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I am planning to marry my brother’s ex-wife



Asselamu aleykum I have to ask for advice and need answers from someone with sufficient knowledge . My brother has been married to a woman and they have children together . She has decided to leave him , Her idha has expired and now in retrospect for me that I want to marry her and have confirmed that she wants the same. Samm Future I know that everyone is going to refuse , both her and my side . Her family Anns according to the scholars she follows as kaffir and most accepted not even marriage with my brother for several years , so I can not expect them to accept me . My family is Alhamdulillah practicing , but they'd rather not accept that I'm going to marry my brother's ex wife . social norms and family respect. None of us want to do things that are haram and therefore we want to get carried nikah . What is your advice to us ? Who should / must be witnesses . Is she going to have Wali although she has been married from before ?

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  1. Really, really, are you serious? Fine I agree with you on that he shouldn't Mary her, but really. How old are you btw.

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    • Brother,

      Maybe someone will answer you here, but to increase your chances of receiving a response, there are several headings in white at the top of this page, in the light blue row. One reads "Submit your Question," in which you will find instructions and a submission form.

      I hope this helps.


    • Who told you have premature ejaculation? You have to give more information?

  3. Brother why do u even want to marry ur brothers's ex wife??? There are soo many girls in this world then why not marry any other girl. I dont think it will worth fighting with ur famly to get her caz after one year of ur marriege u will not love her as much as u think now u love her. Just move on from her leave her alone and find somone alse for urself. Do u know why ur brother divorced her??? Whts the garantee u wont do the same with her or she will stay witg u forever??

    • Just get married to he I married my brother wife and we are still married 27years latter I love here the sex is still the same. And maybe better

  4. Assalaamualaykum Brother,

    This could be a very complicated situation in several respects.

    I can admire your willingness to take on the responsibility of three children immediately into a marriage. Those children will probably want and do best with a father figure, but I want to point out that it might be awkward for them with their stepfather also being their biological uncle.

    How does your brother feel about this? They are his children.

    These issues must be taken into account in addition to the likely lack of family support from both sides, which you are expecting.

    You know your situation, and Allah knows best.

    Inshallah Allah will settle things in the best way.


  5. OP: My brother has been married to a woman and they have children together . She has decided to leave him , Her idha has expired and now in retrospect for me t I want to marry her and have confirmed that she wants the same.

    I am curious how was your relationship with your sister in law before she decided to leave your brother. There are good chances your brother's kids will have good upbringing if you marry your sister in law.

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  6. why on earth would you want to marry this woman, she is your own brothers ex wife!
    and according to you is not ahle kitab, thus making marriage with her haram,

    how have you gotten so close to this woman, that you have both expressed desire to marry each other?

    morally have you no regard for own brother? he just had his wife leave him, he has children with this woman, now his brother wants to set up home with said wife, where is your loyalty, do you have a conscience?

    I do not know why people here are taking about you stepping up as a role model for the children, when a woman remarries in islam she loses custody of her children.

    have you not thought of the implications of this marriage? how it would sever the bond of kinship with your brother, family etc?
    how do you think the children will deal with this? do you think they will appreciate it later in life?

    i think the both of you, you and this woman, are demonstrating extremely selfish behaviour, your poor brother, and poor poor children.

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