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Jinn & Human sickness

Salamoalikom W,

I am 32 year old woman since 10 months I am possessed by a male jinn.

Through the time of possession I have found out that this jinn is the one who is my qareen jinni ( The shaitan) he is saying I am in loved with you and for four years I tried to come in side your body I couldn't so I went to three different human sorcerers I did some job for them then they did sorcery on you to make me come in side your body.
and he is saying I will never go out of your body until I am a live if you go and do ruqya I will come back if I could not then I will do again sorcery on you to come back in side your body.

My husband think I am sick he does not believe that this is a jinn although I told him everything this jinn does to me my husband took me to the doctors nine months ago the doctors think I am having schizophrenia.

My sister took me to some one in London who did ruqya shareria the jinn went then he came back my mother in my home land took me to two different mullahs (imam)one of them took away the sihir from me the other didn't work.

My live with this jinn. He can control all my body, he speaks through me, he can make me sleep, he make me in sane sometimes. He is having intercourse with me.
In the beginning it was really really hard to cope him he was not letting me to do properly my religions duties and other household works slowly slowly with a lot of crying and duas and his understanding as he is saying I don't want to loss you through these crying and worries the things became easier now since three weeks he made deal that I will not disturb you during the day he is saying day is yours night is mine. Now my day is in peace but not my nights because he is having intercourse with me all the night I am seeing different male faces and sometimes a big black three meter long full of black hear on his body with big two wings holding me or taking me to the sky and flying me which the jinn is saying that is me my original form.

My sadness is why this jinn could possessed me while I was and I am praying five times in a day and do volunteery praying and fasting and wear my hijab do a lot of remembering of Allah s.w.t and my only wish of my whole life is to please Allah s.w.t and meet him soon.

I do every day ghsil (bath) sometimes two times in a day because in the morning I see wetness but it is not mani water but I know the jinn have intercourse with me. I really don't know do I need to do ghsil or not but I am doing it.

I don't know my fast and pray of last 10 months is acceptable or not because this jinn was doing intercourse with me during the day of Ramadan and during this 10 months now I come to know that I need to take bath and now I am controlling him to not have intercourse while I am clean so now during the day he is not doing it. My worry is in Ramadan after the suhur I need to sleep because the suhur is finishing at 1:15am so after the fajir prayer I need to sleep if this jinn during my sleep have intercourse with me then my fast will be ruined as he is saying I will not do that but I don't believe him.

The other worry that I have is am I sinning what he is doing with me I.e. Intercourse.
He is always trying to make me love him but I will never love him and I hate him.

Also I invited this jinn to Islam he was having a lot of questions and doubts but by help of Allah s.w.t I answered most of his questions because I learnt about 15 Juzes of Quran with meaning and translation and the other I searched online for him so he accepted Islam as his religion now he is praying and learning Quran with me sometimes he is crying when we read the ayat about the panishment and he is asking Allah s.w.t to guid him and to make it easy to leave me and sometimes he is saying no I can't leave you I will life with you until you die then after your death I will repent and do a lot of good deeds.

Please brother help me and advise me with my worries I am suffering a lot If I was not fearing Allah S.w.t I would pour hot water on my body so that this jinn would not love it.

May Allah reward you in goods


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  1. Salam,

    When did you get married and when did this start happening to you?

  2. How does this seem funny at all???
    Sister, have you been prescribed any medication for schizophrenia? Are you taking any treatment?
    Sister, as you realise you are distressed with the situation you are in. While, it is important that you continue your duties as a Muslim, but also know that medication will help you in relaxing and soothing you and help you get a grip on your life InshaALLAH.

  3. Assalaamualaikam

    What you're describing sounds really upsetting to have to go through. You mention that you've seen doctors - did they prescribe you any medication or refer you to a psychiatrist? I'd recommend seeing a doctor who specialises in mental health and taking any treatment they suggest, such as medication. The right medication can inshAllah make these experiences go away if this is a mental health issue, and if it isn't a mental health issue then you haven't lost anything by trying it.

    Remember to keep yourself safe. If you feel unable to, or you're afraid you might hurt yourself, speak with your husband and your doctor straight away and ask them for help.

    Midnightmoon editor

  4. Assalaamualaykum Sister sharifa,

    You write:

    "I am 32 year old woman since 10 months I am possessed by a male husband took me to the doctors nine months ago the doctors think I am having schizophrenia."

    Sister, symptoms of schizophrenia often reveal themselves in women later than they do in men. Symptoms often show up in the early thirties in women, which is exactly where you are.

    If you are in great distress and the ruqyahs haven't helped, I would give the doctor (psychiatrist) another try.



  5. I just deleted a dozen comments from this post as they were all either mocking, sarcastic, or irrelevant. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. sugar monroe, if I ever again see you respond to a person in distress with laughter, you will be permanently banned from this site. Do you wish Allah to visit these symptoms on you as well and see how you handle it? SVS, you too, with your obsession with sexual matters and irrelevant questions. Enough already.

    Dear sister Sharifa, please listen to friend, midnightmoon and Nor. You are most likely suffering from the onset of mental illness. You should return to the doctor and take the medication they prescribe.

    I do not believe in jinn possession at all, actually, as there is no evidence in Islam that such a thing exists. Stories of this happening are all related to mental illness. Uneducated people historically have not understood mental illness, and have ascribed the symptoms to jinn possession or demon possession. But nowadays we know better, at least we should.

    Wael Editor

    • Wael,

      What happened to my comment, I wasn't joking? I just asked when all this started. Mental issues can start if she just got married recently or is dealing with the trauma of being away from home. This jinn could be just her feeling isolated and a means to get attention.

      Also, while I'm asking, what's the lag on this post? I started asking questions because sometimes the poster doesn't even come back to read when there's a lag in posting. Maybe it would be helpful to post one recent question a day?

    • Wael: SVS, you too, with your obsession with sexual matters and irrelevant questions. Enough already.
      Dear sister Sharifa, please listen to friend, midnightmoon and Nor. You are most likely suffering from the onset of mental illness. You should return to the doctor and take the medication they prescribe.

      Well her husband told her she is sick He also already took her to doctors who "think" she has schizophrenia.Her sister took her to some one in London who did ruqya shareria the jinn went then came back. Her mother in her home land took her to two different mullahs (imam)one of them took away the sihir from her the other didn't work.. Her husband and doctors have not been able to convince her she is sick.

      OP is still obsessed with sex with Jiins. I asked questions to make her see things differently. I suggested her to see a Muslim psychotherapist (who knows about Jinns also) and an Endocrinologist to rule out any hormonal problem causing her obsession with sexual dreams.

    • my comment was not rude infact it was very straight. Aeliaah comment was the rudest and bitter and you didnt say anything about Aeliaah why you people always ignore her like she is your relative. her comment was full of hatred yet you mentioned me and svs all alone.

      • I'm talking about your first comment, which was nothing but "lol". And I deleted Aeliaah's comments as well. It's not a competition to see who is more rude. I just mentioned the ones that came to my mind.

        Wael Editor

        • Humbly Sorry brother Wael. I dint actually mean to be rude. But when i read the post from OP it did really sound funny reason being the Intercourse thing that too with Jinn. I made sarcastic comments taking into consideration the word Intercourse being repeated numerous times. Jinn Possession or Obsession.

          Anyways. Once again i am very sorry wont repeat again. If in case its repeated from me ban me right away without even intimating me.

          Sister Sharifa a big sorry to you too. May ALLAH bless you.

        • brother wael why my comments are deleted .I did not laughed at sharifa and one comment are published here I post two comments there I gave few suggestions to sharifa.

        • Assalamualaikum,
          Uncle Wael, I hope I don't sound over smart but I'd like to suggest something.
          You know the posts that author's post about various problems often take up at least a month to finally get published.
          And in most cases,the author usually forgets about it and hardly...rarely ever comes back for the replies. I find this extremely sad.
          I know it's not in your hand since numerous posts come in daily and there is a queue to follow. But wouldn't it be better if the recent comments would be published first as M said so?
          I really really hope I don't sound disrespectful orlike a young brat trying to talk big.
          Would that be possible?

          • Walayakum asalam, I also agree with jumaina. Because I was going through posts, and I saw a title. And was like hmm that sounds quite a lot like me. I am thankful for getting advice but if you need help with a moderator or anything, ill be more than happy to help.

    • Dear sister you need to take twin approach. Take medical treatment for few days and perform ruquiyah repeatedly again and again .go to good and capable aalim for this. Also become a murshid of any aulia allah. You problem will be solved.yor problem could be someone in love with you might be harmingyou with black magic.quran in surah rehman mention s about jinns ^ ya maasharal jinni wal insi........"and surah bakr ayat 102 mentions about the beginning of black magic . Someone doing black magic repeatedly is a very painful situation. Have faith in allah he provide help

  6. Abu Ibrahim husnayn. ..he has a you tube channel called diaries of an exorcist part 1...Sister 1st of all it takes a special in this field..going here and there will not solve...The scholar must be sunni hafiz of quran and scholar and possible the imam at mosque...He must have experience in this field...Theres alot of wannabees out there...1st of all bad jinn are great liars..regardless what he told you...Quran hurts manzil morning and night without disturbances....uses ear phones read also and blow on water...make sure in wudu at all times...he will get restless and leave...but you also have to know that he is liar and Allah all powerful..he is nobody.....see this person for he lIves in Londo England I think.Do not be fooled by his talks...

  7. Lorelee Lei ! :))

    • Lorelei Lee?
      And why is that pornographic actress anyhow related to this post?
      Y'all need to stop messin around hun.
      Uncle Wael is right. She needs some good response instead of heaps of irrelevant crap.
      I wish I could advice her,but I have no idea about these. Kinda waiting for the elders response. I know some people with problems like these.
      Hope Allah removes their hardship and provides them comfort soon.

      • Jumana Sis that message was for someone out here. The one who had to understand understood it. I dint even know that the name belonged to some actress. It was just once upon a time someone with that nick out here. You can search the posts by that nick on this very forum if in case they arent deleted.

        Take it easy and ignore. I actually wanted to comment on the post of that very person but somehow it got posted randomly. Apologies.

        • Jinja?
          Haha nah it's okay. I'm chill hun.
          Don't apologize. Sheesh, I kinda went overboard too. But your comment took me to Cali and I jacked up. Monday morning quarter back. Lol.
          The semi-final bucks kicked in I guess. Love between Muslims is what Islam suggests right?
          Here's a hug sister <3

          The little one should should remain coy and in her place. My bad.
          All the love.

          • Yooo jumaina, hows it going mate? Still wondering if your question has been uploaded or not.

          • Walaikum Assalam Al (you really gotta settle on one name dude,I get confusedddd)
            Hey there!! You kinda freaked me out in your last commenton the "horrible crush" post
            How do you know I was doing my GCSE's? Wow,that's a shocker. I could've been doing ANYTHING.
            But thank you. My GCSE's just got over today. Like exactly today.
            Man Maths was horrible!! I hope the grade boundaries are somehow widened because like, I want to get A*'s!
            Although I hit the other subjects right in the head ,pray for me,Kay?
            Umrah! SubhanAllah! How was your trip? It's been ages since I last went. Saudi is so far from where I reside.
            My post....has been posted and I don't think you'll appreciate what my problem is.
            Many people sort of mocked my question or either replied quite harshly,though they were trying to convey the right message. You can check it out for yourself...
            *nervously rubs sweat* here
            I know you're gonna oppose it too. I kinda got influenced by my society. Well read on.

      • Sister Jumana Lorelei Lee was a character played in the film gentleman prefer blondes and it was not a porn movie . Marilyn Monroe was basically a comedian most of the roles played by her were amusing
        today i came to know about some porno actress that you were talking about. i just googled it
        secondly i am sure you are only reacting because of my replies to you on your question about supporting homosexuals? right? but its ok never mind

        • OMG what is up with you?
          How am I anyhow reacting. I can see you're very fond of Marilyn Monroe,I agree she is an inspiring lady (in some aspects)
          But dude, I wasn't trying to be offensive. Th only Lorelei Lee I know of is this pornographic actress. I forgot Marilyn had a role with the same name.
          And that films pretty old I don't see why I should be aware of that anyway.
          But this is an Islamic site and talking about films isn't encouraged here. All I wanted to clear out was the blue.
          Haha no I have no problem with your answers on my homosexual question. That topic isn't included here. So no, this sister ain't holdin any grudge against your answers, you did your part. Peace ^^

          • Walaykum asalam I was wondering why you never replied! Haha sorry if I freaked u or anythin, I remember u mentioning ur age in the 'horrible crush' post and then that you had exams. And cuz I did them last year I was like yep gcses lol. Yeah hope that explains that.
            Sorry about the name haha strugglin to decide. Thinkin of goin with La Frost goes nicely dont it. But ill keep Al for ya, stop the confusion.
            Alhamdulilah umrah was amazing, made dua for lots and lots of people, pretty sure you were there cant remember though. And ill defo remember u in my duas. Inshallah you get 9's If thats the highest idk how it works.
            And about that post I'm not one to judge, not perfect myself. do disgust me. Nah wallah I'm kiddin.pls don't gt offended. I'll check it out and let know how I feel.
            Take care.

          • Hey Al!! (K at least for now, I have a name to recognize you XD)
            Nah don't worry fam I'm not easily offended. You did them last year?!? Well then I'm guessing you're 17. How were they? I'm so anxious about the results. Edexcel can be pretty unpredictable.

            La Frost,the American rapper? Well why don't you keep something close to your own name? Just a suggestion. Not that I mind.

            I'm glad you won't judge. Problems can be a real douchebag so do obsessions
            Are you having summer vacations now? I'm guessing you do. Geez,I gotta sleep. I'm literally writing under the blanket because I'm way past my bedtime. I'll catch you later. Take care too.
            I'll pray for you also including all the Muslims. Make sure to devote your time to lots of Qur'an and Salah,especially in these last 10 days hmm? Ohhhhh and drink lots of water. Keeping oneself hydrated is the most important.

            Salam brother ^^

          • Jumana soz I haven't wrote a response yet, was battered after taraweeh and its gonna be pretty long so hold tight for it. Inshallah today.
            Yeah I'm gonna stick with Al. I noticed you use bare American terms like y'all and other stuff. Mind if I ask why? And eat pineapple and cheese before u close ur fast. Helps with the thirst. Porridge is good for hunger, slow release in energy

          • Lmao Al what?
            "Y'all" is a very popular term I use in my other comments. If you read the ones beneath my original post. Moreover, I study in the field of British curriculum so savage American terms aren't always on my tongue.
            I don't think it's that respectful to use slangs in an Islamic site so I try to minimize them.
            Jazakallah for the advice. I'll be sure to follow them ^-^

  8. brother wael why my comment deleted I did not laughed at sharifa and one comment I gave some suggestions to sharifa and jin can possess at any person.

  9. Hi, even though this is a serious matter and i cannot even bear to think what she is ging through but regardless this story is a very erotic one and should not be shared in platform like these. i am controlling my own desires and reading this has only re ignited my urge. just want to say all the best

  10. Hello. I have been going through a very similar scenario for two years. It started after taking an herbal class (I was trying to help my dying mom) that taught divining (dousing) using sheet to select treatment. I did not know this was this method of picking herbs when I signed up and did not understand what it was. A few days after they class ended I decide to stop the dousing practice and that is the moment when the possession started. It is very confusing trying to understand what is going on in the beginning. The being I am attached to was very manipulative and tricky. Ignore everything it tells you!!! It does not mean the torture will stop (it hasn't for me) but this thing is in no way your friend and will manipulate you all it can. It tells you no truths. The only truth it is it is terrible and has chosen you. Just imagine it as if a terrible human was after you...the only things it says is for it's own benefit. I believe I was picked because I am good, a good mom and wife with good intentions. I am educated, with a Master's degree in biology. The one that attacks me still speaks out of my mouth but less than it did in the beginning. It also does less involventary movement. The rapes are less too. The physical torture is still extreme though. They only way I can think to help you is for each of us to set up anonymous email addresses and exchange phone numbers. My husband could confirm to yours that I am going through something similar. Perhaps we both could set up anonymous emails if need be.I don't know what is in store for either of us. Be strong and know you are on the right side of the truth! Somehow I hope to make a difference so future victims don't have to suffer alone. Live one day at a time, some day we will be at peace.

  11. Sister,
    I have gone throught the same as you, it took me many years to finally get rid of the jinn, firstly it is not your qareen. it is lying. secondly you need to do ruqya upon yourself, you are the one who should ask allah for help through ruqya. The most powerful one is the one you ask for Allah by yourself, i know it will be hard, the jinn will distrupt but we must be strong. Ruqya is like a medicine, sometimes its very fast to cure but sometimes it takes a long time. The best example is, if you have a long term illness would you stop medication on 3 months of taking? because its taking a long time to be cured. Its the same with ruqya, Allah will give shifa at the time it is written, until then we should be patient. The best option i found for jinn sex issue is fasting and drinking zamzam water with ruqya recited on it( just falaq naas and ilhlaas with kursi 3x recited is minimally sufficient in sha Allah) It took me a long time yo overpower the jinn. Now Alhamdhulillah he cant harm me. You should also stay away from any sin, as it is like food for the jinn. They fuel power from your sins. I hope i was able to help. I hope you get shifa soon in sha Allah. stay stong and always believe that cure is coming at the time it is best for you.

    And you asked about why this i happening to you ou when u are doing five prayers etc, Sister, our beloved Rasollullah sallalah alyhi wassalam also got sick with sihr, he is one who is free of sin, if he got sick with sihr then who are we not to get it. We need to realize that Allah puts tests upon those Allah loves the most. This is a test for you, hold firm on your aqeedah and deen. Beleive in Allah, Put your trust in him, Afterall this is all Allahs plan for us, it is always whats best for us. Stay firm on your deen.

  12. salam sister i recommend you play wird latif at night and day by sheikh ibrahim osi efa or habib umar which ever helps also sleep with wudhu and read all namaz. recite protection verses against shayateen also burn oud jinns hate smell of oud/musk it attracts angels. drink zamzam or ruqya water see if you can contact abu nadeer for ruqya..

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