or concentration to pray to Allah.

    In such a situation can I pray before I leave home. I raise this question because I was told I can pray only when the sum rises.

    ma Salam

    • Mohammad, I guess you mean you can only pray Fajr when the dawn breaks, not when the sun rises. If you drive to work perhaps you can pray in your car, in the parking lot when you arrive. If you take the subway you can pray in your seat, with your eyes closed - no one will even notice. Try to find a way for Fajr and all the salat. There is usually a way if you try.

      Wael Editor

      • Or you can leave home earlier so you reach work before your shift begins and pray fajr.

        SisterZ Editor

  9. As salami alaikum
    I am a Muslim boy I am in eleventh std
    one year before I.e in 10 Std my school was from 12:00 to 5:30 so I was getting only 4 times namaz I was praying duhr namaz and now brother is in 10 Std can he pray namaz before going to school.
    Please give suggestions,
    Please reply

    • You cannot pray the salat (namaz) before its time. See if you can pray during lunch break. Or if you have to make it up after school, then do so.

      Wael Editor

  10. Hello everyone
    I am a lady who belongs to a Hindu family.
    I have started exploring Islam now-a-days.
    And its concepts has deeply touched my heart.

    I feel confused and depressed now.

    Even I want to follow Islam but my how shall I do that.

    My question is, can I follow Islam without changing my existing identity.

    • Hello dear pooja. It's not an easy thing to change your faith. You can expect some criticism from your family and friends. But you have to do what your heart tells you to do. If you believe Islam is true - and I believe it too - then you must follow it.

      Becoming Muslim does not mean that you give up your identity. You will still be you. As I understand it, the name Pooja simply means, "worship". Since this does not contradict Islamic teaching, there is no need to change it.

      Islam will not change your personality. You will learn the Muslim prayers, and fast in Ramadan. Sometime in your life you will perform Hajj, Insha'Allah (God willing). You will enter into a brotherhood and sisterhood that spans all nations and races.

      Wael Editor

  11. You better look for some Reverts Sisters/Brothers

    I hope their stories and guidance can help you.

    DO NOT LOSE FAITH , Have Faith you will find a way out

    In Sha Allah

  12. Em also non Muslim but I offer namaaz since I got know about Allah(swt)....started believing in Allah as only one god and our creator.Mohhamed was messenger.....and my parents don't know abt this....only problem is em unable to offer 5. Namaz....em offering only 1 namaaz a day (isha)....
    Can non Muslim offer namaaz ????
    Plz clarify ma doubt.....

    • Asalam o Alaikum !

      Sister, if you belive that There is no god except ALLAH swt. He is the only creator of the universe, Muhammad (PBUH) is his last messenger and on judgment day (akhirat, jannat n dozzakh).

      Then congratulations you are muslim ALHUMDULLAH.

      There is lots more things for your guidance.

      I'm not scholar or professional but ALHUMDULLAH i may help you from Qur'an guidance.


      • Muhammad Ali, thank you for your comment. In the future, however, please do not post your email address or other private contact info, as we do not allow it.

        Wael Editor

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